Brexit: New Poll Has “Leave” Ahead

A new opinion poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent newspaper has given the “leave” campaign a 10-point lead for the June 23 European Union membership referendum—sending shockwaves through the political establishment and plunging the British Pound to new lows against the US dollar and the euro.

The poll is the second in a row to indicate such a potential result, although all other polls, as tracked by the Financial Times, indicate that the “remain” campaign is still ahead.

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According to the Independent’s poll, taken with just 12 days to go, 55 percent of UK voters intend to vote for Britain to leave the EU.

The survey of 2,000 people found that the “leave” campaign had increased by four points since the last poll in April

The “remain” camp had dropped four points to 45 percent. The results were weighted to take account of people’s likelihood to vote.

The Independent said it was “by far the biggest lead the leave camp has enjoyed” since that paper had started polling on the topic a year ago, when the “remain” camp enjoyed a 10-point lead.

The poll found that even when the findings were not weighted for turnout, the “leave” campaign was still on 53 percent (up three points since April) and “remain” on 47 percent (down three).

The poll also found that “leave” voters were the ones most determined to vote. Some 78 percent of “leave” supporters said they will definitely vote, while only 66 percent of “remain” supporters say the same.

Speculating on the reasons for the change in opinion, the Independent said that the new poll results will “heighten fears in the remain campaign that it is losing ground among Labour [Party] supporters, who are seen as critical to securing victory.”

The poll found that 56 percent of people who voted for Labour at last year’s general election now back the ‘remain” campaign when turnout is taken into account, but a “dangerously high” 44 percent support the “leave” campaign.

The poll also said that “only 38 percent” of Conservative Party voters support the “stay” campaign, while 62 percent support the “leave” side.

If these projections hold true, they will spell a major political revolution in Britain—and will have the potential to break the grip of the traditional political party system in the UK.

According to the Independent, many voters “seem ready to vote for Brexit even though the poll shows they believe it involves some risk and think the economy is more important than immigration—widely seen as the leave camp’s trump card.”

The economic argument is possibly more important in real terms than the immigration “threat”—because immigration from within the EU has been comparatively small compared to the flood of Third World, non-EU nationals who have poured into the UK completely separately of the European Union’s “freedom of movement” regulations.

The Independent pointed out that the “one crumb of comfort for the remain camp” is that when people were asked to predict the referendum result, the average figures were 52 percent for “remain” and 48 percent for “leave.”

This “wisdom of the crowd” polling proved accurate during Ireland’s referendum on homosexual marriage last year, the Independent added.

The Financial Times poll tracker—which follows all opinion polls, telephone, online, and physically canvassed, has however stood firm at its prediction of a “remain” vote win, saying that currently 45 percent support staying in the EU, with 43 percent supporting the “leave” camp.

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  1. Everyone supporting the leave campaign must organise to get voters to the polls, by instituting a telephone campaign to remind people to vote, by offering to drive voters to the polls, and by going door to door to talk to people about the issues so they don’t give in to fear mongering. Good luck UK. We are all praying for you!

    1. And make sure you use a pen when marking your cross and not the pencils provided at the polling stations, for obvious reasons.

      1. Really, what a good point! There’s going to be all kinds of chicanery taking place on D-Day. The “Remain” site, I’m convinced, will use whatever it takes to come out on top, including erasing pencil marks made by the voter, and substituting theirs. Don’t let it happen. The “Leave” side must be very, very paranoid on June 23rd and watch everything closely. Seemingly small, petty things may in fact have a significant bearing on the outcome of the referendum. . .and deny Patriotic voters their country-saving Victory!

  2. Just spoke with a friend who was definitely going to vote in. He said that he had changed his mind and voting for Brexit. I asked him why and he said that he was totally fed up with the lies and blatant scaremongering from Cameron and the in campaign. He also cited the raping and sexual molestations by the immigrants! People have just had enough!

    1. It will be interesting to see how the Rothschilds and their Royal pets respond. They are at the head of all this: NWO, Bilderberg, EU totalitarian state.

      1. Guess they will attempt a new World War (ordo ad chao) to realize Yinon plan for Greater Israel in a final battle named Armageddon. G€rmon€y/Jewmany + Jewnited $nakes of U$rael are their tools.

  3. Unfortunately, many who are planning to vote “leave” will do so because they believe that “Brexit” will solve Britain’s immigration crisis. But as newobserver so accurately observes, Britain’s problems began decades ago when successive governments encouraged mass immigration from lawless countries like Pakistan, Nigeria and Jamaica, who brought with them Third World criminality. This was compounded by allowing mass immigration from even more lawless countries like Somalia and Afghanistan. In or out of the EU, Britain’s overgenerous welfare system, its dangerous obsession with multiculturalism, and political correctness will still make it a magnet for Muslims and black Africans. Anyone planning to vote should make their decision on the economy and the politics of the EU, not on immigration. On that, Britain’s fate was sealed a long time ago.

