Brexit Starts: Does it Matter?

The vote by the British Parliament to give the go-ahead to start the “Brexit” process remains meaningless to the UK’s future—because the real threat to Britain’s future existence as a First World nation does not come from Europe, but from Third World immigration, which is being orchestrated by the Westminster Parliament itself.

Leaving the European Union is, therefore, merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as only a radical upheaval in internal British politics can prevent the U.K. from being extinguished by the Third World.

The projection that Britain will become majority nonwhite is not some flight of fancy or delusional rant.

Professor David Coleman, Supernumerary Fellow in Human Sciences and University Professor in Demography at St. John’s College, Oxford, produced a study in 2013 which showed that the aftereffects of “decades of migration” and natural reproduction rates will have made the UK the West’s “most ethnically diverse nation after 2050.”


Furthermore, Professor Coleman said, white Britons will be an outright minority in the UK by the year 2066.

His findings were in a report compiled for the Migration Observatory, part of Oxford University’s Centre on Migration Policy and Society (COMPAS).

He wrote: “On current trends European populations will become more ethnically diverse, with the possibility that today’s majority ethnic groups will no longer comprise a numerical majority.”

Professor Coleman said migration has become the “primary driver of demographic change.”

According to the data—extracted from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Census—as of 2011, around 20 percent of people in the UK are “nonwhite or non-British.”

This percentage, the report said, expected to rise to a quarter by 2025, a third by 2040, and reach up to 38 percent by 2050.

Declining birth rates among white Britons is another factor, he said. In England and Wales, 25 percent of births were already to foreign-born mothers.

White Minority in UK by 2066

The report concluded that “the crossover for the whole country when the combined population of all ethnic minority groups together would exceed the population of white British will occur at around 2066.”

Professor Coleman’s figures are from 2012, it should be remembered. By 2016, the situation is much worse.

For example, in 2011, media reports revealed that at Ealing Hospital, West London, 80 percent of all babies born were to “foreign” mothers.


The report showed that of the 3,289 children born at Ealing Hospital, from February 2010 to February 2011, some 2,655 were to “foreign nationals.”

These foreign nationals included mothers from 104 different countries, including India (537 babies), Sri Lanka (270), Somalia (260), Afghanistan (200), and Pakistan (208).

There were only 634 babies born to “British mothers” at Ealing hospital—although not even that figure determined if these “British” mothers were second of third generation Third World immigrants, a highly possible fact given that whites are already an outright minority in London.

In fact, the only thing that can be said with any certainty is that the 389 Polish mothers who gave birth at Ealing hospital during that time, would have been white.

London Already Majority Third World

The trends are obvious for anyone wishing to see them. According to the 2011 ONS Census, 45 percent of Londoners described themselves as “white British”—a drop from the 58 percent who did so just ten years earlier.


If that was not enough, the next generation of Londoners—that is, those currently in school—should tell anyone who wants to know, what that city will look like in another ten years.

According to 2012 figures released by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE), some 69 percent of all school children in Greater London are nonwhite.

The DFE figures show that for all of London—divided into “inner” and an “outer”” regions for statistical purposes, there were, in 2012, a total of 498,445 pupils at school.

Inner London had 176,920 pupils, of whom 81.3 percent of primary pupils were officially classified as “nonwhite British” by the DFE.

For secondary schools in Inner London, the DFE said that 80.7 percent are “nonwhite British.”

In Outer London, the DFE said, 62.1 percent of primary school children are “nonwhite British,” and 58.7 percent of secondary schoolchildren are “nonwhite British.”

Averaged out, this means that some 67.25 percent of all of London’s schoolchildren are “nonwhite British”—and this would have been in 2012, four years ago.

If London is already 55 percent non-British, the implications of the school-age population entering the adult population will dramatically tip the population balance even more within the next five years.

This has nothing to do with the EU, and everything to do with the immigration policies pursued by successive British governments, for which the people of Britain have continuously voted.

Birmingham Already Majority Third World

Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city—and it is in exactly the same positon as London.

In 2011—that is, five years ago already—a study by Professor Ludi Simpson, Professor of Population Studies at Manchester University, revealed that the city of Birmingham is set to become minority white even if there is no further immigration.


