British “Conservative” Government gives US $72m to viciously Anti-whiteRacist Zimbabwe Government

The British “Conservative” government has announced that it is to give a $72 million “livelihoods and food security program” to the nation of Zimbabwe—which is ruled by a viciously anti-white regime which has not only encouraged the murder of white people but whose leader has publicly declared that “all whites must go back to England.

The extreme anti-white stance of the British “Conservative” Party has shocked even middle-of-the-road supporters of that party, given the fact that the Zimbabwe regime is one of the most openly racist regimes on earth, second only to the Jews-by-DNA-alone state of Israel.

According to the new “aid” package announced by Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID), the $72 million will be spent to “increase incomes and reduce poverty” in Zimbabwe—even though that nation’s government has actively encouraged the murder of white people.

The program was announced by the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Laing, who said her country was willing to help Zimbabwe regain its “breadbasket” status—a reference to the situation when, under white rule, the country of Rhodesia was a food-exporting nation, instead of the black-run disaster that it is today.

The British “aid” is to be given to no less than 126,975 black alleged “farmers”—many of whom are recipients of the former white farms seized in an ongoing murderous campaign encouraged by the blatantly anti-white Robert Mugabe government.

The anti-white nature of the Mugabe regime—supported time and time again by the majority of the black population in elections dating back to 1990—was evidenced  as late as February this year in an article in the UK Telegraph which reported that “Zimbabwe’s white farmers [had been] targeted for new Mugabe land grabs.

That newspaper said that Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) reported that a new attempt was underway to “finally rid the country of its [300] white landowners.”

The CFU said there had been “at least 20 incidents” in recent weeks, in most cases with farmers told to leave their farms, sometimes with as little as one month’s notice.

To put this in perspective: consider for a second what the British “Conservative” Party government’s reaction would be to any white government anywhere in the world which waged a racist campaign against black landowners, evicting and murdering them in order to hand land over to white people.

This same “Conservative” government would be at the forefront of implementing sanctions—and possibly even waging physical war—against any white nation which dared to do any such thing.

Yet, because it is a black government committing racist atrocities against white people, the British “Conservative” government is falling over itself to give them British taxpayer cash.

This highlights the inherently white supremacist attitude typical of today’s modern “liberals”, who believe that all those who are not white need some extra help, even deigning to call them “minorities”, despite nonwhites making up approximately 94% of the world’s population.

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  1. This will be the work of that so called Minister for overseas aid, Justine Greening. Most of that £72m. will of course be siphoned off to Swiss bank accounts, or diverted in other ways. Endemic in Africa.

  2. I did vote for UKIP and Nigel Farage and I will continue to vote for this true patriotic party, the only party that cares about its own people. David Cameron is a traitor and should be hung for treason against Britain and her people. Not only does our government truly hate its own white people so much so that it is flooding our Island with third world Muslim parasites from all over Africa, Middle East and Asia, but today we learn that once again good old Britain, is yet again to increase its foreign aid spending. Cameron is finished, all washed up, he must be forced out of power. First though we must vote OUT from the vile, corrupt, bullying EU that is the driving force behind the mass invasion of non white Muslims to Europe. It is all part of this "new world order" plan. We the white European people are being deliberately ethnically cleansed from our own homes to make way for the third world breeders, who have little or no vocational education at all, many are totally illiterate. These people it is believed will be easier to control, easier to manipulate, but it is already backfiring and failing. This EU Multicultural dream is fast turning into a nightmare as these third worlders have their own agenda, they are also very aggressive. Muslims cannot be controlled, they will take over and kill all non Muslims, therefore we must vote out of the EU, take back control of our nation and deport these vile brainwashed 7th century savages before its too late to save our nation. We will rule, not the third world parasites currently being forced on us.

  3. Since the White Man put down his (or her ) Burden chaos has reigned – Countries that were rich and well governed fell immediately into one party "Democracies" – look at Uganda a classic case. In South Africa the Members of Parliament astronomically increased their wages and things go from bad to worse…

  4. What the f–k are they thinking ! The government have so much contempt for the people that they just blatantly take the p-ss, they really dont give a sh-t what we think about anything.Why, o why, did all you dumb bast–d's not vote for UKIP when you had the chance.

  5. Wouldn't expect any different from the corrupted UK government,but hey,it's only money,no one goes without in the UK,those food banks cannot be true,people suffering,not true,old people going without,just isn't true,otherwise we could not give billions away to despots so that every year they can buy the latest Jet,or buy up more properties around the world,sod the ethics.

  6. I wouldn't expect anything less from this dim witted malfunctioning government led by an equally clueless Prime Minister…………………..

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