Boat Invasion Surges as Merkel-Turkey Deal Flops

The number of nonwhite invaders landing in Europe has surged this year—and continues to rise every day—as the Merkel-Turkey “repatriation” deal collapses into a predictable logistical disaster.

So far, less than 500 invaders have been “returned” to Turkey—while the number of invaders who have landed in Europe has topped 181,476, up 2,864 in just eight days.


According to figures released by the International Organization for Migration, as of April 25, 2016, the 181,476 nonwhite invaders who arrived in Europe this year so far via the Mediterranean Sea dwarfs that of the first four months of 2015 when 22,408 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by sea.

Greece is still the preferred port of entry to Europe, with 153,491 nonwhites invading that country, followed by 25,894 invading Italy, 1,063 invading Spain, and even 28 invading Cyprus.

The figures were released as Greece struggles to fulfill the repatriation part of the “EU-Turkey” deal, by which all invaders landing in that country are supposed to be sent back to Turkey for “processing.”

Predictably—because the plan was drawn up by European Union officials who have no understanding of race, racial behavior, or the real reasons for the invasion—the repatriation part of the “deal” has struggled to gain even limited traction.

On Tuesday, for example, only 49 invaders were sent back to Turkey, according to local news sources. The nationalities of those involved were Afghans and Iranians. So far, less than 350 invaders have been sent back to Greece since the “deal” supposedly started on March 20—more than a month ago.

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The nonwhites are not, as the EU leftists think, coming because they are genuinely “refugees,” but only because their own countries are self-inflicted disaster zones, and they now seek to parasite off white society in terms of welfare payments and easy crime pickings.

The invaders are thus coming not out of a genuine desire to seek “sanctuary,” but out of a dishonest attempt to extract as much as they can from white civilization. To think that they will be interested in abiding by the law and acceding to the most reasonable of screening processes, is equivalent to living in a fantasy world.

The determination of the invaders to stay—no matter whether they actually have any claim to “asylum” or not, was demonstrated in a renewed outbreak of violence at the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Moria, made infamous by last month’s visit by Pope Francis, saw the nonwhites smash up and burn parts of the EU-taxpayer provided camp buildings and materials, according to a Reuters report.


Nonwhite invaders rioting at Moria today. 

The invaders also attacked police with stones, metal and wooden bars. The police were forced to used batons and teargas to break up the nonwhite mob, which is demanding that they be let through the Greek borders into Western Europe.

Aid workers said tensions had been building in the camp for days but it was unclear what triggered the unrest in the center, which came soon after a visit by the Dutch and Greek migration ministers, Klaas Dijkhoff and Yiannis Mouzalas.

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The invaders have been held at the hillside detention center pending their deportation back to Turkey, as they have all been identified as not qualifying for “asylum.”  The Greek government’s apparent inability to actually move them off Lesbos back to Turkey is linked the “deal” which says that each and every invader must be “interviewed.” There are nearly 4,500 invaders in Moira alone, and more are arriving every day.

The ongoing invasion, riots and violence, all make it clear that the nonwhite invasion will only be halted by forceful, determined action by European states to close their borders and issue warnings that all illegal invaders will be arrested, punished and deported. Anything less is doomed to failure.

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  1. Wow! Wonderful news….that`s really made my day.
    Keep it stoking up a while longer so no sane leader anywhere would touch any of them with a barge pole.
    Oh do shut up Merkel ! I said SANE leader.

  2. Needless to say that so far UK government controlled media has not mentioned any of these figures at all, or todays violent outbreak, although the Anti-Pope’s visit received endless coverage. Instead we have a diet of puff stories and human interest tales: a dog returns hundreds of miles to its former owners in Wales…..

    1. Even the pope said you must welcome the refugees and love your neighbours. Only reading the Bible will open your mind and heart.

  3. Anyhow, all the invaders need to do is utter the word ‘asylum’ in front of an official witness, and then they are virtually guaranteed to stay, for life, on EU soil. This ‘right’ will eventually enable them to invite the rest of the family over.

    Even the dumbest invader must know this vital piece of information by by now. Frankly, anyone too dumb to do this doesn’t deserve their chance to parasitize.

    1. I predict many Europeans will move to Eastern Europe or the Americas to escape the Great Islamic European Invasion.

    2. Just been reading some interviews with`refugees` after having returned back home.
      Disappointment that a house, car and job In Europe didn`t materialise, they felt let down.
      They weren`t able to pick and choose where they ended up either.
      All they got was a monthly allowance. Imagine the sheer hardship !
      Anyway, the upshot is they`re now back in the safe conditions they`d originally fled.
      Whoops sorry — that should read “un”-safe conditions.

