Brexit Contagion: Germany Fears 5 More “Leaves”

The German government has admitted in a secret briefing paper leaked to Die Welt newspaper that another five countries—France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary—might follow Britain’s example and leave the European Union.

The document warns that a prolonged and messy British exit process can have a “crucial” impact in boosting the Eurosceptic movements in all five nations.


The document, titled “Task Force: Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union” was developed by the German Finance Ministry for what it describes as “difficult divorce proceedings.”

The document says it was to offer the UK “constructive outlet negotiations” which will end up in Britain becoming an “associate partner country” of the EU.

The exit process—governed by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty—allows for a two-year withdrawal process. “This creates time and the basis for negotiations,” the document says, adding that if necessary, this time period could be extended.

The paper also says it was to “grant the UK no large benefits”—specifically that there must be no “automatic access to the EU’s single market,” because, it continues, “otherwise other EU states will follow the UK’s path.”

This danger is highlighted by the fact that there are “imitation tendencies” in other European nations, the paper says, specifically listing France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

Die Welt said in its commentary that the German Finance Minister is therefore “trying to walk a middle ground in the fundamental question of whether the EU should make an example of the UK in order to prevent other countries from quitting, or whether it should try and bind the island [Britain] closer to the EU and try and limit the economic damage with the hope of later convincing Britain of the idea of a united Europe.”

Die Welt adds that the former attitude currently prevails: that Britain should not be granted any special terms and be “treated like any other country outside the EU,” otherwise other member states could also “demand special conditions for themselves through the threat of referendums. And that would be the end of the EU.”

On the other hand, Die Welt says, some know exactly how much is at stake, economically speaking. With Brexit, the EU is going to lose “almost 20 percent of its economic power,” and, more importantly, in a “tough divorce,” unforeseen political consequences may emerge.

* Meanwhile, France’s Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, has pledged to hold a French referendum if she emerges victorious in next year’s presidential elections.

In the Netherlands, a Nexit has also been postulated after Dutch voters earlier this year rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty, and populist politician Gert Wilders—currently leading in the opinion polls—has already called for a UK-style vote.

Finally, the German taxpayers are not going to be pleased with the news that they are going to be forced to pay £2.44 billion ($3.3 billion) a year to the annual EU budget once Britain has left.

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  1. No no, please: Not “Germany” fears anything (quite the opposite) – only the leftist-Zionist clique, who controls and dominates our Country and the mass media!

    1. The German people have been WRONGLY demonized because of the JEW propaganda for the past 100 years. We must NEVER again allow our peoples to be divided. There will be NO MORE European wars. Russia must also know these truths. We are ALL White European brothers and sisters.

  2. Its really sad that the German people are so brainwashed by the media. There is no way a referendum to leave the EU would pass in Germany. The state run media has the sheeple exactly where they want them. And the funny part is, every household must pay 200 Euro per year (radio and TV tax) for this indoctrination.

    1. So the 19 century nation states of Europe which lead to constant war are a rational option? These weak little nation states are going to have the political clout as a larger state? The logic purely Brexit!!

      1. Only Jews hate nation states because it prevents them from progressing to their goal; a One World Government controlled by Jews; as prophasized in their unholy Talmud!! Do some historical research. They run the EU commission (Juncker, Tusk, Schultz). They OWN the banking system globally. They OWN the media. Since the French Revolution these criminals have subverted Western Society and FUNDED all the major Wars. They funded the butchering Bolshevists, Jews WERE the “Reds” in Russia and worldwide. Independent nation states in Europe will prosper and be peaceful WITHOUT the Jew. Jews are subversive criminals intent on genociding the White race.

      2. What clout does the EU have? Even in their dealings
        with developing nations let alone socalled emergent
        countries they need the support of the US. France
        anyway under the great Charles had more clout than
        the whole of the EU today. Germany doesn’t count
        because she is an occupied country and has to do
        the bidding of the US.

    2. I doubt it. If anything, the Germans are more alert than the British, despite being occupied and propagandised by the American ZOG. There must be enormous underground resentment against the Holohoax. The state-run media more or less resembles the BBC, with its TV tax (‘licence’). I doubt whether Germans are more sheeply than Britons.