    1. As long as people vote to “LEAVE” that is all that matters. The totalitarian EUSSR must be destroyed. I have already cast my postal vote from overseas, I have voted “LEAVE”. And yes, I am returning to the UK and I expect major civil unrest if we do not leave.

    2. The only way we can control immigration is by “leaving” the Eu and so keeping democracy in the UK..Junker and co aren,t elected and merkel runs the show…We want OUT…more rapes in Newcastle from our Syrian friends thanks to porky…nip the problem in the bud…OUT then we can deport our criminals and illegals..

    3. This is not true. While in the EU, Britain couldn’t change any of its policies on immigration due to the forced invasion policies of that institution. Secondly, anything which weakens the EU will improve the mass immigration situation in all European countries, including Britain. Vote for brexit is very much a vote to help stem the tide of mass immigration.

      1. When we do leave, we must get rid of all the europhiles in government, including the ministers and civil service who are lefty europhile scum, otherwise they will continue to abide by every EU rule. We must have a Eurosceptic PM, not a traitor. Cameron MUST step down if we leave!

    4. Britain has but a very small window of opportunity left here,if they fail on June 23,they are done,the country will disintegrate further and further until it is worse than Greece….

  4. you will only get one chance.people to save our country.please think of your childrens future.not the rich out for freedom

  5. No.

    The EU is viciously and vehemently anti-white.
    The EU articles of association forbid ‘racial discrimination’ therefore as long as any European state remains in the EU it hasn’t got a hope in Hell of repatriation non-whites.
    Look at how the EU is imposing massive non-white immigration upon central Europe.

    If the new observer somehow supports the EU – which seems to be the tenor of the article – then they are making a very very big mistake. A catastrophic mistake.

    Do you really think that shit like Cecilia Malmstrom – a senior EU commissioner (unelected dictator) has the interests of white people at heart?

    1. I don’t think the New Observer is being pro-EU, all this article does is point out that that the number of Third World immigrants in the UK far outnumbers the EU immigrants — and that Third World immigration has almost nothing to do with EU membership. Third World immigration in Britain is almost exclusively the result of the parties in Westminster. This is an incontrovertible fact.

      1. No.

        EU membership virtually guarantees further third world immigration. – It has degenerated into being merely yet another route of massive uncontrolled black/brown immigration. One which is perpetually accelerating with no moderation in sight. Mark those words.
        Theoretically, a sovereign Westminster could halt all further third world immigration. Improbable but possible. But the British people via their elected representatives have absolutely no power whatsoever to halt EU mandated third world immigration.

        This is a very very important point all readers must understand.

  6. I think they will vote to stay in the eu,the murdoch press will ramp up the bull in these coming weeks and scare them to death.

  7. Furthermore, the EU has accepted something over one million black/brown invaders this year alone.
    There is no sign that this flow will moderate in the future.
    Eventually, of course, they will all get ‘citizenship’ and passports from a continental EU state. Millions of wives, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, neighbours etc etc can and will eventually follow.
    Now, it is pretty certain that in the long to medium term the invaders WILL NOT settle in such bombed out EU states as Italy or Greece. They never intended to stay there in the first place. Italy, Greece etc only have rudimentary welfare states and council housing.
    They have set their sights on the UK. Yes, all of them. Even invaders to such as ‘advanced’ states as the Netherlands prefer the UK. And, of course, another story but eastern Europe’s massive Roma gypsy population – all with EU passports – also plump for the UK.

    Now, if the British electorate opts for ‘remain’ you can bet the house on massive, massive non white EU immigration – remember they ‘must’ be treated exactly the same as indigenous Britons, and can and will transmute their EU citizenship into British citizenship – into Britain in the coming decades.
    There is no end in sight to this EU black immigration. It will only accelerate in the future.

    Therefore no thinking British nationalist can possibly support continued British EU membership.

  8. If you watch Benefits Britain on Ch 5, Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away on Ch 5, How to Get a Council House on Ch 4 you will see how the country is overloaded with people, debt and squalor. Voting remain means more of the same increasing costs to the tax payers, more slum housing, more over burdened schools and NHS.

  9. As someone that voted in 1975, there was nothing like the intense media coverage that has been inflicted upon us with this one. Irrespective of views, all public statements by all politicians are not to be believed, unless they can back it up with written proof, and as an example:- Cameron’s ‘rock solid vetoes’ and the leave campaign’s £350 million a week statement, produce both the EU’s acceptance of the vetoes and the figures that confirm the breakdown of the amount of money. We all know that political statements are made just to get you to vote for their viewpoint it is 100% propaganda, so take everything with a big pinch of salt. Having said that, were the British public asked to change their “BLUE BRITISH PASSPORTS” for the European one, I wasn’t; were the British public asked to enlarge the EU to 28 countries, thought not and remember this number is in the process of being increased. Then there are 7 or 9 of those 28 countries who do not qualify to be accepted into the Euro which raises questions about their financial situation. The ‘remain’ side keep on about the leap in the dark by leaving, well it was a massive leap in the dark in 1975 and Heath & Wilson lied to us then just as all the politicians are doing now. However I’d rather be lied to by our politicians than be under the jackboot of the unelected EU Commissioners and the European Court of Justice who are modern day dictators. VOTE OUT AND LET’S SORT OUT OUR COUNTRY.

