British Campaign Group Launches “Christian Patrols” to Counteract “Muslim Patrols” in East London

Campaign Group Britain First has launched a series of “Christian Patrols”—using armored Landrover vehicles and squads of men—in Third World-occupied East London as a response to the presence of “Muslim patrols” which have been attempting to enforce Shariah Law in the UK’s capital city.


Under the leadership of Britain First Chairman Paul Golding, the teams confronted groups of Muslims who have taken over the area after ethnically cleansing the native white British people from large parts of London.

The first “Christian Patrols” took place on the evening of January 31, according to an official announcement by Britain First.


“Several units of Britain First activists spent several hours in East London handing out ‘Christian Patrol’ leaflets in places such as Brick Lane and outside the East London Mosque,” the announcement said.

“This campaign to counter and oppose the notorious Muslim patrols, where revelers have had alcohol confiscated and women have been harassed, will be ongoing.

“The Muslim patrols are still taking place all across East London and we intend to oppose them every step of the way.

“Last night saw several brief confrontations where Muslims told our units to get out of ‘their area’—but these demands were laughed off as East London is still British soil.”

The teams were accompanied by an armored Landrover and a video unit, which captured the video below.

“We wish to send a clear message from Britain First to all of the Islamic preachers of hate,” the Britain First announcement continued.

“The fightback has begun; we will not give you a moment’s peace, we—the true people of Britain—are going to hound you from dawn till dusk! You are not welcome here, and we’re going to make damn sure you know it!”

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  1. Your video is “insirational”. Good for you true patriots of Britain. I live in the states but think what you are doing is the same spirit that made this country great. Patriotism, you just can’t beat it. Keep up the good work. I can only hope the rest of the world will learn from your good example and not allow a “take over” to occur.

  2. God bless you folks. You are called upon to do a good service for true British, Christian to the core. I’m across the pond in the USA here in Florida. I wish you God speed.

  3. Faaaantastic. Back to the ‘ol Crusades. Only problem is, now it’s on home soil and these buggers don’t mind slapping a bomb on the back of a ten year old and send him packing to the local square (makes me wonder if it was any different back then).

    Yeah. Now you’ve got the enemy smack in the middle of your own back yard and he’s giving you the big ‘ol eagle to your face. Only solution for such behaviour is to counteract with credible force. Remove the offencive finger with your favourite shears and apply as often as it takes to achieve the right pshycological impact.

    Otherwise start deporting a.s.a.p, if you don’t want this cancer to spread any further.

    Good luck and God bless.

  4. Good for you Brits. Never again should a people be subjugated and decimated by the bullying and manipulation of others. Wake up America, this could be us all to soon if we do not also act to retain the things that made this country great…tolerance, rule of law as decided by the majority of the people affected, and respect for the rights of others to live their own lives.

    1. Good for you Brits? Are you kidding? They got themselves into this mess with politically correct thought dedicated to multiculturalism and diversity. If they had had any brains to start with, none of this would be happening today and Britain would still be British.

  5. Thank god some one is finally taking our country back from this fungus that seems to be spreading across the world I have lived in Australia for long time but still British citizen , they are even starting a campaign like yours here in Australia now has we are getting fed up of bowing to them telling us what we can and not do in this country. Keep up the good work.

  6. I wish to join as an active volunteer .
    I’m 42 ,qualified mech engineer , close protection operative and 1st person on scene level 3 medic.
    2 tours of bagdad .
    Pls email me details So I be decoyed as an active member ASAP

    -god bless the queen.

  7. I wish all brits would wake up and see what the damage muslems are doing to our country thank god you are opening peoples eyes to what is happening keep up the good work arrass them werever they go good luck

  8. I suggest that Muslims be made to understand that “Muslim areas” are only in Muslim countries, and that when they come to our country, (US, England, Spain, etc.) they are merely Muslims in “non-Muslim areas”!

    1. thank goodness someone is looking out for us brits if they want their own areas go to pakistan or some other 3rd world cesspit

  9. I could not see much in the video but if this is the real thing then I send my hopes for your success. Enough is enough! You want to be in our country (wether it’s Britain, France,Spain, US or anywhere else)obey the laws that apply to all or GET THE HELL OUT! You are a guest so act like it. Hope this move is legit and grows across the seas to the US so we can clean house.

  10. Need to carry side arms, MACE, pepper spray etc for defense or offense/.
    & make patrols on Surprise, IE routes not made public or use decoys.
    OK citizens with cameras & camera phones alone to record events
    Make public on Facebook.
    PR for UK tourism, IE tourists avoid E London due to Sharia law.

    Carry precooked pork sausages, bacon & carry pigs blood to offer Muslims.

    Need sidearms with IR scopes & Night Vision.

    (from USA)
    Did tour London , 2011

  11. Some people may laugh, but I see a Civil War developing in this country. Not surprisingly it has religion at the core. You may not agree with the actions of Britain First, but what they are doing is borne out of frustration. If the Muslim patrols didn’t exist then I’m sure these men would not be out on the streets of East London. What annoys me is the lack of any reaction to the Muslim patrols by the Police or the government. If the Police and the government fail to act then it is up to the people to fight!!

  12. British Politicians are guilty of Treason I urge the People of Great Britain & The USA along with Europe to take back Our Countries from a corrupt Political Elite expel these Muslims

    1. China has had a muslim infection for decades. Uighur Muslims have been bombing northern cities and Xinjiang provinces for God knows how long. Time for a global purge.

  13. I would say to be very careful how you characterize this patrol because you are fighting a propaganda war with the Leftist media. Be aware that they will take your statements and try to shame people who would support you (“We are going to hound you from dawn ’til dusk….you are not welcome here.”) Remember you have to propagandize yourselves as the “good guys protecting women, etc.”, otherwise the Leftist media will smear you with your own words.

  14. It’s about time the white race ,which has been under constant assault by most of the world fight and stand up for thier countries, religion , and culture . They need us we don’t need them if you come to a host country you respect thier traditions and culture!!! The fight has definitely begun as it will all over the world!!!!

  15. I have just seen this article and a number of other forms of media about Muslim patrols and Muslims taking over the UK! There is an easy solution to this anyone acting in this manor be instantly deported. Britain is fundamentally Christian, built on Christian values. If you choose to live here and not abide these rules then leave. UK government please wake-up and not be afraid to react. It may soon be too late and a civil war will break out. Deal with the issues now.

  16. I am from Canada and i fear the same thing is going to happen here..In are schools no more Lords’ Prayers to cater to these people. We are getting 250,000 new immigrants a year here. Its like we are following their rules in are country.

  17. There is a place for them – its the departure gate at Heathrow airport. Take your sharia law and shove it!! If you don’t like our laws and our country LEAVE!!! Go Home

  18. About time too. At last someone with some guts to stand up to these people and speak for the white working classes. If only someone in the disgusting Labour Party has done this years ago we would not be in the mess we are in now. It is thanks to the Labour party that
    we will soon be in the minority in our own country. Shame on all of you who have let this happen. Remember God does not pay his debts in money.

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