      1. sorry rerevisionist, I live in Germany and have seen 1st hand how they cower from authority. If they had any balls left they would had shown it when Merkel led her invasion. I wish I were wrong because I love this land, people and the kulture.

  3. The document says it was to offer the UK “constructive outlet negotiations” which will end up in Britain becoming an “associate partner country” of the EU. We want F all to do with the EU. We just want to trade with European countries! That was what the people voted for you communist sc*m!

    1. Now it looks like the reds are targeting a second EU referendum, stating the votes were too close to call, and now have one million signatures for parliament to debate.

      1. The divisive Euro Jew Schultz has stirred up trouble with his speech about BREXIT. He said it was a “source of comfort and sadness to know that young British voters, the ones who will be most affected, overwhelmingly stood on the side of Remain”. Now our own media are quoting stats that 75% of the young voted to REMAIN. This is also divisive. First, how do they know because the votes do not have our ages on them; and secondly what does it matter? Democracy is for the whole population! How DARE they stir up the young in this way! This really will lead to civil disorder if their is a re-run!! Also a labour MP has said the vote must be overturned by Parliament! I really cannot believe this scoudrel! Particularly as it would seem as many labour voters as consevative voters etc wanted BREXIT. Any legal shinnanigans must be met with an immediate and robust response from those who supported BREXIT and WON, against all the odds. We WON against all the lies told by the Remainers! We won fairly and squarely with a 3.8% majority out of a near 74% voter turnout. This is democracy! For anyone to tamper with it would risk serious, very serious consequences. The UK will be torn apart. The Irish problems of the 20th century be seem but a sunday school tea-party in comparison to the fury the disenfranchised BREXIT voters will unleash on the establishment and Remain lefty traitors. Digital petitions, protest marches? P155 off. You were OUT VOTED and LOST. The democratic will of the majority WILL PREVAIL.

        1. Labour MP calling for Parliament to overturn the Referendum result: What can you expect from pro immigration Communist/Marxists?

        2. Schultz isn’t a Jew. He is just a silly German village bookseller
          and loyal follower of the Socialist Party who was sent to Brussels
          because he couldn’t be used in “German” politics.

          1. You’re correct. I always carefully check the heritage of those involved in the destruction of Europe. I made a mistake. In that case Schultz is just an evil s.o.b.

          2. No doubt heavily edited and then broadcast by the BBC. I will shortly be meeting my MP to discuss the possibility of a formal enquiry into the BBC’s bias more generally and specifically during the lead up and now, following the Referendum. I do not think that ‘Political Meddling’ is set out in the BBC’s Charter.

      2. Several reports are saying that most of those signing the petition are not even based in the UK and are not British. Several people have signed dozens of times. The petition has been hacked and will be completely ignored anyway. Some people just do not understand the word ‘democracy’.

        1. Simple solution to those who do not respect the little democracy we have left in Britain, move to Scotland. They want EU compliant migrants. (But take an overcoat with you).

  4. What a load of total nonsense. Brexit was a victory for the unelected Tory elite . England was a dead weight constantly whining (a particular English trait) demanding special conditions . The EU just got stronger without the arrogant and irrational British deadwood. I pity the 48% of Brits who have to live with the other lunatics.

    1. Patriotism, sovereignty and the right to make our own laws. Not being dictated to at every step by communists!

    2. Agree. Those Brits % are a bunch of whiners. However, it is good that some of the folk came out to show their objection into turning their island into a turd world heaven.

      How friendly were they with the US, various African countries, even today with allowing Scotland to have their own say so. They want it all at least their banker elites do lol . They have a wonderful history and should use it to garner a brotherhood / a rooted kinship to its racial territories- Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, US.

    3. Britain – the ‘dead weight’ whose taxpayers have been contributing almost 20% of the EU’s entire funds. We are the largest contributor after Germany. The other EU countries may not miss us but they’ll all miss our money!!!

      One look at the stock markets and currencies tells you all you need to know. The EU’s markets have fallen far more than the FTSE since Brexit, confirming what we already knew. The EU is in more peril from the Brexit than the UK is.

      There may be a little financial glitch until we really get going but the UK will thrive whilst the EU and the euro go further down the plug-hole. At least they won’t be dragging us with them.

