Boko Haram Excuse Collapses as UN Funds Nigerian “Refugees” Returning Home

Claims that Nigerians can be “refugees” in Europe because of the Boko Haram terrorist uprising have been exposed as lies by the United Nations’ own International Organization for Migration (IOM) which has admitted that it has helped more than 12,000 Nigerians return to their home country since April this year.

According to an IOM report from their office in Nigeria, for the period 24 to 31 May, their office “registered more than 3,600 Nigerian refugees in the small Nigerian border town of Pulka after they returned from Cameroon.”

The IOM said it was “supporting the returnees—most of whom originate from Pulka—by providing shelter, non-food items and psychological first aid, and monitoring population movements.”

Since early April, the IOM report continued, the Nigeria Immigration Service has registered the return of more than 12,000 Nigerian refugees from Cameroon. 

The Borno state government is directing many from congested entry points—notably, Banki, another border town—to Pulka, “deemed to be their place of origin.”

Ironically, the IOM report adds that the “mass return could cause further displacement as returnees reclaim their houses, pushing out displaced families who took shelter in them and creating further housing challenges”—in other words, the housing that the fake refuges abandoned was occupied by other Nigerians, and now there will be a fight over possession of the dwellings.

The IOM said that as an “immediate response to the new arrivals in Pulka,” awnings have been built to “shelter the families from extreme sun and heavy rain” and that 500 “shelters will be built to relocate families living in a medical clinic to ease pressure on the town.”

“IOM is building another 500 shelters to house more than 3,000 people in Gwoza, a town 20km south of Pulka, where water is more accessible, making it better suited to host such an influx. IOM has drilled one well in Gwoza and has planned two others,” its report added.

Furthermore, the IOM said it had “delivered household items for 1,000 families in Pulka to address the needs of the local community and the returnee population. The household kits include kitchen utensils, bedding, water purification tablets, soap, and other hygiene products. IOM teams are registering the new arrivals to assess numbers and shelter needs, and will do comprehensive biometric registration in Pulka next week.”

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