Brexit: Implications for Europe and the UK

Victory by the “leave” campaign in Britain’s European Union membership referendum is a decisive rejection of Angela Merkel’s “asylum” invasion of Europe, and of EU interference in UK national politics—and could easily lead to a renewed independence bid by Scotland.

It is clear from the results that the majority nonwhite cities, and the Scots, for reasons of their own, voted overwhelmingly in favor of remaining in the EU.


For example, greater London produced a “remain” majority, taking 2.2 million votes, and the “leave” vote took 1.5 million votes in the capital.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly in favor of remaining in the EU—by a 68 to 32 percent margin. This vote is the result of decades of agitation for Scottish independence by the far left Scottish National Party (SNP).

The SNP manifesto for the last Scottish Parliament election—which it won—said there would be another independence referendum if there was a “significant and material” change in circumstances—which was specifically described as Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will.

As Scotland is now the only UK region to have definitively voted to stay in the EU, the chances of a renewed Scottish independence campaign must now be very high.

In England and Wales, the vote must also have far-reaching consequences.

Apart from the clear racial split in voting, the “leave” campaign’s win in the traditionally Labour Party-supporting northern regions may indicate a catastrophic weakening of this barely-disguised communist party.

Unlike the Conservative Party, which was very divided on the issue, the Labour Party leadership was unanimous in its support for the “remain” campaign, and have now suffered a double blow with the outcome of the referendum—and the fact that a very large number of its traditional voters turned out against the party.

The Conservative Party will also now be thrown into an internal crisis, the first sign of which is the announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron that he will resign.

His likely successor will be Boris Johnson, who has been after the top job for quite a while.

The referendum result will also pull the raison d’être out from under the feet of the UKIP party, which has campaigned for this moment for more than 20 years.

The path is now open for UKIP leader Nigel Farage—and most of that party’s activists—to return to the Conservative Party, from which UKIP originated as a splinter movement.

The international impact of the vote will be felt even more strongly in Europe. Although the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion of Europe is a product of Germany’s own constitutional clause which guarantees asylum seeker rights, the general perception—certainly in Britain—is that the invasion was caused by the European Union’s asylum laws.

The rejection of EU membership by British voters will therefore be taken as a rejection of the “asylum” swindle in general, and will throw the EU’s “refugee distribution” plans into chaos.

In addition, the Brexit vote will serve as a major boost to all the populist and nationalist parties in Europe, including France’s Front National, Austria’s Freedom Party, and many others.

The vote will also further fracture the EU’s already tenuous political unity, and the Visegrad 4 group of Eastern European nations—Hungamry, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic—must also now be considering the possibility of leaving the EU if it continues to force its “refugee distribution plan.”

The referendum result is then, in summary, a serious blow to the internationalists, and a great boost to nationalists generally. For British activists, however, celebrations of “independence” should be tempered with the understanding that the far harder task of halting—and reversing—the Third World colonization of the UK, now lies ahead—and that the Nigel Farages and Boris Johnsons of this world are not going to be of any assistance in this regard.

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  1. UKIP should NOT join the Torys. The majority of the Tory MPs are lying traitorous europhiles and only in it for the trough! UKIP should continue to replace Labour as the second party in this country, possibly the first in 2020, if we had Proportional Representation. On a second point, the next thing that should happen, is to leave the ECHR which is only a front for supporting illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists!

        1. Your second sentence: I agree, but in NH’s case was he not the ex-Tory, ex Barrister et al. who resigned in 1996 in disgrace having lost a big court case trying to maintain that he did not take cash from Al-Fayed in brown envelopes during the “Cash for Questions” scandal? That Neil Hamilton.

    1. We need UKIP as an independent party at least until we are fully out of the EU and hopefully the EU long gone. Still do not trust Remainers not to pull some trick to keep us in.

      1. I think UKIP will be faced with a huge challenge soon. As the coming months wear on, the ‘Leave’ voters will come to recognise that there will be no restraints on immigration as Boris is et al are already hinting. Snap election later this year? The ‘Leave’ voters, (red, blue or yellow) will know where they must place their votes – UKIP – the only untried party. The rest (of whatever hue) have blatantly lied throughout this ‘Referendum’ debacle and for this reason they will be torn apart and/or destroyed come election time. It will be a wonderful opportunity to see whether Farage has lied as well.