      1. But you have one very big problem: a giant Third World population. It’s all over Britain, firmly rooted in. A population constantly expanding as they bring in more and more of their kith and kin. Encouraged by all your leading parties and politicians, including the allegedly anti-immigration UKiP. All your leading pols seem to be in this scam, in this cheating you. The EU, of course, has its shortcomings but your leaving it may very likely result in your being totally inundated by the Third World and losing your national identity, culture and even life. But you believe the opposite is true, i.e. that your leaving the EU will stop the Third World influx, don’t you?

  5. So because of our departure, the people of Germany will be expected to help plug the gap in the EU finances, that is sad, and with their other massive financial burden that was self-inflicted, they may have to sell more BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercs than they currently do. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady.

  6. Brexit Leave is a good result for the UK and other countries across Europe and the wider world, forced integration or globalisation just does not WORK for the many but a Select Few. Where we stand now in regards to the EU is similar to the Roman Empire before its collapse fighting foreign wars is a costly business, letting in 1000’s if not millions is just not viable and creates resentment & division from indigenous/native populations. That is what we have witnessed by this referendum and will witness across Europe, naturally the Establishment including the EU & current National Governments will try to stop/prevent this which is a very Dangerous Precedent to take and could lead to untold consequences. The British “Out & Leave Voters” have to not let the Establishment hoodwink them into a Bad Deal and what exactly does an “associate partner country” mean more of the same old by the sounds of things with maybe a small reduction in contributions for Now…? What happened to “Out is Out” as shouted & publicised by the EU IMF NATO & the REMAINIACS seems they want to change Treaties, Rules & Laws to suit themselves so much for Democracy!! If the UK is shoved out or discarded like a dirty rag then that can work both ways and we as a Country can decide who we trade with – I’m sure a Quick Trade Deal could be reached with Russia, Belorus, Venezuela, Swaziland, Lesotho, Kazakstan and countless other Countries to benefit the UK & its population. Lets not SNUB our Commonwealth Country Partners to benefit the EU this time round, despite our petty squabbles they did come to Our aid in both World Wars and countless numbers paid the ultimate price lets not Forget or Dishonour their memories. If I was a betting man I would say it is probably time to ditch German, French, Italian & other European cars(especially if you need spares) and snap up a Japanese, South Korean, Indian or Russian built cars just in case as “Forewarned is Forearmed” better be prepared than get caught in the buff.

  7. The Uk is a country that puts in more than it takes out The EU need new members like that. Such a country Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join. The Frogs don’t like to pay in more than they take out – its against their religion. The UK runs a trade deficit with the EU so who will loose in a barrier war?

  8. If the EU will lose “20% of its economic power” after Brexit,
    does that mean a whopping ONE-FIFTH of the entire EU budget comes out of the pockets of the British taxpayers??????

    1. Yes, it does. We are net contributors to the EU whereas many countries are net beneficiaries, meaning they get far more spent on them than they ever pay in. We are the largest net contributors after Germany. We contribute just under 20% of the EU’s entire funds. Then it goes to the other parts of the EU instead of benefiting our own people. Any grants given to us by the EU come out of the money we give to them in the first place.

      But not any more!!!!

  9. If the German people, politians and media have a shred of reason, then they should ask the following question : who is responsible for the disappointment of the European people with the EU? The answer is simple : it is the policy of Angela Merkel and her partner in the coalition which caused the invasion of Europe by Arabs and Muslims invaders from Syria, Iraq, North of Africa, Pakistan…etc.

    1. European Nations UNITE against the invaders and our traitors enabling them. Still the brexit may lead to a new and improved pan nationalist union, eventually.

  10. Free trade? Yes. Giving up sovereignty? No.

    Congrats to the Brits!

    Ah…..wonder what Catalonia is going to do? They have nothing to do with Spanish speaking Spain.

  11. “…and, more importantly, in a “tough divorce,” unforeseen political consequences may emerge.”

    Indeed. Be sure to expect even more “terrorist” nonsense, false flags, hoaxes, them jacking the value of the pound all over the place, and incessant news reports of the dire repercussions on the British exit that shame and blame those who loved their country enough to Leave the EU.