In a report on the declining number of white British schoolchildren in Birmingham, Professor Simpson said that “curbs on immigration will not prevent Birmingham having a white minority population in the future.”

As reported in the Birmingham Mail in 2011, the number of children from “white families is already falling in the Second City, with more than half of under 16s now being from black, Asian, and other ethnic communities.”

“There has been greater diversity of ethnic origins in Britain and Birmingham for each of the past five decades and longer,” he said. “That is unlikely to change.”

“Future immigration is not the reason for this change,” Professor Simpson pointed out—meaning that natural reproduction rates of already existing Third World immigrants was more than enough to swamp the city.

Once again, this is happening completely irrelevant of EU membership.

Birmingham’s school-age population mirrors that of London.

According to a 2013 report issued by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership (BCSP), just 31 percent of children in that city’s schools were classified as white.

The report also revealed that children spoke a total of 108 languages at home, including Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Somali, and others.


Manchester’s Racial Demographic Swing Near

According to the 2011 ONS Census for the city of Manchester, what it called “Ethnic Minority Groups (not White),” accounted for 33.4 percent of the population in that metropolis.

However, that overall figure hides the reality of the age spread of the Third World immigrant population.

According to the “Ethnic groups in Manchester by age and sex (residents) Census 2011” (Table 2, Manchester City Council Public Intelligence Population Publications, report “A17 2011 Ethnic Groups by broad age and sex”), Third World immigrants dominate the under-18 age group.

Ethnic Group by sex by age.xlsx

According to the ONS figures—which, it bears repeating once again, are already five years out of date—in the age group 0–4 years, “Ethnic Minority Groups (not White)” made up 52.4 percent of the total.

In the age group 5–9, “Ethnic Minority Groups (not White)” made up 52 percent of the total.

In the age group 10–15, “Ethnic Minority Groups (not White)” made up 45.6 percent of the total, and in the age group 16–17, they made up 42.6 percent of the total.

The effect of this upon Manchester’s immediate demographic future—that is, within the next five years—is obvious. The city—the third largest in Britain after London and Birmingham—will be majority nonwhite within ten years.

The “Net Immigration” Trick

Professor Coleman’s 2012 report was based on the then current “net rates of immigration,” which had been running at more than 200,000 a year.

The use of the words “net immigration” is, however, an old establishment political party trick to deceive the public about the true extent of Third World immigration into Britain.

The con works this way: they add up the total number of immigrants arriving in Britain, and then deduct from that number the total number of people leaving the country—and the difference is called “net immigration.”

In this way, 200,000 low-IQ sub-Saharan Africans coming into Britain are put on the same level as say, 50,000 white Britons retiring to Spain, or otherwise emigrating—and in this way, they justify the “stabilization” of the UK’s population, as if there has not really been any significant change at all.

The Conservative Party is the prime proponent of this “net migration” confidence trick—which they call “balanced migration.”

Even though the Conservative Party’s election manifesto regularly claims that they will bring “balanced migration levels” to the UK, of course they have never done anything of the sort, and Third World migration into Britain continues to be as high—if not higher—as it was during the Labour Party’s years in power.

Does EU Membership Matter?

The conclusion of this demographic overview is unpalatable to many on the “right” who have campaigned so vigorously for the “no” vote in the June 23 UK referendum.

This conclusion is that membership of the EU is going to make no difference to the only real issue facing Britain: its survival as a First World, majority European, nation.

While there might—or might not, depending on whose statistics one wants to believe—be some economic advantage to leaving the EU—that doesn’t really matter.

EU membership will be irrelevant to the Kingdom of Britainistan in 2060, which will resemble a cross between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

The only way that this future can be averted is through a social and political revolution to halt and reverse Third World demographic replacement.

Given current political circumstances in Britain, what are the chances of such a political and social revolution?

The answer to that, unfortunately, is clear.

Will Brexit halt mass Third World immigration?  Will Brexit halt the promotion of the “LGBT” mental illness? Will Brexit undo the fundamental flaws of the banking and financial systems? Will Brexit halt the decline of the manufacturing industry? Will Brexit really “save” Britain?

The answer to all of these questions is, of course, no. The reality is that mass Third World immigration—which has destroyed almost all the large inner city areas of the UK, created Islamic no-go zones, and spurred on internal terrorism—are all policies which have been pursued by successive British governments, and not the European Union.

