Brexit: “Remain” Weaker after Cox Murder

Support for the “remain” camp in the upcoming British European Union membership referendum has dipped substantially following the murder of far leftist Member of Parliament Jo Cox, a new opinion poll has claimed.

Qriously, a London-based technology start-up that gathers data and intelligence about consumers through mobile phone apps, reported that the “remain” camp had dropped to 32 percent—down from 40 percent before Cox’s murder.



According to the organization’s blog, they ran two polls: one from June 13–16 on 1,992 UK adults, and one on June 17 (that is, after the Cox murder) on 1,002 UK adults.

“Our poll shows ‘leave’ with a nearly insurmountable lead over ‘remain,’” the blog post reads.

“Among likely voters, 52 percent back ‘leave,’ with only 37 percent backing ‘remain.’”

Qriously said that in the first poll, 40 percent of likely voters planned to back ‘remain,’ but on Friday, the day after the murder, this had dropped to 32 percent, “with the ‘remain’ voters flocking to ‘don’t know.”

According to their polling, most likely voters think that the Cox murder “will not change the current likelihood of a ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ vote.

“A huge majority of likely voters (88 percent) are unlikely to change their mind following Jo Cox’s murder. Less than 1 percent are actually considering changing their mind and 11 percent are waiting to know more about the motives of the murderer to reassess their decision.”

“‘Leave’ seems to be on-course for a dominant victory, and Jo Cox’s murder might have further weakened the remain camp,” Qriously continued.

Like all polls, it is unknown how accurately this reflects the public at large, although due care is taken by polling companies to try and ensure a representative sample. Qriously itself hedged the prediction by saying that “referendums typically have a late swing to the status quo, and this effect will likely also take place here. These results are just a snapshot of how people indicate they will vote at this point in time, and, of course, many events could take place over the next week which could change the outcome.”

However, Qriously concluded, “the momentum has never been higher for Vote Leave, and shows no signs of slowing.”

Other major polling firms are only expected to release their first EU opinion surveys following Cox’s murder over the weekend.

* Meanwhile, the National Alliance—the US organization linked by the controlled media to Thomas Mair, the killer of Jo Cox—has issued a press statement distancing themselves from his actions.

In a statement emailed from the organization’s head office in Tennessee, the National Alliance pointed out that the improvised munitions handbook which Mair had purchased from the organization was in fact a US government-issued book which was also sold on Amazon.

The organization said it had “sold many hundreds of thousands of books to hundreds of thousands of customers over the years,” and that it did “not screen our customers any more than do Barnes and Noble or Amazon,” but that “for some reason or other, no lurid headlines result when a killer or other criminal is found to have obtained books—even controversial, provocative books—from Barnes and Noble or his local library.”

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  1. Using this woman’s death for political gain, the “in” brigade have shot themselves in the foot. People see through their disgusting lies and inaccuracies. A surge of support for leave is now inevitable.

    1. Let’s hope the British electorate will not be as stupid as the
      people of Cologne who voted a Merkelite female into the
      office of mayor of the city after the ugly witch was stabbed
      by an informer of the internal intelligence service. At his trial
      the government refused to open the files it possessed on

  2. Oh good. The poll says we are going to win by a big margin. Looks like I don’t have to get my big fat a** off the couch and go out to vote then.

    1. Let’s not take any chances! Everyone MUST vote for BREXIT. To remain in the criminal EU will result in mass civil disobedience and probably a major war. Brexit will herald the beginning of the destruction of this unelected EU parasitic parliament and our nations will once again become independent sovereign countries. Screw the NWO plan for Eurabia and a One World Government.

      1. According to the former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy,
        Dr.Paul Craig Roberts, Brexit is the last chance to defeat the hidden EU-Agenda
        of gradually forcing the UK into the euro and Wall Street’s plan to destroy London
        as important independen financial market. Therefore good luck to Brexit!

  3. Run that by me again. Someone with mental health issues murders an MP. Suddenly some people change their minds and want to Remain. Yet nothing`s changed.
    Jo Cox is dead. Mr Mair still has mental issues:The EU is still an unaccountable statist bureaucracy whose financial accounts have not been signed off for years because of `irregularities`.
    Immigration continues driving down wages, while putting immense pressure on all our public services.
    Despite all this the EU and the Remain camp want lots more people settling in the UK. Where?
    And yet some people have now changed their mind????? Go figure !

