Brussels: New Invader Terror Arrests

Two more nonwhite invader Muslim terrorists have been arrested in Brussels, Belgium, forcing that city’s government to cancel the traditional New Year’s celebrations in the “capital of Europe” out of fear of a violent attack.

The two arrestees—named as Mohamed Karay and Saïd Souati—were leaders of an organization called “Sharia4Belgium,” and Karay was also heavily involved in a local biker group called the Kamikaze Riders.


According to the Belgian La Capitale newspaper, Karay and Saouti were planning to carry out an attack in Brussels. Their aim was to physically attack police stations in the Belgian capital and kill as many policemen as possible.

Belgian police launched two fresh raids last Wednesday in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, arresting yet another Muslim suspected of aiding the Paris terrorist attacks.

In total, six Muslims were arrested over the last few days, but only the two so far named have been charged. All of them are recent Third World “immigrants” allowed into Europe under the race-blind immigration policies promoted by the liberal ruling elite in Europe.

The arrests prompted the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur, to cancel the traditional New Year’s event in the city. Mayeur said it would be impossible for police to vet the thousands of people who attend the annual event, and that for security’s sake, it could not go ahead. Last year, some 100,000 people turned out to ring in the New Year.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, appearing on RTBF, the Belgian national broadcaster, said the celebration was canceled in light of “a possible and credible threat.”


Thanks to the mass Third World immigration policies pursued by successive Belgian and European governments, Brussels has a Muslim population approaching 50 percent of the city’s total population.

When this figure is added to other non-Muslim nonwhites living in the city, it is likely that white European Belgians are already a minority in the city.


At the same time, Belgian police announced a search for four other Sharia4Belgium members for crimes unconnected to the recent arrests.

The four men being sought were named as Azeddine Kbir Bounekoub (Abu Abdullah), Saïd M’nari, Soufiane Mezroui and Hicham Chaib.

All four were named as having travelled to Syria to take part in Islamic State armed operations, and are now suspected to have returned to Belgium. The “open borders” immigration policies still pursued by the liberal European nations means that they don’t really know if the four are back in Belgium or not.

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    1. Everybody remembers assasinations of both Kennedy Bros. or M.L. King – those were the people who tried to bring a very radical social change in the States. The only reason that history didn’t reapet itself in Germany yet is because Germans are just too obedient and, as in the past, they blindly believe their leaders until is too late.
      Merkel absolutely deserves to be tried by some international tribunal for treason and I really hope it will happen one day.

      Until then I patiently wait for some European leader with cojones to publicly accuse her of treason!

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