Britain: Brexit Carnival Hides Idiot £100 Million Plan to “Fight Knife Crime”

The ongoing “Brexit” carnival in Britain—which could easily lead to the fall of the present government—has overwhelmed news of the latest piece of idiocy from that country’s leaders: a £100 million (US$132 million) plan to “fight knife crime”—even though everyone knows that the crime plague is caused only by mass nonwhite immigration which that government has facilitated in the first place.

According to the official “Spring Statement” state of Britain’s finances announced in the UK Parliament today by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, the “recent surge in knife-crime represents a personal tragedy” and that his government “will stamp out this menace.”

Hammond appears to believe that the answer to the nonwhite crime plague us to “make available immediately to police forces in England and Wales an additional £100 million over the course of the next year, ring-fenced to pay for additional overtime targeted specifically on knife crime and for new Violent Crime Reduction Units to deliver a wider cross-agency response to this epidemic.”

Hammond added that the “Home Secretary will work with the police to consider how best to prioritize resources going forward, including newly funded manpower, to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.”

According to the latest figures issued by the Home Office, there were 39,818 knife crime offences in the 12 months ending September 2018.

This is a two-thirds increase from ending March 2014, and is the highest number since comparable data was compiled. Even these figures are an underestimate because they do not “include those from Greater Manchester Police because of data recording issues.”

The number of knife-related homicides has risen consistently since 2015, and in the 2017-18 year, there were 285 killings. The figures also show 25% of victims were black—the highest proportion since data was first collected in 1997. When mixed race and “Asian” are added in to the totals, nonwhites in fact form a majority of victims and attackers.

Black former head of the UK’s “Commission for Racial Equality” Trevor Phillips admitted in an article in The Sun newspaper last year that “Race is a part of knife crime and we must speak the truth even if media avoids mentions of ethnicity.”

In an opinion piece for that newspaper, Phillips—a Jamaican by origin—said that  “the skies are darkening over our island for boys like the teenager who was disembowelled in this week’s knife attack in Camberwell, South London. This attack is the latest in a senseless war between gangs — almost all comprised of black or Asian youngsters.

“This year three of the killings have taken place within ten minutes of my doorstep,” he continued.

“My own affluent North London street is surrounded by estates populated in part by the ethnic groups whose names feature in virtually every report of the violence: Somalis, Ethiopians, North and Central Africans, Afghans.

“The media scrupulously avoids mentioning ethnicity. I understand the fear of stigmatising these groups, but nothing could be more relevant. Race is part of the picture, and failing to point this out impedes the fight against these crimes.”

The root cause of the problem—and its solution—could not be clearer. The surge in violent crime in Britain is directly linked to that country’s policy of promoting Third World immigration, which has seen the mass importation of low IQ, schizophrenic and violent nonwhites.

Throwing £100 million at “solving” this issue is only an indication of how stupid Hammond and the other UK “leaders” are: it is obvious that the only way to halt the problem is to repatriate all the nonwhites back to their home countries—something that these race-denying politicians will not even consider.

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  1. What amazed me was that Trevor Phillips was totally brave to mention ethnicity BUT those in the Labour Party did not slate him for saying so. Had Trevor Phillips been another Enoch Powell, all hell would have broken loose in the controlled media. Says a lot about ethnicity.

  2. Of course, a UK locked in the EU – such as Hammond and many other MPs want – can *NEVER* ‘legally’ ‘deport all non whites’.

    The articles of constitution of the EU, together with the UN conventions the EU forces Britain to be party to, explicitly forbid ‘racial discrimination’.

    In theory, a fully sovereign and independent UK could enact any law it so wishes without being bound by extra national dictat, but admittedly, the likelihood of the UK ever unilaterally endorsing racial discrimination is exceedingly remote. But there is a realistic prospect of a sovereign Britain tightening up ‘asylum’ laws.

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