    1. Soon we will be finding those straps attached to the ceilings all over the place. “Standing Room Only” will ring out all over the country!

    2. Baroness Warsi changed her mind did at the drop of a hat! She didn’t like UKIP’s pictures. Perhaps she would consider slitting her wrists if she didn’t like the family holiday snaps………………… (dream on)

  4. I always predicted that someone of the ‘right wing’ persuasion at some point in time, in ALL our nations, would eventually respond with force at either the invaders themselves or fellow leftist citizen traitors or the politicians. Very similar to what happened in Romania to Ceausescu. One second the people are all cheering Ceausescu, the next minute he and his wife are being executed with the same population cheering their execution on. Things can change quickly. The white population is wising up, they know their very people/nations are a threat of extinction and they are responding in kind. Whether Europeans/Americans/whites in general achieve what they want to politically or not, white eventually are going to respond more and more like this ‘racist right white man’ did in Britain recently. Look at the asylum centers being burned all across Europe. Look at the growth of ‘vigilante’ groups forming all over Europe and European nationalists patrolling their own borders or Europeans getting weapons (legally or not) to defend their families and their communities.

    The same will happen in non-European, though white-majority/created nations, like America, Canada or Australia. The more nonwhites come in (and act up) and the more the politicians either 1) do nothing about it or 2) further enable the nonwhites, eventually these same whites will respond with force as they are in Europe.

  5. Someone pointed out some shocking coincidences:

    – In 2002, Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn was assassinated just before the 2002 elections. He was about to inflict a tremendous defeat on the political establishment.
    His murderer was a left-wing environmental freak with no ties to any particular party.

    – In 2003, Sweden was about to hold a referendum on whether to adopt the euro.. The “No” campaign seemed to be in front. Three days before the referendum, a pro-Euro politician Anna Lindh, whose face was on bill boards all over Sweden, was stabbed to to death.
    Campaigning was cancelled. The referendum result saw Sweden adopt the euro.
    Her murderer said he had not planned to kill her – he did it on impulse.”

    – Then there was the assassination of Olaf Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, who led Sweden’s rejection of EU membership, and was replaced by Ingvar Carlsson, who later became known for his role in LEADING SWEDEN INTO THE EU.

    – Hugh Gaitskell, the Prime Minister who never was, strong opponent of Britain entering into the EU, murdered to let an EU-loving traitor Wilson take his place.

    1. The minute I heard about Jo Cox’s murder I felt it was an ‘inside’ job. Bilderbergers only met last week to discuss ‘Keeping Britain in the EU’; the ‘remain’ support has been continually on the slide; Bob Geldof’s shameful display on the Thames lost thousands of ‘IN’ votes; Eddie Izzard on QT and Amber Rudd, Angela Eagle and the SNP’s Sturgeon on the ITV debate lost thousands more votes with their hysterical, patronising and mud-slinging TV appearances over the last couple of weeks too. Everything was going wrong for the ‘remain’ camp – then this happened. However this murder was truly orchestrated, it’s backfired on them big time. We British see through them and their lies and fabricated incidents and our voting intentions will remain the same – ‘Leave’.

        1. I too was wondering about something more sinister about this murder and perhaps Princess Diana comes to mind. The establishment are too, too intent on getting a remain vote that nobody knows what depths they would sink to. I think somebody was sacrificed for their desire to stay in the EU and I don’t seem to be the only one. They’ve certainly milked this awful murder to get maximum sympathy and change of voting choice.

      1. I had the same thoughts myself. Too much of a coincidence. Felt terrible for thinking like that. But you are right the Bilderburgers did meet, and what horrible things they will do to remain in control.
        I sometimes wish i was back in my bubble. But now im out i can see what is really happening in the word.
        And it scary.

    2. I have never been a fan of conspiracy theory’s but this murder gave me the shivers the moment I heard about it. I think the whole thing stinks from the top and the fact that call me dave was in Gib when it happened made me think he couldn’t have distanced himself more. The home secretary has disappeared and she would have had to know even if the others were kept in the dark.
      I am reading that the murdered MP’s husband was sacked from Save the Children for inappropriate behaviour? but can not find confirmation of this.
      The Government want the country to go into full Princess Di mode but I think they have misjudged the mood and hopefully they will come well unstuck come Thursday.