          1. There’s really serious trouble brewing now. There is a blatant and concerted effort with UK broadcasters to condemn vote ‘exit’ and all the ‘old git’s’ who voted that way, (including me). They’re intentionally stoking up a massive head-of-steam in favour of a re-run of the Referendum. What with the number of sub-normals walking around this country and mindful of what happened to Jo Cox a couple of weeks ago, I fear the worst is going to happen somewhere in the country any day now. I no longer watch/listen to the BBC having just recently switched over to Sky 24 News to avoid the overt hatred being preached by the BBC. Then, lo and behold, this evening on Sky a vituperous, evil and full of synthetic anger, Greg Dyke (ex-Director General of the BBC) is broadcast spouting divisive poison against OAP’s. Its everywhere now on all forms of broadcast.

  2. Hopefully the British will unite but Scotland’s ambitions for independance might find the EU prepared to fund them. Whatever happens I hope that cool heads will prevail.

    1. Not so sure that many of SNP actually want independence, they just to slap Labour in the face, which they richly deserve. Anyway what they going to use as currency? Euro once in EU but what until then? This is not about independence is it, otherwise why shackle yourself to the EU? This is about hatred of the English. Always bitter, always victims, always moaning and griping, and Miss Nippy just stirs it up all the time. If they want to join the EU they had better get on with it because the EU may not be there if they hang about too long.

      1. Agreed Vera. The Commies in Scotland destroyed their own shipbuilding industry with constant strikes back in the 60’s and 70’s. At present they are destined to leave the UK one way or another: any opportunity they are presented with they grasp. I say withdaw the application of the Barnet Formula right now and save the English taxpayer a lot of money. After all, the Cameron Government can squander those saving on ‘Overseas Aid’……….

  3. Scotland and Northern ireland want to stay in the EU and that means that they accept dictatorship, corruption and the financial mis-management of the monies they receive from those that actually pay into to the system. Scotland at the time of their first Independence Referendum thought the price of oil was their way to stability, they also thought that they would keep the £ currency. So let’s hope that this time around their voters know that the Euro will be their currency if they vote to leave the United Kingdom of Great Britain. However another fact would be that if both Scotland and Northern Ireland leave then the Union Jack will no longer have to have the flags of St Andrew and St Patrick in it, and perhaps the original flag of St David (the only true patron saint within the UK) would be incorporated. There could be work for unemployed builders at Hadrian’s Wall soon?

    1. The 55.7% vote to stay in the EU in N.Ireland, was because Sinn Fein want a united Ireland and therefore its supporters voted to stay. The second being that the immature young believed that cheap mobile roaming charges and travel in Europe were reasons to stay. That is one of the reasons that the voting age should be raised to 25yrs!

      1. 25 at the very least antieu and a bit more of an academic ability than working out 2 + 2 and getting 5, BBC fashion………………

      2. The point that I made has just been confirmed by the N.I. News. The nationalists who live on the borders with the south, voted to remain!

      3. There is more of a connection between the UK leaving the EU and a United Ireland than there is in remaining. Sinn Fein campaigned to remain because they have lost their nationalistic idealism and merely want to pander to what the dim souled majority want which is no economic disturbances or the border going up again. That and a fiery nationalism is now seen in a poor light, leading itself to nazism and racism. It was Sinn Fein “anti fascist” thugs who violently attacked the members of a new political group Identity Ireland earlier this year.

      4. Yes, voting age should be increased to 25. Two of my friends said they were voting to remain because their adolescent grandchildren wanted them to and as it would be their world they thought it only right to do so. I suppose if their grandchildren said they wanted to eat sweets and drink coke all day, that would be OK too. Since when did adolescents know anything? I expect they will be well pleased when they reach 2050 and Britain is 60% black (currently 14%). They can thank granny for that!

    2. They remember well the corrupt “British” elite mistreating them before the EU and don’t want that back either.

  4. Four members of my family have today joined UKIP. We know the existing political framework of Conservative, Labour and almost extinct Liberal will not serve our best interests in securing a better future for us all. The more UKIP members of parliament we have the more just our country will become for the indigenous population. Thank you Nigel Farage for working so hard for our freedom.

  5. As a Scot, I can only feel disappointment and disgust at so many of my fellow Scots. They won’t win another independence referendum…the UK chose to leave, deal with it.