The promotion of the “LGBT” insanity and the wilful destruction of traditional family values through the promotion of homosexual marriage, was started by the “Conservative” Party, independently of the European Union.

The inherent contradictions and often outright fraud of the banking and financial systems—so vividly demonstrated with the multi-billion pound “bailouts” of a few years ago after the “prime mortgage” investment disaster—happened completely outside of the European Union.

The destruction of Britain’s manufacturing industry—and the wholesale exporting of the UK’s industrial processes to China—happened outside of the European Union.

Many other examples of policies which have—and still do—seriously damage Britain can be given. For example, the UK’s “foreign aid” budget—which next year will exceed the local government budget—has nothing to do with the European Union.

The reality is that every single major issue which is leading to the destruction of Britain, is completely independent of, and separate from whatever economic dictates are imposed upon the UK by the European Union.

Even the much-vaunted “EU immigration”—used by the “leave” camp ad infinitum—is, for the greatest part, European in origin. Several hundred thousand Poles can only improve the long-term genetic stock of Britain, not bring it down.

In fact, all of the ills mentioned above—and many more—inflict many nations already outside of the EU. Canada is possibly the best example—a veritable lunatic asylum of political correctness devoted exclusively to destroying every last vestige of Western civilization—and the same thing is happening in the United States of America, to a very large degree.

There is no direct causal link to what many British people seem to perceive as the “ills of the EU” and the European Union as an institution, and it is a seriously mistaken delusion to think that Brexit is going to make all of these problems disappear.

It might be argued that a Brexit could bring about a political realignment within British politics. If that is the case, and a party or policy direction which actually addresses the core issues causing Britain’s decline, results, then Brexit will not have been an exercise in rearranging the deckchairs on the Britannia Titanic.

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  1. Brexit is a necessary pre-requisite to getting our country back. If we get out of the EU, we have a chance, a small chance, but if we stay in, we are definitely doomed. If the EU collapses because of Brexit, so much the better. And if the EU goes, hopefully so will the UN which orchestrates the invasion of the West.

    So Brexit is the first domino. The UK needs a revolution and a miracle but getting out of the EU offers a glimmer of hope. And President Trump is onside; that makes a big difference.

    1. Your comments at least offer we British patriots some hope in what is a dismal situation for the indigenous British people. But, only if people are aware that the necessary changes required will not happen through the present corrupt pro-globalism political system.

      What the British people desperately need is a strong patriotic nationalist political party. And the prelude to that is always a strong public presence by determined British patriots, united and organized with the proper political information (leaflets, patriotic flags and banners, highly-competent speakers, etc.) in order that the British people receive the Truth about the deliberate ongoing White genocide – and not more of the same lying (((NWO))) nation-wrecking Lies and Hypocrisy. – originalracerealistuk

      Oh, and hopefully sane laws already put in place which make it illegal for two opposing political entities to have marches/demos taking place at the same day, time and place which is a deliberate recipe for the anarchy, chaos and negative publicity for patriots that always ensues – put in place by the same corrupt political Establishment that is now facilitating the genocide of our White people.

      And if we do that then we Whites will give ourselves a great chance.

  2. My new identity, non black minority citizen of another ununited third world hell hole. With high rates of murder, rape, acid attacks, stabbings, forced marriage, child marriage, fgm, stonings, hangings, be headings and don’t forget that really great culture of constant and continual religious warring. But as they say every cloud has a silver lining,they won’t have no where to flee to this time because everywhere will be the same. Big thanks to all those in power who bound and gagged the white man in his native land. For all your education you couldn’t see the bigger picture, or did you just choose to ignore. I think it’s time to become a Zionist.

    1. However, there is one little thing that you forgot to research, this whole tragedy IS driven and financed by zion, soros, rottenchilds and others from the sane cabal.

  3. When Europeans get done with the insanity…that is when things will get reset to neutral,quite abruptly. This is what scares the bejesus out of the think-tanks.

  4. [*Brexit.]

    Parliament’s the problem. And the Party system. And White race traitors.