      1. Don`t remember anything about it but you`re correct, Werneth.
        Google : `Save the Children + Brendan Cox.`

        It appeared Mail Oct 31st.

      2. How right you are about the Globalists wanting Britain to go into full “Princess Di mode”, because one commenter on Prison Planet even suggested “We should put up monuments to Jo Cox all over Europe!”

        I don’t remember any politicians putting flowers on the spot where 15-year-old Scottish boy Kriss Donald was burnt alive by a Pakistani Muslim sodomite rape gang.

      3. Brendan Cox resigned from his £160,000 per year job, after allegations of sexual misconduct.
        Seems to me an admission of guilt, otherwise who would give up a salary like that without a fight?

      1. They’ve already tried to kill him twice: once in a plane crash in Britain, and the other in a road crash in Europe.

    3. The Swedish people did Not accept the Euro!
      Nowadays We are not allowed any referendums at all.

      The swedes will be gone in One or two generations.

  6. There is another twist to this story. It’s very interesting that the Tories & other parties have decided not to contest the by-election, leaving it to be filled by Labour, with the citizens having no choice in the matter. It turns out that two Pakistani men felt “snubbed” by the Labour Party selection of Mrs. Jo Cox instead of either of them, especially because Labour chose an All Woman Shortlist (AWS).

    “The announcement of an AWS does raise the question are Cllr Pandor and Mr Malik being snubbed out of a seat? After all, this isn’t the first time its happened.”
    “Snubbed again? Will Pandor and Malik secure a candidacy for 2015?”

    These two disgruntled men are: 1) Pakistani Harley Street dentist & local councillor Shabir Pandor, brother of Dewsbury Islamic fundamentalist Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor, and
    2) Pakistani Shahid Malik, who lost his seat in Parliament in 2010, and was ordered by the audit to repay some of his parliamentary expenses, claiming the highest amount of any MP.
    Will one of them now be chosen as a replacement for Mrs. Jo Cox?

    1. Thank Heaven the BNP have now boldly decided to contest this by-election, at least giving the electorate some kind of choice, instead of just handing the Parliamentary seat over to one of those two Pakistani Mulsims.

      1. The BNP has no chance, sorry. My country is full of soft pricks who will vte to destroy us no matter what. Its time for war.

  7. If anyone considers in which way they will vote because of this heinous murder then please think again she was a well loved
    Person in her own right and had the freedom of speech to outline her own personal views of which she was passionate about I still have those views I will fight tooth and nail for my children and grandchildren to live in a free society not to be shackled to the Eu look at Greece do you really want this I am just an ordinary mum and a patriot I do not wish harm to anyone but there comes a time when we. Must rise up peacefully and protect what our fallen have done for us we now have their brave souls victory in our hands please vote for freedom and liberty and God bless Joe cox for her triumphs in her short life I may not agree with her views but I admire her integrity but I love my country more red white and blue!!!!!!!!!!! God save the queen!!!!

    1. Of course she did not deserve to be killed, but the truth is that she was a Marxist Traitor, and as Werneth said above, the Marxist/Fabian/Globalists want the country to go into full Princess Diana mode. As someone said, just because a person is murdered doesn’t mean they suddenly attain sainthood.

    1. In fact if the imaginary highest bidder waits just a little while longer there`ll be another FIVE COUNTRIES (currently waiting in the wings) to add to the EU tally. In fact, hang fire and there`ll be TWO more making a grand total of SEVEN .
      Iceland has seen the writing on the wall and sensibly withdrawn its bid to join.
      UK…..VOTE LEAVE… you know it makes sense!!

  8. Stupid. Yes, the murder of this politician is tragic by any measure. There are her kids at home with mum never coming back again. Utterly horrid.
    However, to seal the fate of a huge region of the world – what, a billion people – on the strength of this tragedy (because Brexit would liberate the EU entirely in the end) is crazy. Her polemic was troublesome to many and hopefully it won’t destroy common sense in the run up.
    One can’t help noticing the speed with which Remain campaigners have rushed in to score points from this. How low can they get?

