Germany: Bombing and Attacks on Invaders

The ongoing war for the survival of Europe under the flood of nonwhite invaders has heated up overnight with reports of a bombing of an invader camp in Freital, Saxony, and the first two physical attacks on invaders in Magdeburg, Saxony, and Wismar, near Hamburg.


In Freital, a town about five miles to the southwest of Dresden, what police described as an “explosive device” detonated outside an apartment block housing invaders in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The apartment block was inhabited by invaders at the time, and one suffered cuts to his forehead caused by flying glass. Three windows were destroyed by the shock waves. Police have not made any arrests, media reported.

In the town of Magdeburg, the capital city of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, a group of 30 masked men dressed in black and “armed with baseball bats” attacked a group of invaders near a convention center being used as accommodation.

Police were called and there was a brief standoff, with some of the masked attackers holding the police at bay while the others dispersed.

One attacker, a 24-year-old who was “known to the police,” was arrested but all his colleagues managed to escape.

Two invaders were briefly treated at the local outpatient hospital for bruises. Police announced that they were investigating allegations of grievous bodily harm, serious breach of the peace, breach of the Arms Act, and resisting law enforcement officers.

In the Hanseatic Sea port town of Wismar, located about 28 miles east of Lübeck, what was described as a “large group of masked men” attacked invaders in front of a sports hall being used as a camp.

The men, armed with “baseball bats and other weapons” attacked the group of invaders before leaving the scene before police arrive. A massive police search in the vicinity failed to turn up any suspects, media reported.

Two invaders were treated for bruises at the local outpatient hospital.

Also overnight, an unsuccessful firebombing of an invader house in Sehnde, south of Hannover, took place. Passersby discovered the fire and alerted the fire brigade, who extinguished the blaze before it could spread past the doorway.

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  1. Wismar is not near Hamburg, it is between Rostock and Schwerin on the Baltic (Ostsee) coast … Hamburg is the North Sea gateway to Germany, about 3hrs drive at motorway speeds. That said, I recently visited the three Baltic ports above, and apart from a higher incidence of hooded and shrouded females and their broods in the supermarkets, the invaders are kept out of sight in accommodation blocks (often converted youth or social services buildings) so as not to alert the citizenry – I recognised one by pure chance because it was on the same street as a motel room I was using. They won't find much to attract them in such a tiny town and will doubtless eventually go AWOL to join their established enclaves in the big cities where pickings are richer. The saddest sight is the appearance of posters and 'welcome' art displays in some churches, courtesy of the deluded church establishment, determined to betray the heritage of the brave seamen and explorers who created the history of this region.

  2. I thought we were supposed to lie down and accept our new future ?
    A future carefully plotted and planned by Merk-hag and her cronies ?

  3. So many glorious wars in Europe history, at are you withing for? Who cares what the news will say!!! Take back your land!!

  4. Bravo Saxony! During protests in fall'89 which were the final blow to East Germany Saxony was also in the front lines: Dresden and Magdeburg. Mutti Merkel actually became politically active during those events which led to unification and today she is dividing Germany – what a freakin' shame!

  5. U nás ve zprávách nic takového, my se nedozvíme takové pravdivé zprávy co se děje v sousedním Německu. U nás jsou jenom zprávy, pomáhejte, přijímejte, rozdávejte se…ale jaká je realita, to je ticho.

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