    “The Earl of Gosford: ‘…The noble Lord, Lord Silkin, as did several other noble Lords, mentioned world government. Her Majesty’s Government are fully in agreement with world government. We agree that this must be the goal, and that every step that is humanly possible must be taken to reach that goal. I can assure the noble Lord on this point. Surely, the Declaration of Common Purpose is a step in that direction. …'”

  5. I’m so tired of articles like this. We all know this. We’ve known it for a very long time. I just came from a similar article on the U.S. on another site. Can we stop repeating doomsday scenarios of which we’re all well aware and start talking about potential solutions? Where are people being proactive, throwing ideas out, strategizing, lifting each other up and seeking answers? I’d like to be in that conversation. No, we’re not turning this around overnight or reclaiming our countries next week or next year, but we’ve at least got to believe that it’s still possible or it really is over.

    1. One potential solution WAS in my post above but the mods have removed the link (which is valid). Here it is again:

      Brief Summary of the Problem

      Let me here add:
      … “Vote ONLY for an Independent candidate (or become that candidate yourself)- whom you know to be genuine- who declares publicly – in writing – for individual liberty and choice. When enough Independent MPs replace Party MPs, appointment of Ministers will automatically return to the Monarch. The division of power will accompany this re-separation of government from parliament .”…

      The Money Power versus Democracy (1947?) where author advocated constituent action and holding to account of individual MPs irrespective of Party.

  6. The white man has no voice in the country as a white man. His voice needs to come not from his skin colour. He needs to jjoin himself to something that has a strong identity and a moral stand point. The only idea I have is that we need to start filling our churches. Spend time gathering ours numbers and getting with the program. Then when we’re strong in number start to march behind our christian banners.
    That way the race card can’t shut us down. From moral injustices in the community to the bigger things. This could start to happen as soon as today our churches are all around us. Spread the word search out the church and it starts.

  7. Going to church, being involved with religion,not in a million years i here you say. Sacrifices need to be made or we are screwed

  8. Yes. Understood.


    Look at the real, immediate, apparent demographic threat facing this country.
    Due to the EU’s insistence that member nations apply the 1951 Geneva Asylum Regulations and do not ‘push back’ boat-borne and border trespass invaders, in the years 2015 and 2016 Europe, or rather the southern periphery of the EU was flooded with over one million non-white invaders. EU rules ensure that these invaders cannot be denied entry or repatriated – on the contrary, the EU enshrines the ‘right’ of ‘family reunification’.
    Now, it is certain that eventually the invaders will get southern European citizenship. It is also certain that they will use that citizenship to move in on the UK en masse since social security in the UK is infinitely more generous.

    For that reason alone, Brexit was right.

  9. This article whilst factual, is never going to be part of any political party’s manifesto pledge, it never has in the past and will not be in the future. My wife saw the impact of the Caribbean influx into London from the late 1940’s and this was expanded by immigrants from former Commonwealth countries in Africa. Add to that ‘the Vietnam boat people’ and ‘Idi Amin’s’ expulsion of all those of Indian heritage, of which a very large proportion landed on the shores of the UK. Leaving the EU will help one aspect for border controls to be tightened, but what is not being said is that out of all those illegal immigrants currently in European countries, once they obtain a dual nationality they are legally allowed to cross the Channel. The political elite do not represent the views of their constituents with regard to masses of uncontrolled immigration, hence the Brexit vote. Going through one of the main Train Stations in London as I do several times a year, foreign languages are the majority, not ENGLISH. Within politics now, the number of non-white representatives at local and national level is increasing and every one has a ‘bandwagon’ which has nothing to do with British Culture and Values. Brexit is a start, but the ideal solution is make Border Control Staff a National Service for all between the ages of 18 -40, men and women, to do a 3 year service, for the next 20 years – it could alter the attraction to being in the UK.

    1. I agree. Killing two birds with the one stone. A return to National Service for Border Control – and indeed for the many other useful services that our youth can be involved in – is a terrific patriotic way for them to serve the nation and learn about self-sacrifice at the same time.

      I have no doubt that it was a deliberate plan when the Lib/Lab/Con political Establishment went along with the pro-globalism mass immigration flow when the UK govt ended National Service in 1960. These treacherous SOBs knew exactly what they were doing – and we only need to look around our streets on a Friday or Saturday night to see what happens when patriotism is removed from the soul of a nation. This anarchic state of affairs is actually called Cultural Marxism, though it is not a phrase you will hear coming from the lips of our traitorous Lib/Lab-Con political Establishment.

