Botswana Detains, Expels Illegal Invaders

The government of Botswana has been given the green light by that country’s Court of Appeal (COA) to detain without trial and forcibly remove all illegal invaders in that country, in terms of a ruling handed down this past week—a development ignored by the West’s controlled media because they are only upset when white countries deport illegal invaders.

Fake “refugees” in the Botswana Duki camp

As reported by Botswana’s The Voice newspaper, the Botswana COA has set aside earlier orders “to have Egama Ngezi and 163 other asylum seekers retained at Dukwi Refugee camp pending repatriation to their respective countries.”

Ngezi and the other invaders—apparently from north west African countries—were arrested in Bostwana after illegally invading the country and laughably applying for “asylum.”

They were detained in the Francistown Center for Illegal Immigrants, but following the earlier court appeal, they were moved to the Dukwi camp, two hours’ drive away.

Now however, the CoA ruling condemned them back to the Center for Illegal Immigrants.

CoA Judge President Ian Kirby said the Dukwi camp is a reception and retention centre for recognized refugees, and not for illegal immigrants generally.

“All of the respondents have been refused recognition as political refugees by the Minister and that it is accepted that government has an absolute discretion to recognize and receive immigrants as political refugees, or to decline to do so,” he said.

In his ruling Kirby stated that the constitution gives no indication of the period of deprivation of liberty which is permissible for the purpose of effecting the lawful removal of persons (including illegal immigrants) from Botswana, nor does it place any limitation on such period.

“A balanced construction of the provision is, in my judgement, that a law may permit such a deprivation of liberty, but only for such period as is reasonably required to effect such lawful removal,” said Kirby.

Kirby added that this may range from very short time, to a very long time depending on the circumstances of the case.

“Since all the respondents have already been moved to Dukwi Camp, however the facilities may be there, it will be for the government to decide in the light of this judgement, whether to move some or all of them back to the Centre of Illegal Immigrants in Francistown,” Kirby said.

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