  10. GREAT NEWS – but don’t let us get complacent. Polls have been wrong before and we can’t afford to sit back and count chickens – look where that got Kinnock. Look where that got Miliband Minor.

    Keep active – tell people to vote OUT. While we are still able to do so.

  11. I hope the polls are true,but I’m not counting my chickens till we are sure we have voted out on the 24. Please please vote out.

  12. UK Police Attempt To Move ‘Leave’ Campaigners Away From Public from Caerphilly in South Wales on Saturday . Wayne David MP walked past with his [Remain] team. Shortly after, a council worker was sent down to tell us to move on because we were illegally obstructing the highway. Local campaigner Sam Gould said, we’ve been here for weeks… now because we are winning they are now trying to intimidate us. “We said if they want to move us on they need to get the police down here to try and move us. This is the democratic process which is trying to be stifled by the establishment”. Further into the video Mr. Gould makes the stunning claim that the most senior, though elected police representative in the area, the Police and Crime Commissioner, has been campaign for the Remain side.

    “Our other stand elsewhere has also been asked to move on. Very interesting that our Police and Crime Commissioner has been campaigning for Remain… as you can see Stronger In are over there, they’ve not been asked to move on. We are over here and we have the police here… who are asking us to move on… is that freedom of speech?”

    Neither Caerphilly Police nor Mr. David MP were available for comment at the time of publication, though they have been contacted. Video on Breitbart.

  13. It is high time for me to put to an end of you sitting on this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all your virtue and defiled by your practice of every vice , you are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government, you are a pack of mercenary wretches and would like Esau sell your your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is ther one vice you do not possess? You have no more religion than my horse Gold is your God which of you have not barter’d your conscience for brides? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for good of the commonwealth? You sordid prostitues have you not defi’d this scared place and turn’d the Lord’s Temple into a den of thieves, by your immortal principles and wicked practices you have grown intolerably odious to the whole nation , you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’ dare yourselves gone!! So! Take away That shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. IN THE NAME OF GOD ,GO!” Oliver Cromwell speech April 20 1653 understand it ? Camacluess u can always ask mama kraut to help u out! No change there mr sell out!

  14. My fingers are crossed in hope that enough Brits have had enough of this PC insanity and get out of the EU forever. Get that done then begin the weeding of the herd.

  15. Only 10 points in front, everyone i speak to say they are voting to leave, and those people say everyone they speak to are of the same mind.
    Different papers i read, the public comments are over 90% to leave the corrupt E.U..
    So i’m guessing that 10 point lead is a lot higher.
    And if i have to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the polling booth i will

    1. Thanks!James! get all your friends and family out to VOTE OUT!!!!!! 10 days!the countdown is on!ONWARDS TO VICTORY!!!! this is your last chance,so make sure ou take it!God Bless You!

  16. Some big media in the UK now endorse Brexit:

    I don´t think that Rupert Murdoch has told his editors to be pro-Brexit because he cares for the British people. I think that there is something going on behind the scenes, but I´m not sure what it is. Perhaps they intend to insulate Britain against the European debt problem. Perhaps the EU leaders intend to create a more closely integrated Union that may cause problems for the British financial sector. Maybe they also think that it´s better if the US remains the largest Western economy.

    I also wonder who is going to foot the bill for Ukraine in the future. It will be harder for the EU to buy votes in southern and eastern Europe without the net contributor Britain and even harder to at the same time prop up the Ukrainian government without the net contributor Britain. Perhaps the idea is to let Britain and the US foot the bill for Ukraine rather than the EU and not integrate Ukraine into the European Union? Or perhaps they want avoid a conflict with Southern European and Eastern European countries who don´t want the EU to send “their” money to Ukraine?

    There got to be a reason why Sweden a few years ago made EU membership a part of its constitution while some influential people in Britain had begun talking about leaving the EU. My impression is that those who rule have assigned different roles to Sweden and Britain. But I´m not sure why. Perhaps there is a combination of reasons why Murdoch and some people in London City want Britain to leave the EU.

  17. If the English voters choose independence from the EU, the Scots who were afraid to vote for independence from England will feel like complete idiots.

    Leaving the EU will be good for Britain because it will cause the EU Jews to lose their destructive power over Britain.

    It will be good for the rest of the EU too, because the American Jewish lobby has been influencing EU policies through the British government and will no longer be able to do so.

    Britain’s exit from the EU will also prove that there are no catastrophic consequences to leaving the EU. Other countries will soon follow suit.

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