  10. While I agree with much of this article, getting rid of Britain’s manufacturing base and farming it out to Germany and the rest of the world was one of the aims of the the EU.
    Successive British governments have not been honest with the British people.

    On a different tack, have a look at how John Major got the Maastricht Treaty through the Commons. It was called the Unseen Treaty for a reason.
    Have a look at how the Cabinet Office manipulated to get the Lisbon Treaty through the Commons.
    And now Hillary Ben and co want to scrutinise the final deal Maybe gets?
    Who do these people work for? Certainly not for the British people…

    I have no doubt they are fully aware of the Five Presidents report which was published in 2015…the criteria for the next Treaty to be finalised in 2025.
    Not heard of it?
    No wonder…our MP’s want to keep this very quiet….
    ” Full financial, economic union and Political union ” across the EU by 2025.
    It means accepting the supremacy of European law, Corpus Juris, over Habeas Corpus….
    They tried to bring in Corpus Juris once before…have a look for
    ” What is Corpus Juris? ”
    And read the Europrobe listing.
    Note Mrs May’s chilling comment in 2012….

  11. We want our children to have a better life than ourselves. They might feel the same, maybe not, but are religiously obligated to over-ptocreate, ensuring generation poverty and a majority underclass. Simply put, whites cannot afford to have large families and pay taxes (to support the underclasses) at the same time. Hence, white population stagnation and decline. The trick: beat them at their own game. Swallow some pride and make those ten little ones. Make you own schools for them, insist on every government benefit while a squirreling away your black-market wealth. The government that ruined your country will collapse, but a new young population is waiting in the wings. Sounds ominous but European survival is at state. Think Amish and Mennonite in the US. They work the system pretty well. They run their own towns with little govt help. Hasidic Jewish communities are almost 100% on govt benefits… 7 to 10 kids in each family. My point, start making big families and build you own communities if you want your country back to offset immigrant population projections. Create your own economy. Screw the government that forced you to take matters into your own hands.

    1. The thing people forget is that Muslims are allowed to have FOUR WIVES EACH, and are encouraged to do so, as long as they can support them, which is no problem in Britain because the British Marxists insure that British taxpayers pay for all four wives and 25 children of each Muslim man. Only following the excellent example of great African President Jomo Kenyatta will save the day. He said, “There are too many ticks on the lion’s belly!” just before kicking all the Muslims, Sikhs & Hindus out of Kenya, because they were taking over everything and trampling his Indigenous Africans underfoot. Tanzania and Uganda followed suit, and no one called them “racist”.

  12. No matter how Brexit is presented or all the facts about how the “established” non-white immigrants are taking over, the guilty for this predicament are ordinary shitzen sheeple.
    After all, there has been so many political scandals over the decades that one and all should be fully aware that our political circles are infested with criminals and traitors and, in case of “friends of israhell”, agents of a foreign power undermining interest of British people and destroying white race as per Kalergie Plan. As saying goes, the worst atrocities are only possible when ordinary people do nothing. And it is ordinary people who lamely time after time vote for same established criminals to keep them in power.
    We get government we deserve.
    Unless we find way to wake shitizen sheeple to the extent that their own survival becomes more important than having latest mobile phone or bigger TV, we are FUBAR.

  13. 1) It was “EU rules” that Teresa May said prevented her from controlling the borders or deporting foreign criminals for 6 years, so abolishing “EU rules” will certainly allow Britain to stop The Swarm.
    2) It is very odd this obsession with “China”, when INDIA is the real villain of the piece, as well as the EU. For example, “EU rules” allowed British Steel to be bought by an Indian billionaire, who stole its technology, built complete replica factories in India, and once these were up and running with semi-slave Indian staff, he announced he was closing down British production, egregiously blaming it all on “China”.
    Another example is the deliberate Marxist destruction of Britain’s shipbuilding and coal mining industry, caused by endless strikes broken by shipments of coal from “Solidarity” shipyards & mines in Poland, where the coal mining industry has been THRIVING ever since, funded by British taxpayers EU subsidies, while British coal miners lives were destroyed. Britain now has to import more than half its coal from Russia.
    Of course all these things are not irreversible, but very strong measures are needed.

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