    1. BBC commentators pointed out how few immigrants Scotland has and how much space – hence the vote to Remain.
      Let Scotland have its independence asap. The EU has multi-culti diversity a-plenty lurking in the wings just looking for a new place to parasitise.
      Merkel and Wee Krankie ….. the ultimate “dream team”…lol !

    2. Well as an American, when I read that I was like, “They want to have independence so they can give it away to the EU? That’s so strange.” So hopefully cool heads like yours will prevail. I too am ashamed of many of my fellow white Americans and can only hope more people wake up. Best of luck to you!

      1. I think it highly unlikely that the Scots will vote for independence if Sturgeon calls a referendum. They only want the EU for the handouts and when faced with the prospect of having to achieve an irreversible independence from the British taxpayer with no more than a possibility one day of getting directly onto the Welfare Gravy Train of a collapsing behemoth, wiser heads will I think prevail. Particularly when it is made clear to them that the price will be entrapment into the Euro. Certainly if Britain gets its act together in the next year or so, Sturgeon will have no chance.

        1. I’m pretty darn sure the Scots won’t want Merkel’s naughty children hanging around their train stations in gangs of 100’s either!

          1. Scotland will be the transit station to get to London – Lorries crossing Hadrian’s wall have “refugees” stacked into them. More illegal workers is lower costs = Conserrvatives happy.

      2. As I said before this is not about independence, it is about hatred of the English. I don’t want Scotland to leave but I will shed no tears. They just moan and gripe on and on and nothing the English do is ever enough. It’s not as though they have the means to stand alone, they need a source of funds from somewhere, so if not us then the EU. The EU is a land grabber so they will welcome Scotland even though they will be another none contributing country, a drain not a contributor, but that’s OK, the more Germany has to cough up the more likely the whole evil edifice will collapse. Thank God we are out of it.

  6. Another factor for consideration with Scotland and Northern Ireland thinking of wanting to apply to join the EU is Defence. Scotland currently has Coldstream and Scots Guards and I think 4 Battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, with Northern Ireland have the Irish Guards as well as some Infantry – not sure of their name. So will these proud regiments be incorporated into the EU army that Juncker wants and who will pay for them. In Scotland the Trident base at Faslane will be a target to go, and that will create the loss of some jobs. Oil revenue down, Westminster money gone, and conversion into the Euro – now all that screams uncertainty which I believe neither Sturgeon or McGuiness really want. Might be wrong of course.

      1. An Independent Scotland, and Sturgeon has stated that she will talk to anyone that supports her claim to remain part of the EU, which in my view means N.Ireland and the London Mayor, she could be talking more to Sinn Fein for them to try to reunite the whole of Irekand – personally that is as unlikely as is winning the lottery BUT that woman north of the border will stoop far lower than a snake to get her own way. However, she has to get the support for a second referendum first, and if she does, then the subject of Defence has to be in the frame. However if my comments are ridiculous propaganda, it takes one to know one.

        1. The Northern Irish, both Catholic and Protestant, do NOT want a united Ireland, so stop with all your propaganda!

          1. One of the talents of the MSM is to spread doom and gloom at all times, they want to get their 10 penneth worth in as often as possible. The result is hardly out in the open and questions about what is the effect of the decision going to be on this, that and anything else. Even money says that had it been to “Remain”, they wouldn’t have mentioned the big black hole in the EU finances and its effect on the UK, let alone all the other tricks Juncker has got up his sleeve. Based on their announcements, the three main stooges of the EU have clearly indicated their hatred for the UK and that has been evident for a very long time.

          2. W e should let Ireland become one. Northern Ireland costs UK tax payers £8 billion a year to prop up.

          3. This is to Justme…what gives you the right to say that Ireland should become one? It is up to the people of N.Ireland to decide! You’re just like the sore losers of the referendum who don’t believe in democracy. You’re evil!

    1. Do the Scottish & Irish EU supporters realise that they will have to fund their own welfare systems not to mention a Health System.
      The U.K. will not fund them if there are no contributions.

      I wonder if Sturgeon & her ilk will remind the electorate of these very important considerations.

      I don’t believe it will be necessary as the Scots are quite a canny lot & will not fall for the machinations of a now deflated Sturgeon. Ditto for Nth. Ireland.

      1. The Barnett Formula has always provided the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irelanders with more socially spent cash per head than the English. In Scotland, its £1400 per head of population per annum; Wales and NI, its roughly £1000. All paid for by the English. So, ask again, ‘how can prescriptions be free in Wales?’ and, ‘ how do Scottish students avoid college fees?’

