Böblingen: Refugee-Terrorist Arrested

German police have arrested yet another refugee-terrorist, this time in Baden-Wüttermberg, while the nonwhite was hiding out in a “refugee center” in the district of Böblingen after entering Germany during the summer 2015 Angela Merkel-created invasion of that country.

The as of yet unnamed 23-year-old nonwhite invader, claiming to be a Syrian, has been identified as a fighter for the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front.


According to a report in the Focus news service, the invader was arrested while living off the German taxpayers in the “refugee shelter” located on the Eugen-Bolz-Straße.

Police confirmed that the invader entered Germany in September 2015, at the height of the mass nonwhite invasion by all manner of Third Worlders, all falsely claiming to be refugees.

The invader was identified and arrested after a data stick—apparently accidentally lost by him or his accomplices—was found on a train in Germany. It is now yet known what else was found on the data stick, but it is likely to yield further information on how the nonwhites have used the “open door” policy to enter Europe disguised as refugees.

“The security agencies in the country are now taking a close look at the possibility that suspected Jihadists have come to Germany disguised as refugees,” Baden-Wüttermberg State Minister of the Interior told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung—as if this was actually news.

According to the Baden-Wüttermberg Prosecutor General’s Office and state police, a search of the invader’s residence yielded two mobile phones, a notebook, and written documents. All the evidence is now being evaluated by police investigators.

On September 12, three other invaders claiming to be Syrians were arrested at “refugee shelters” in Germany for being ISIS members who entered the country during the ongoing “refugee” invasion. All three had lodged asylum applications.

The specialist GSG 9 anti-terrorism unit raided three addresses in the states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, where they seized phones, computer hard drives, and files used by the sleeper cell.

The three nonwhites, aged between 17 and 26, had been dispatched to Germany in November 2015 “to carry out a mission that they had been informed about or to wait for further instructions” the German prosecutor’s office said.

“Based on the information that the Federal Crime Office has so far been able to obtain, the three are strongly suspected of coming to Germany in November 2015 on orders from Islamic State.”

One of the suspects, identified as Mahir Al-H., became a member of ISIS in September 2015 and received weapons and explosives training in Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital in Syria.

In October the same year, he and two of the other suspects, Mohamed A. and Ibrahim M., were provided with passports, $1,000 in cash, and cell phones with a special communications program by ISIS.

The invaders then traveled through Turkey, crossed the sea as “refugees” into Greece, and made their way up to Germany, arriving in mid-November 2015.

So far, the German Federal Police have confirmed that they have received reports of more than 400 refugee-terrorists in the country.

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  1. EU should close down. If EU falls into the hands of a mad gal/guy, it will bring a lot of unnecessary misery to a lot of innocent people.

    1. I personally think European countries have so many interests in common that union, or at least serious discussions and rulings, is essential. BUT – and this is an absolutely vital proviso – Jews are not involved in any way.

      1. They may be `slowly waking up` but the snail`s pace is far too slow.
        How many bombs and boots up the backside will it take for politicians to realise they can`t afford to prevaricate.
        Islam is evil whatever gentle guise it adopts as a front.

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