Britain: At Least 20,000 White Girls Raped by “Asian” Grooming Gangs

The news that at least 1,000 white girls in the English town of Telford were raped, pimped and abused by an “Asian grooming gang” means that collectively, at least 20,000 British girls—many as young as 11—have now fallen victim to this imported nonwhite crime scourge, all ignored, hidden, and denied by the anti-white establishment.

One of the biggest scandals of this saga has been revealed in the town of Telford, Shropshire, where one thousand white girls are now known to have fallen victim to this “Asian” crime wave.

If the actual crimes themselves were not bad enough, the British police—always at the forefront of denying and suppressing facts about nonwhite crime in the UK—repeatedly refused to investigate or acknowledge the abuse, and in at least one case they even stopped a victim from trying to make the media aware of what was going on.

Buried in the reports are case files involving arson, abortions and murder. For example when schoolgirl Lucy Lowe, then 16, threatened to report her abuser Azhar Ali Mahmood, he burned her house down. Lucy, her mother and sister were burned alive in the ensuing inferno. Two years earlier, Lucy had given birth to Mahmood’s child.

Another victim, Becky Watson, was being abused by a group of Muslim men and died in a car accident, which was described by the local authorities at the time as a “prank.”

Numerous other victims became drug addicts after being given various pills and substances by their abusers. One girl, Vicky Round, died of an overdose.

 There are also victim testimonies of teenage schoolgirls having abortions in the morning, and then being trafficked by their abusers later in the afternoon:

“Night after night, I was forced to have sex with multiple men in disgusting takeaways and filthy houses. I must have been getting the morning after pill from a local clinic at least twice a week but no one asked any questions. I fell pregnant twice and had two abortions. Hours after my second termination, I was taken by one of my abusers to be raped by more men. The worst moment came just after my 16th birthday when I was drugged and gang raped by five men. Days later, the ringleader turned up at my house and told me he’d burn it down if I breathed a word of what had happened.”

On one occasion, the police refused to investigate an allegation of rape five times in a row, and eventually only opened an investigation when the local Minister of Parliament intervened.

Another Minister also called for a public inquiry into the sexual abuse, yet local police and council officials wrote to the Home Secretary, denying there were any problems at all.

One girl reported what was going on to her school and local council yet she was completely ignored. Exasperated, she then went to her family doctor to seek help, only to be told by the doctor that she was ‘mentally ill’ for even raising the issue, and should be put on medication.

 The Muslim gangs targeted white girls in Telford primarily at teenage discos and care homes. They also worked mainly as taxi drivers, which means they ferry a large number of young children to and from school five days a week.

It is reported that over 200 abusers residing in Telford were identified between 2007 and 2009, with only a dozen being prosecuted.

The Labour Party relies on the “inner city” Asian communities to vote for them in general and local elections. To the Labour Party in particular, votes are more important than the safety and protection of white children, and it has also been shown that they have actively hampered any investigation which threatened to damage this election pact.

It is also noteworthy to point out that many of the councillors in the inner cities are now Asian, with the obvious implications for potential cover-ups that holds.

One of the “Asian” gangs, from Calderdale, arrested for that abuse ring.

Telford is not alone. There are now full documented cases of “Asian” grooming gangs working in Rotherham, Rochdale, Glasgow, Burnley, Bradford, Leeds, Keighley, Newcastle, Luton, Oxford, Blackpool, High Wycombe, Peterborough, Calderdale, and  many other towns and cities in Britain.

In all, thousands and thousands of white girls have been dragged into this nonwhite crime wave, with at least 1,400 victims in Rotherham alone. The other reported cases all have involved similar numbers—which means that the total number of victims is now well in excess of 20,000.

The official report on the Rotherham “Asian” grooming gangs, titled the “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham , 1997–2013,” commissioned by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, said that its “conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full Inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013.”

The report went on to provide details of the abuse:

“It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.

“There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.

“This abuse is not confined to the past but continues to this day. In May 2014, the caseload of the specialist child sexual exploitation team was 51. More [Child Sex Exploitation] CSE cases were held by other children’s social care teams.  There were 16 looked after children who were identified by children’s social care as being at serious risk of sexual exploitation or having been sexually exploited. In 2013, the Police received 157 reports concerning child sexual exploitation in the Borough.

“By far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’ by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue.

“Some councillors seemed to think it was a one-off problem, which they hoped would go away.  Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

The evidence is clear and overwhelming: a mass Third World rape and exploitation epidemic has accompanied the nonwhite invasion and colonization of Britain—and the deliberately race-blind, anti-white, establishment, which has engineered and promoted this Third World influx—is directly to blame.

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    Open borders sh*t soros, bezerkel merkel,
    EU, and all the western governments are
    criminals, bringing in more nonwhite scum.
    Western europe is becoming a sh*thole.
    Trump is correct.

      1. Unfortunately, most people are too stupid to make the connection & like a man living in a cave for years, being exposed to sunlight, they would rather shield their eyes than see the truth.

        The best thing people can do is educate people with facts & to encourage people to think big by voting small.

        Other than that, people need to be aware that conflict will come eventually in Europe, nothing will change that now, the best we can do is not pretend that the threat doesn’t exist.

  2. This is Stealth Genocide Against Europeans (“whites”), part of the (((Globalist))) plan to exterminate the Smallest Ethnic Group in the World: Europeans.

  3. How can the British people possibly vote themselves out of this mess when official figures (not counting the million plus illegals) show that white British people are or are close to becoming a minority in most of their cities. There is not even a party strong enough to turn this around and even if immigration was stopped tomorrow the breeding rates of the non whites would still turn the indigenous people of Britain and all other Western European countries into a minority.
    It is Racial Armageddon for the White race.

  4. You will not survive on hope … only by action.

    I’m not ragging on you. But it has become evident that if you are not willing to expel the invaders, you are going to die, yourself. And not just you … but your children and theirs.

    You will “be” no more. Extinct is forever.

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