    Stay strong, Britain! Hundreds of millions of people around the world are with you in spirit. It’s definitely going to get worse, probably a lot worse, before it gets better, but this was the first necessary step. Expect the powers that be to pull out every single dirty trick in the book to try to undermine this historic vote, but just remember that all they have to work with is lies and fear. Maintain your resolve.

    Regardless of what’s thrown your way or how they try to convince you that Britain can’t make a go of it on your own just remember: You are the descendants of the people who created and ruled over the largest and greatest empire this world has ever known. That blood still runs through your veins. If you can run half the world, you can certainly run your own country again.

    1. Excellent post warning Britain to expect all kinds of phoney garbage from the EU while finalizing their country’s Brexit. Whatever roadblocks get thrown up on your way out of the evil EU, British Patriots, there’s no doubt you can handle it without much trouble at all. You are in the driver’s seat, Britain, and teach the NWO Filth their time is up!

  12. A lot of Europeans respect and admire Brexit, including Russia. Our wishes for separation MUST be respected
    To try and overturn the will of the majority, and change the result, would result in an uprising of unprecedented scale.

    1. Well in Ireland that didn’t happen. The results of an referendum some years ago weren’t liked by the EU Technocrats so they let another referendum on the same Issue decide which should be the “valid” vote. Of course the last referendum was a YES vote for the EU-cause.

      I haven’t read the article in the link provided, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the votes were rigged, and if there has been also a fearmongering campaign on behalf of the EU-propagandists.

      It was the Infamous second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty 2009.

    1. The West has Jewish Supremacist problem which is FUNDING and ENABLING the Islam problem. Many terror attacks are false flags. ISIS is not as it seems. Why are they only slaughtering Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, Kurds etc.. EVERY religion except… Jews! If ISIS were Islamic you would expect them to attack Israel. Instead, ISIS are clearing lands of their rightful occupants. These lands will be ruled by the Jews. It is the Greater Israel as mapped out in their religious texts.

  13. Germany /EU wants to offer “associate membership” of the EU. No doubt this means please don’t leave we need your £2.4 billion membership fee.
    EU was not prepared to negotiate better term so they can now just suck it up. If they try economic blackmail they will lose more.

    U.K. Must kill off the open border policy immediately together with all Schengen travel agreements. NOW, DO IT NOW!

  14. I think if you peel back all the layers of bs it’s the u.s. and co. playing divide and conquer as well as trying to set up russia and China for ww3. Europe can choose to be controlled by the u.s. and co., or controlled by the u.s. and co.

  15. The traitorous frau may have done britain a favour when she decided to sell her country out to the third world.Motivated them to get out, all praises to nigel farage and his team……terry

  16. EU still do not get it. EU will be broken up because EU do not have the balls to ban muslims refugees. Allowing muslims refugees into any countries will promote extremism, racism and division.

    1. The EU do get it. The plan is to create division and total chaos throughout Europe. The plan is to introduce a totalitarian soviet-type system and breed out,and simply murder,the White race. Stalin genocided 50 million White Russians. Look it up. World Jewry have made their intentions clear for the past 100 years. They think we goyim are simple dumb cattle and must be culled. We have been brainwashed by the bankster jew zionist controlled governments and media. The last man to realize what was happening and tried to do something about it was an Austria/German back in the 30s/40’s. A CHRISTIAN man. The devil western press have demonized him. They have turned the truth on its head. They are invented many types of words to shut up all those who oppose their plan for World Government. It is NOT Germany running the EU. Merkel is simply doing as her masters tell her to do. The WHOLE Western democratic system is corrupt.

    1. YOU GOT IT!!!!! GREAT BRITAIN! if Scotland,northern Ireland and ibralter want to go to the eu GOOD RIDDENCE! England and Wales can then concentrate on cleaning up the horrible mess EU membership has done to the once proud christian nation

  17. All threats, stink and whining from the elitist stayers could be easily explained if to remember that London is (or should we say used to be) a financial hub of Europe. Well done to the Bits and let the other members take their lead.

  18. They can not make it too difficult for UK. Imagine Germans with all the trouble with invaders and finacial cost of it being left with 800. 000 cars that they currently sell to UK. Spain with all the holiday packages? France with tourism and wine? Yeah, right. They need us lot more than we need them. Time to call their bluff.

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