Border Walls and Turkish Hypocrisy

The Turkish government’s border wall with Syria is starting to take final shape—a massive concrete structure designed to deter “refugees” from Syria crossing the border—even as it condemns Europeans who also want to stop the invasion.

The so-called “smart towers” also contain automated motion-activated machine guns which open fire automatically.

turkey-wall-02 turkey-wall-03 turkey-wall-04

The 500-mile-long wall project was announced in July 2015, after an ISIS attack in the border town of Suruc left 32 dead.

At the time, Bulent Arinc, Turkey’s deputy prime minister, announced a “renewed effort” to “avoid the entry of terrorists and the foreign fighters” into Turkey.

The concrete wall is topped with barbed wire, has a dedicated patrol road, and a strengthened fence. In addition, it also has a 24-hour surveillance system, with drones, mobile surveillance vehicles, and an integrated command and control center.

Mini-zeppelins and tunneling surveillance equipment round off the security measures.

At the same time, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on record as condemning Europeans for wanting to halt the flood of “refugees” from Syria.

In May 2016, Erdogan said that Europe was guilty of “cruelty,” and that “European nations had no mercy and no justice” for wanting to reduce the “refugee” flow.


Erdogan’s hypocrisy on the matter is made worse by the fact that the wall he is building is far more extensive—and deadly—than anything even being remotely contemplated in Europe.

Of course, the European Union (EU) officials, who restarted talks on bringing Turkey into the EU once again today, have not mentioned the Turkish wall, its machine guns, or Erdogan’s hypocrisy, in marked contrast to their hysterical condemnation of any Europeans who merely suggests that their nations be closed.

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  1. That wall should be between all the ME countries and the west, with westerners on one side and all muslims on the other.

  2. A classic example of a deterrent to the growth of Globalism if I’m not mistaken. Didn’t the Turks get the message from the WO and the UN’s Peter Sutherland?

  3. Hilarious auto machine guns LOL, If Turkey are allowed them why aren’t the rest of the EU countries allowed them? They can test them out of he human rights, PC eejits

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