    1. Why cast aspersions ? Boris and Farage aren`t alone in this regard after the immigration hammering the UK has suffered for years. Whoever is handed the poison chalice faces a helluva struggle.
      Probably the reason why Cameron couldn`t hand in his notice fast enough..

  7. The polarization between freedom seekers and brainwashed ones will get ever more clear by the months.
    Interesting that the Scottish voters chose overwhelmingly to remain in the UE.
    I’m pretty sure that this was the plan of the false SNP where Salmond/Sturgeon and co came up with the Scottish “independence” referendum only to remain in the UE, at any case an ANTI-EU referendum turns out negatively.
    It wouldn’t surprise me when in the meanwhile “English” and “Scottish” “nationalist” feelings will be stirred up.
    Of course only the European stock at one another as on both sides the “integration” of the so called news Scots and English of Asian,African and Amerindian descent will be hailed as the New Bright Future for both countries.

  8. I watched the results per area flash up on the BBC News Channel early this morning and it occurred to me:
    1. The sickness of multiculturism/Globalism has not infected the older generation. The antibodies of common sense kept them well and able to apply that sense. Apparently the “educated” (aka “Brainwashed”) youngsters en masse voted ‘Remain’. This group is far more inclined to welcome multiculturalism since they are mostly made up of immigrants anyway.
    2. The Blair ‘Open Door’ policy of allowing unlimited immigrants into the UK and to particularly congregate in London was at the root of the ‘Remain’ result for London and if that policy (continued by Cameron) had prevailed for another decade or so but throughout the UK, that ‘Immigrant Effect’ would have been far more widespread and it would have been an absolute ‘Remain’ success. Only luck coupled with Camerons arrogant bad judgement in calling the Referendum and its timing saved the country. As the figures for other areas ‘rich’ in immigrants show, it was a close call. So, just in time!
    3. We have a lot to thank the Northerner’s for. My generation would have referred to them as the, common sense, “Cloth Cap” brigade.
    The Referendum result has been a real, “Poke-in-the-eye” for the Soros’ of the World and the rest who, until now, have been capable of pulling the puppets strings fairly anonymously. Now the work begins to transform the politics in the UK. (or UK minus 1? – Go For It Scotland!).
    Anybody got any views on Daniel Hannon MEP? I was particularly impressed with his knowledge, passion for ‘Leave’ and general ‘Level-headedness’. Since he is destined to be out of an EU job, I hope he does not go to waste.

    1. The”in” brigade forgot to count amongst their enemy, the enlightened, the redpilled, the grannies and grandads voting for their grandkids future, and parents concerned for their children’s safety in a corrupt EU. Screw the EU and Merkel’s army of cockroaches!

    2. My 15 yr old Grandson firstly asked me about this referendum then went and researched it all himself delving into the history of the EU. He came down firmly on the leave side and even campaigned and put a poster in his bedroom window. He also fought his corner at school against the airhead liberal teacher(s) and wishy washy kids. He said he just wished he was old enough to vote. His Mum woke him at 0600 with the news and along with the rest of the family he hasn’t stopped smiling since. The future is bright for our children and our childrens children. (Think that was the moody blues). The area he lives in voted 59% to LEAVE, happy days.

    3. Couldn`t agree more G. It`s essential that Daniel Hannan be in at the start from hereon in. He`s exactly the type of politician we`re going to need at this time. He knows how just the EU works and has been consistently and scrupulously honest in exposing the wiles of the devious EU bureaucrats et al.
      Like Nigel he`s been true to his principles every bit of the way.
      Daniel puts to shame all those greedy `feathering your own nest` politicians such as Kinnock and his family- all drooling to board the gravy train.
      WE simply can`t afford to lose Daniel Hannan.

    4. Daniel Hannan announced as soon as the ‘leave’ vote was confirmed that the ‘Leave’ campaign had “never promised lower immigration numbers if it won the referendum” and that we should not expect a decline in the numbers of people pouring into the UK.

      As this vote was won on ‘immigration’ the PTB would do well to listen to the electorate. This issue will not be brushed under the carpet any more and those of us that voted ‘leave’ will expect and demand action on this subject.

      1. Out of context? – Sensational!!;
        In context: The UK is still effectively “in” the EU until the 2 year legal notice period (or any agreed extension on that) has expired and during that period it will be illegal for the UK not to honour its duties under the various Treaties.