  9. I’ve just read the “establishment” have started a petition to have the election CANCELLED to show respect for this bloody woman’s murder by the nutter. If this is true, I think we are in for serious civil disorder: hopefully a “V for Vendetta” moment that will change the course of history. Be prepared.

    1. You are right. And I just read that Parliament is being RECALLED, ostensibly to wax lyrical about Ms. Cox in glowing tributes, but in reality a chance to debate this and CANCEL THE REFERENDUM.

      This is called an “EU STEALTH MARXIST COUP”, and will confront the British people with a stark choice: either a Stealth Marxist Coup or a Patriotic Military Coup, one or the other, because democracy will be gone.

  10. 100per cent behind u Kerry all my family and many friends r voting to too leave septic state of Europe please take ur own pens to polling stations! Do not use theirs do not use pencils postal voters send ur votes recorded delivered every vote counts we must save ourselves and our isle look what they AV done to Greece and they still demand payment on their bail out money why does Germany AV so much hate for them if you look back in the history between the u will understand how the Greeks fought them and the krauts AV held a grudge like they do with us they resent us and so do the French I wish they had kept refusing us to join the common market r were they thing ahead? Of what they what to unleash on us now vote to b free to live ur life as u want not to b hoodwinke. Less we ever forget They gave their tomorrow for our TODAY ! Bless them all

  11. To add to my comment above, I have been searching the net and it is fairly obvious that Jo Cox and her husband were/are extreme left wing activists, liberals with a capital L. His crowdfunding page is sending some money to the ‘white helmets’ which helps to get Syrians into Europe. She was also involved big time with the Palestinian thing. She was a waste of space as a local MP as she spent most of her time helping non UK residents wherever she could and the Asian community as much as possible. Also on the day of her murder a gang of Muslims were sent to jail for a total of 150 years for systematic rape of white girls in Halifax. Halifax is a stones throw from her constituency. 100 arrests were made in the enquiry but only 13 sentenced. The news was buried with her death. Another coincidence??? It stinks because St Jo of W.Yorks she was not.
    I am willing to bet now that the murderer will not stand trial, he will be buried into the mental health system at Park Lane or Broadmoor anytime after Friday.

    1. Despite 24 hour watches on vulnerable prisoners, such criminal luminaries have a habit of finding the means to commit suicide in their cells. Watch this space………………..

  12. Thanks Wernerth for revealing this just shows what we are up against thank you again for your hard work how people AV become sheeple words fail me Cameron is out right liar u can see it in his face he’s got more twerk that any kardashian arse e shakes like a shitting dog with his lies he’s got more faces than Big Ben and everyone smiles Liar vote for your country who wants to b ruled by a kraut and junker the drunkered wake up !! Do not throw away your freedom what was hard earned your Liberty hold dear do not let them snatch that from you all that glitters is not gold to them it is but to us it is our heart and soul for our rights that we worked for Children down the mines in the mills maimed killed do not ever forget what the working class people of the U.K. AV fought for and got what all our military AV done for us Never forget those who gave their lives and along with all his comrades remember LEE RIGBY WHEN YOU VOTE !!I I will with pride vote out for the sake of your children look at Greece Italy France they r not telling you the truth we all AV a heart of gold to help but this has gone beyond help we need to protect our younger generation So they can b free and enjoy what their forefathers fought for God willing we will prevail vote out for onwards and upwards!!!

  13. Today, the BBC celebrate the birthday of Jo Cox, all televised complete with, ‘Bells and Whistles’ so to speak including speeches. I would’nt doubt that if the refugee foot kissing Pope were asked nicely, he might consider Cox as an ideal candidate for Beatification!

  14. Why would a so called grieving husband ? Parade his traumatised children who AV just lost their mummy u mr cox r a total disgrace to parenthood how can you parade ur children like a pair of best in show puppies at crufts ! For ur own political gain? Where r the grand parents you disgust me and many others this is a adult Vote babies r not part of it by all means take them to their mummy’s funeral but do not make them a political pawn !!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I wore a ‘vote leave’ sticker, and a black African threatened to spit on me. A British soldier on leave told me he had been refused a taxi twice, by haji’s. I got into a discussion with a ‘remain’, and was told I was lucky not to have been ‘bottled’. The soldier I spoke to, stated there would be trouble brewing. Can well believe it!

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