Germany: Bricks Delay Invader “Voting”

A far-left attempt to hold an unofficial “election” for nonwhite invaders in Halle, Germany, was delayed after the activists found the entrance to their “polling station” blocked with a newly-built brick wall.

The brick wall had been built overnight in protest against the leftist initiative, and completely blocked off the doorway leading onto the street.

The wall had also been painted with the slogan “no way.”


The purpose of the “unofficial election” was, the leftists were quoted as saying by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), to highlight the fact that there are “more than eight million foreign citizens residing in Germany who are permanently excluded from participating in state and federal elections.”

In addition, the activists said, the “project will make migrants in Saxony-Anhalt familiar with the party and election system in Germany.”

The polling station at the headquarters of the Landesnetzwerks Migrantenorganisationen Sachsen-Anhalt (Stat Network of Migration Organizations, LAMSA) is one of fourteen where invaders are invited to cast ballots in a mock election mirroring the one being held this weekend in that state. The result of this “fake” election does not affect the official state election,

The LAMSA organizer, named Mamad Mohamad, told the MDR that he was “shocked. We had expected disturbances, but not to this extent,” he said.

The police reported that in addition to the bricked up entrance door, the hallway was closed off with a plastic chain and “xenophobic posters” had been put up inside the hall.

The incident is being investigated by the police and suspicion has fallen on a Facebook-organized group calling itself “Kontrakultur Halle,” which had been vocal in its opposition to the leftist “election” for many weeks.

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  1. brick up those lefties…make a list you german people,,,the real people are on the way and you will (the lefties) be hunted down and dealt with..for the traitors you are…you will wish you were in the gulags!!

  2. If you trash want to vote, go back to the countries of your forefathers! Do NOT try to change the system of the host countries!

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