British Public and Parliament Reject Attack on Syria

Syria-no-warIn a major blow to the pro-war party in Britain, both the British public and the Parliament have rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to goad the country into a new war in the Middle East.

Members of Parliament narrowly rejected a call to take part in a planned American attack on Syria, with MPs citing the lack of any conclusive evidence that the Assad government was involved in the use of chemicals.

One MP, David Davis, was quoted as pointing out that there was, contrary to the Prime Minister’s claims, evidence that the Free Syrian Army, and not the government, had in fact used the chemical weapons.

Simultaneously, a poll released by the Daily Express newspaper revealed that 92 percent of Britons are opposed to immediate military action in Syria—an indication of how out of touch the UK government is on the matter.

The poll showed 80 percent of people are against David Cameron launching an immediate attack, while 12 percent are undecided. Some 41 percent were against action by Britain in any circumstances, while 39 percent said they would agree with an attack only if the UN confirms chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian government and also sanctions a strike.

The defeat in parliament does not mean the final end of the war party’s efforts. Another vote is expected next week after UN inspectors—set to complete their investigations and leave Syria on Saturday—submit their final report.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has taken full advantage of the public debacle surrounding Cameron’s public humiliation, and gave an interview to the media in which he said that “We are a country tired of fighting wars that have nothing to do with us.

“Syria now appears to be Mr Cameron’s gravest misjudgment yet. His continued attempts to ape Tony Blair in so many policy areas have finally caught up with him

“There’s almost no public appetite to enter into another foreign war and I think his own backbenchers are really very scared of what this might do to their prospects,” Farage said.

There can be little doubt that the vote and opinion poll is also a severe setback for the Jewish lobby in Britain and America, which has been almost exclusively behind all the “intelligence” and propaganda attempts to provoke a Western attack.

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