        1. We would be very foolish to go down the Article 50 route. It is a law written by the EU for the EU. They will discuss the terms of our leaving and we will not be present in the room. It is new, no one has used Article 50 before. We should try to work around it and if the EU is difficult we should just repeal European Communities Act of 1973 a British law which ends the relationship between us. The EU is already determined our divorce is long and painful, let’s not let them get away with this. We need wily and committed negotiators. Hannan, Gove and Boris.

          1. So Vera, you’ve got a contract of employment within which, it expressly states that if you wish to leave your employer, you must submit your notice in writing. Preparing to leave, you simply tell your next in-line superior you intend leaving.
            You clearly relish the thought of becoming a defendant in an Employment Tribunal case which, I would suggest you lose.

    5. The young voted Remain because they are fed pro EU propaganda in schools and colleges. All education establishments receive funding from the EU, but on the condition they never criticize the EU and in fact promote the EU. These funds were showered their way regardless of whether they were requested or not. It is an excellent way of collecting unquestioning support. Of course it is not EU money, it is ours, the taxpayer. So bribed with our money to interfere with our politics. You have to admire the concept.

      1. I’m fast developing a different ‘take’ on the Referendum. I think, likely, it was a, ‘Stitch-up’ from the original concept and on to the supporting legislation. Indulge me:
        Cameron knew there was trouble with a minority in the Conservative Party and he needed to draw them out and stamp on them firmly before further integration with the EU and further mass immigration, “for a growing economy”. The escalating immigration figures simply ralied the ‘Leave’ supporters.
        Cameron was convinced that with the support he would get from the BBC (and the rest of the broadcasters), EU, World Bank, IMF, Bank of England, Obama and all the rest of the acolytes the result would be a foregone conclusion. All the co-conspirators shared that view.
        Problem was, the ‘Leaver’s’ did not have a figurehead to rally round. Enter Boris, (‘a good old Eton “chum”) late in the day for the campaign and fresh from being persuaded to fill that role by Cameron.
        The clear evidence is that at no point, Cameron developed a, “Plan B”. He was arrogantly confident that with the sheer weight of the backing he had and their man (or men?) on the inside of ‘Leave’ there was no-chance of a negative result. He tried the ‘Scotland’ Referendum technique expecting the same result (thanks Gordon Brown!). The resulting debacle now simply confirms that Cameron had to leave along with Osborne (yet to go). The result of Cameron’s machinations?
        There will be an election during which the Labour and Conservative Parties will be decimated. “We need Farage”, “We need Farage” will resound up and down the country. I for one would welcome this tectonic shift in the politics of the UK.

  9. Every step should that shows those arrogant riffraff politicians that not all people are happy with their plundering, lying, deceit and insolent behavior should be welcomed. Therefore I say: cheers Brexit!

  10. I would have preferred a EU made up of pan nationalist parties all tackling the REAL problem of non assimilative 3rd world invaders and their plentiful offspring. Now, life for (white) Europeans is made harder, and their world is made smaller. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    1. Totally agree. White Europeans should unite against the invaders. Don’t believe these con-artists – Farrage and Boris Johnson are both on record saying they want more immigration from third world countries to replace whites. People have voted for Brexit believing this will reduce immigration. Pack of lies. Immigration will stay the same or increase, but instead of majority white East / South European you will be getting Asians and Africans in vast numbers. Any talk of an ‘Australian Style Points System’ is a joke. Asylum and family reunification laws will stay the same enforced by UK courts. I can’t believe Nationalists are celebrating this as some sort of victory.

      1. You only need to look at those individuals behind “remain” to see through them. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is step 1. We need to consolidate, and move forward. Leaving the ECHR is priority now. Nothing could have been achieved under EU control. Harbouring doubt, and festering defeatism only serve to undermine our cause. Keep the faith!