  4. Tear gas. They need to open fire on them, and when the “world is outraged!” which of course it will be (the media will say so LOL) they should just be told to shut up, no apologies or explanations at all. If any, just that we don’t want any infiltrators coming is because Europe is and must remain white and Christian. Any criticisms, then just say we have chosen, out of extreme love and respect bordering on WORSHIP!! to emulate our lord and masters, Israel, to be exactly like them. And if THEY will not allow infiltrators, neither will we. Because we follow them in every move we make every breath we take, etc.

    1. Almost totally agree, although I wouldn’t use tear gas. My comment above has ommitted the use of the little metal things, not the plastic type! When a country is being invaded, there is only one thing to do to stop them!

    2. Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, Hungary,Poland,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates,Russia,Iran etc.It’s a long list so I will not print all the names. It’s not hard to join the list.

    3. Unfortunately Europe is not Christian. Most people don’t read the Bible. Bible says love your neighbour. I am sure you are not a Christian.

  5. Ah well as long as Macedonia keep their border firmly closed and hiff any invaders out they can trash Italy and Greece for being so stupid

  6. This predictable logistical disaster is simply because the EU is not prepared to recognise the rights of Multilateral Financial Organisations who have availed themselves of the right to give the poor credit to buy land, education, training, technology, knowledge, and information, as well as public services.. consistent with Commitment 2c of the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development Annex 1.
    If this was implemented the immigrants would have no reason to leave home and when they visit Greece would have Credit Cards to pay for Hamburgers and the Greek Government would have the VAT to improve service delivery to the Tourist Industry. Maybe if the immigrants were obliged to take credit cards to buy hamburgers supplied by the Multilateral Financial Institutions and restaurants the situation will resolve itself quickly.

    1. Jews want to harm white countries, and exploit the ‘Third World’. They have no interest in training or helping the Third World.

  7. Its all policy makers fault for including permanent visa as part of asylum deal. Just put them all on an island with basic housing, clothing and food and no permanent visa and no pocket money.

  8. So, where has the information come from that refugees arriving in the EU has been reduced by 80% since the Turkey bribe?

  9. Maybe they should send Merkel to Turkey to stop the invasion! Or send her to Africa (any country, really).
    And make her stay, among her beloved muslims! Also send the leftist scumbags there! It won’t make them come back to their senses (that’s impossible, they are braindead) but at least it’ll serve them well for their “multikulti” enrichment!

  10. The cardboard poster says ‘We are human beings’ … I’d say that in a lot of cases that statement is open to discussion …

  11. “…it was unclear what triggered the unrest in the center…”
    Obviously, they’re just got upset as they realized that they can’t become spaceship engineers, doctors, dentists, etc. in Europe.

    1. I’z be an rocket scientist. Also a engineer who built sucesfuly an PLANE-HELICOPTER WHO TOOK SEVEN INCHES OF THE GROUND. Also i can cure the Ebola whit BANANA PEELINGS. Thanks to my WITCH DOCTOR DEGREE GIVEN BY THE UNIVERCITY of LIMPOPO. And i passed with a degree of 37 my MATRICS CERTIFICATE. My thesis of CURING THE SHITS WITH RICE WATER AND ALBINO SKIN got the degree of 97 by the Prof. UMBEMBE. So I can proof taht my skills are very QUALIFIED on the European Soil of Europa. You rasists ARE WRONG on EVERY COUNT of the matter.

      1. Then you have really no point to pillage, destroy and trash everything on your illegal trip to Europe. You get your genuine passport, get a valid visa, hop on a plane and voilá, you are legally in Europe. If someone can afford smugglers then he can afford the legal way as well.
        If Europeans would be truly racist then it would be the last place on Earth you would want to go to.

      2. We have a job for you: It entails merely standing and doing nothing at the far end of a firing range. We will happily concede that you can move slighly without leaving the same position. You can then practice your helicopter decents/ascents…………………..

      3. Wow…. just the sort of enterprising go-getting immigrant we need….lol !
        Did all of you mark your own thesis or just you, Prof Umbembe ?
        The EU are currently looking for great examiners like you. Welcome. LOL !

  12. The problem is not going away any time soon, unless countries like Austria, Poland & Hungary start a referendum to leave the EU citing the known fact that Merkel started this without any consultation with the other 27 countries. Germany should repay the full costs to all those countries that have had to spend their taxpayers money on this invasion.

    1. Good idea Bryn, since they have so much money to support all these immigrants, also maybe, just maybe ,the Germans finally wake up when they broke .


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