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Breitbart Boasts its Jewish Credentials

Breitbart News was “founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel,” that organization’s Jewish CEO Larry Solov has announced.

Solov was responding to an attack on Breitbart news by Hilary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook after Donald Trump hired Breitbart News’s executive chairman Steve Bannon as his new campaign manager.


Mook said in his reaction that “Trump has decided to double down on his most small, nasty, and divisive instincts by turning his campaign over to someone who is best known for running a so-called news site that peddles divisive, at times, racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theories.”

Mook went on to cite the Jewish supremacist Southern Poverty Law Center which earlier claimed that Breitbart News was a media arm of the “alt-right.”

In his statement, Solov dismissed Mook’s allegations, saying that Breitbart News “was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section (Breitbart Jerusalem) dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel.”

Furthermore, he said, Mook called Breitbart News “racist, even though [Clinton’s] husband’s law enforcement policies led to mass incarceration of blacks.”

This point was a reference to the fact that 20 years previously, Bill Clinton had signed the law which built federal prisons to accommodate the massive increase in black prisoners following the introduction of the habitual offender laws (commonly referred to as three-strikes laws).

These laws mandated courts to impose harsher sentences on those convicted of an offense if they had been previously convicted of two prior serious criminal offenses.

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As a result, the number of blacks in American prisons skyrocketed because of their extremely high recidivism rate.

In November 2015, Solov also penned an article on Breitbart News in which he revealed that the idea to create the news service had been “conceived in Israel.”


Under a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting at a table with Andrew Breitbart himself and Solov, the article said that “a lot of people don’t realize this but Breitbart News Network really got its start in Jerusalem,” and that the intention of the site was always to be “unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel.”

With the opening of its Jerusalem bureau, Solov concluded, “Breitbart News Network returns to its roots.”

The attack on Breitbart News by the Clinton campaign forms part of an ongoing dispute between “right wing” and “left wing” Jewish lobbies, who fundamentally disagree with each other on how best to present the Jews-only state to the outside world.

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  1. Always enjoyed Breitbart…… I think it`s much healthier to be interested in a wide range of views from wherever than absorb the same old crap from just one source as some folk prefer to do. [apologies to all those brainwashed leftie liberals weeping and protesting over every imagined slur while defending the indefensible.]

  2. I’ve never given Breitbart that much leeway in terms of credence and have always seen it as neo con shill journalism protecting the global genocidal terrorist factory of Israel.
    This article just corroborates that fact.

  3. Gilad Atzmon dissident Israeli warns that the jewish lobbies providing all sides of public debate is just their natural behaviour which gives them inordinate control of public debate. He warns the growing realisation via the internet, of the Holohoax myth, coupled with the jews overtly boasting that they are destroying the Euro white race with mass 3rd world immigration, such as Ignatiev, Barbara Lerner Spectre and George Soros of the now famous SOROS LEAKS, Gilad Atzmon warns of the coming Holocaust 2 virtually guaranteed by continued jewish natural supremacist behaviour.
    George Soros displays his loveable soul:
    “To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable plane is natural, given its history and current documents. Let the white race west country perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!” — Nya Dagbladet, Judisk miljardär bakom stöd till invandrargrupper Publicerad — 9 maj 2014.

  4. I must look out on BB for articles critical of Israel – if there aren’t any, that would indicate a bias. However, BB comments are run by disqus which is uncensored, a good sign.

    GatesofVienna I learned is very touchy about criticism of Israel, and was staunchly defensive when I remarked on the Jewish proponents of multi-culti.

  5. Great article, thank you TNO staff.
    Even though the Jewish left and Jewish right are now disputing over the presentation of Israel we should not forget that eventually they will reconcile.
    Some hundreds years ago the Dutch and the English were fighting each other, thousands of men died, never knowing they fought for disagreements between two Jewish communities.

  6. Breitbart kicked me off their boards for telling the truth…

    That’s how I found it was a subsidiary of ‘Fox News Network’…

    I got Jewed.

  7. The Zion-friendly nature of BB is totally obvious – however, it’s quite useful insofar as it DOES report stuff the MSM won’t. Consider it like Wiki – not ok to quote in any rigorously academic way but can be a good pointer to truly reliable sources.

  8. Islam is Judaism

    Imams ara Rabbis
    Mosques are Synagogues
    Halal is Kosher and interchangeable
    Halal and Kosher ritual slaughter is the same process apart from words spoken
    Islam and Judaism demand ritual circumcision (mutilation)
    Both Islam and Judaism require sex segregation during worship
    Islam and Judaism require males to wear skullcaps and grow beards
    Arabic is a variation of Hebrew
    Islam and Judaism demand women obey men

    1. So you’re giving the Muslims with their awful Muhammad an awful lot of credit for creating a corrupted version of Judaism and making himself the boss of it.

  9. Breitbart banned me for factually criticizing Israel.

    Typical behavior of (((these would-be White-rights types))) who are happy to blame everyone but the (((ring-leaders))) for White genocide.


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