  11. I am sick of anti-EU comments, particularly on Muslims and immigration. No country has been more spineless than Britain. When a Muslima took France to the European courts over the banning of the veil, it was a BRITISH lawyer who took up the case. Not only did the supposedly pro-immigrant court uphold the ban, they also said that no appeal would be considered, not then not ever. Cowardly, politically correct Britain shelters so many violent, hate-filled Muslims that at one point London became known internationally as “Londonistan”; I challenge anyone to read this (from Wikipedia) and still blame the EU for Britain’s massive problem with immigration, all from outside the EU. Street crime from Jamaicans, fraud from Nigerians, failure to integrate and terrorism from countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Bangladesh. Here is the text:

    The mid- to late 1990s were the years when Britain’s capital earned the sobriquet of “Londonistan,” a title provided by French officials infuriated at the growing presence of Islamist radicals in London and the failure of British authorities to do anything about it. Raids in France and Belgium had produced phone and fax numbers linked to the United Kingdom, and names of suspects were passed on. Some French officials believe that if more had been done by Britain at the time, the network behind the summer of 1995 bombings might have been broken up and the attacks prevented.

    The bombings and attempted bombings, mostly in Paris, in summer and autumn of 1995 by Armed Islamic Group (GIA), killed eight and injured more than 100. The French observed that a number of Muslim radicals from London had connections to these bombings. Around that year, in 1995, the French intelligence had coined the term “Londonistan” for the city of London.

    The perception of “Londonistan” is powered by the strong foothold of Islamic radical fundamentalism in the region. According to critics, Britain’s “deep tradition of civil liberties and protection of political activists” led to the country becoming “a crossroads for would-be terrorists” for a decade after the mid 1990s. The Islamists used London “as a home base” to “raise money, recruit members and draw inspiration from the militant messages.” The British government’s perceived unwillingness to prosecute or extradite terrorist suspects provoked tensions with countries in which attacks occurred.

    The presence of active Islamists in London began to cause tensions with Middle Eastern, European, Pakistani and the American governments, who view many of these groups as terrorists. Foreign governments were particularly angered when the head of Al-Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri Muhammad, claimed he lived in the UK under a “covenant of security”, whereby he was left alone by the authorities so long as he did not sanction attacks on British soil. The British government denied the claim. Some suspects of the 1995 attacks on Paris had fled to the United Kingdom; Rachid Ramdawas eventually put into French custody on the 1 December 2005, after TEN YEARS of permanent request by French judges. Several non-British major newspapers have echoed the claim that the UK intentionally tolerates radical Muslims and hinders extradition of suspects in order to buy peace from terrorists.

    1. Quote: “I am sick of anti-EU comments, particularly on Muslims and immigration. No country has been more spineless than Britain.”
      I agree with practically all of your comments but it`s politicians in successive government who must shoulder the blame not `Britain` as a country.
      AS Brits we were screwed down and rendered impotent from Edward Heath on, reinforced by disastrous cliques of EU politicians deciding what we could /couldn`t do .
      Britain never had a chance or even a choice after that.

  12. Outstanding work, Britain. Phase 1 complete, now onto Phase 2: militarize yourselves, collect and load all rapefugees onto iron barges and set to auto steer for the German coast. No more welfare for scumbags means a flourishing country for you. Onwards!

  13. Hello TNO, I completely agree with your conclusion. You put it in a nutshell, probably the first major news outlet to do so.

  14. Watching Nick Robinson’s programme on the BBC News Channel last night, it struck me that the biggest danger facing the country at the moment is division which is actually caused by the BBC! Because their support for the ‘Remain’ camp failed, they’re now anxious to condemn the ‘Leave’ voters at every opportunity. I had believed that after the dust had settled on the referendum, the next step was to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. But now, I think the next major hurdle should be closing down the political element of the BBC before they ferment a civil war between the young and old generation. The country has had enough of the Fifth Columnists.

    1. Yes, since we voted out, I have noticed an undercurrent of resentment from certain sections of the youth, towards the older generation. Youth mostly voted “in” due to university/establishment conditioning, with a flavour of multicultural love sauce. The older generation remember the days of a free, clean and respectful Britain, and wish this for the younger generation, yet all we have now is a created resentment from those we only wish to protect. Let’s only hope they awaken from their hypnotic state.

      1. Please do not think this is an anti-youth comment. However a number of years ago there was a programme on BBC with Robert KIlroy-Silk as the presenter and the topic of a lack of employment was the subject. One lady very clearly angry questioned why anyone in the age range of 45-50 was still working and demanded that they retire and allow people like her to get a job? Many of us on here lived through a fair degree of hardship, lack of financial security, not to mention being able to light a coal fire by the age of 8 including chopping sticks, which, of course, we’ve protected the young of today from. The rapid advance of modern technology has changed society drastically from those days and in some respects today’s world is so far removed from the one I was born into, I wonder if the planet changed? So forgive me when I say, I take no notice of the moans and groans from the younger generation, they’ve had advantages many of us never had.

    2. Yes, the BBC certainly needs a real clear out. Wouldn’t want to scrap it altogether because they do make the best TV programmes, certainly not all, but some. You only have to try watching foreign TV to realise how abysmal it is. But it needs major reorganization. maybe breaking BBC into different units. But it needs to know it is our servant, we pay fees to watch it, not our master.

  15. The logic of individual European mini states having “sovereignty” dominated by large states is beyond ridiculous. But then logic was never the strong point of the under class brain lead by the Tory elite or the forever lying UKIP

  16. Breaking news: A petition calling for a second referendum, has just topped one million signatures. The enemy should just accept defeat gracefully!

    1. This petition has been uncovered as having been hacked and the same people have joined multiple times by using other names. These make up about 300K of the UK-based votes. All the other signatories don’t even live in the UK and are not British.

    2. Over 2 mil I think now. Pretty well all fanned by the BBC and their political meddling. Some rich individual should apply for an Injunction to stop them. Anyway, the children are fresh back from Glastonbury now and apart from holding their mobiles in front as they live their lives (as a preacher would hold their Bible) they’ve nothing better to do apart from contemplate why only 40% of their age group bothered to vote.
      The UK is not a Banana Republic quite yet and if the ‘Remainers’ undermine what little democracy is left and somehow legally agree to a re-run, it will be confirmation that the UK has passed the final line and become a well qualified ‘Banana Republic’.

    3. And guess who was one of the first signatories of that petition?
      Teresa May, Home Secretary of the UK, famous for vowing to “punish” returning jihadists (instead of refusing them entry), then sending them on “training courses” and into schools to give speeches as “heroes” in Muslim schools!

  17. Little Jean Claude junker sang for his supper only for breixt to take it away sorry. go to your mama merekel because the uk did not run away !!!! We held our heads up high and walked away with pride what ever the future holds for us we will remain strong and true we will build borders we will not b dictated to anymore you want to remain in the eu you have my blessing I have my decision and I will stand by that you AV yours do not blame the leavers for your own outcome and don’t blame the people’s choice get on with it this is a democracy treasure your right many do not have it !!!

  18. Well done to the author for pointing out the hard truth that Brits have been avoiding: neither Nigel nor Boris (married to a Sikh) are going to defend the human rights of the Indigenous British people against Third World Invaders, who continue to swarm in from the Commonwealth, while our own Ethnic European cousins from Australia, New Zealand, Canada & South Africa are actively obstructed from settling in the UK. Even 90-year-old grandmothers descended from Brits have been threatened with deportation back to South Africa, while a British-born Australian nurse who returned to Britain to care for her elderly mother was also threatened with deportation. Part of the Sinister Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for Stealth Genocide Against Europeans.

    1. To everyone who voted Brexit thanks to Boris Johnson…this from another site -“Getting our country back and taking back control have been the core slogans of Brexit. During his years as London mayor Johnson was very relaxed about allowing tens of thousands of properties and building sites to be bought by Russian, Chinese and middle eastern millionaires (so all Muslim), mainly via offshore tax havens which allowed the buyers to remain anonymous and the source of their wealth unknown. He approved, even encouraged this, welcoming the flood of wealthy foreigners as a sign of London’s global, metropolitan status. Can we assume that “getting our country back” means an end to this ‘colonisation’ and a return to building British homes for British people? Don’t hold your breath”.

  19. The Establishment, and that includes the ‘official’ Vote Leave did not expect to win the campaign.There were a number of dirty tricks in place to ensure it didn’t. I think they thought the disgusting exploitation of Jo Cox’s murder had ensured a Remain vote. Now, Cameron is leaving the country in limbo for 3 months, Hannan and Carswell are claiming free movement of labour (which means free movement of people) will stay as part of the negotiations, Nigel Farage has been specifically excluded and various politicians are calling for the result to be ignored or for there to be a second referendum, which will no doubt be properly fixed. As final confirmation that we are to be betrayed, the Blair creature has popped up on the media again hinting at a second referendum. He has no doubt been acting as a consultant behind the scenes.

    If these traitors succeed in defying the democratic will of the British people, will the British people have the courage to demand their will be enacted, by any means necessary?

    1. We still have the Magna Carta, marvellous gift of our ancestors, ready and waiting to save the British people, if necessary.

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