Brussels: Patriots Disrupt Peaceniks

Just over one thousand patriots put in a surprise appearance at a peacenik rally in central Brussels today, sparking off heated confrontations with a similar-sized crowd of reds and nonwhites who had come to proclaim “peace and love” after the Muslim terrorist attacks in the city.

Although the patriots did nothing but chant, the police attacked them with water cannon and batons, while at the same time, nine more nonwhite terrorist suspects were arrested in dawn raids across Belgium.


The 1,000 reds and nonwhites were first on the scene at the Place de la Bourse square in Brussels, where large numbers of flowers have been laid in commemoration of the attacks. There they mouthed the usual platitudes for “peace” and “tolerance” which characterize those who have no understanding of the racial demographic cause of the violence.

However, by 2 p.m., according to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, about 1,000 patriots had suddenly appeared, carrying banners and chanting slogans which identified them as belonging to a previously unknown organization called “the nation.”

Some of the banners appeared to be of English origin, with one in particular reading “Casuals against Terrorism.” The word “casuals” is in common use in Britain to describe football fan clubs.


Other slogans chanted by the patriots included “this is our home,” and “the state, Daesh accomplice,” (Daesh being the abbreviation for ISIL in Arabic), the latter slogan indicating their opinion that the Belgian state was responsible for the terrorist attacks by allowing the Muslim invasion in the first place.

Some of the nonwhites in the red crowd, clearly shocked at the size of the patriotic turnout, attempted to attack the patriots, but were restrained by other crowd members. As the tension increased, the Belgian police were deployed to form a line between the two groups, backing the patriots up to the stock exchange building.


One of the many nonwhites in the peacenik crowd is restrained from attacking the patriots.


By now, the controlled media, present to cover the “peace” rally, were busy sending news wire stories out saying that “neo-Nazis” had come to the rally and were making “Nazi salutes” (even though the photographic evidence shows nothing of the sort, with the only symbols being made of clenched fists and the well-known two-armed chant pose of the “casuals”).

protestors-good-07 protestors-good-04

Then the police were given the order to attack the patriots, and moved in with riot police, batons, and water cannon. A handful of the patriots fought back against this totally unwarranted and excessive police action, and about a dozen were arrested in the ensuing melee.

Most however dispersed as quickly as they had gathered, leaving the police to protect the reds, as they always do whenever there is a confrontation of that sort.


* Ironically, as the patriots were being chased by the police in Brussels, in other parts of the country, nine more nonwhites were arrested during a series of dawn raids across Belgium.

The raids, in Brussels, Mechelen, and Duffel, were all linked to a terrorism charge, a prosecutor was quoted as saying.

In addition to the arrests, another nonwhite terrorist, identified as Abderamane A., was formally charged with “involvement in a terrorist act.” He had been shot in the leg by police on Friday in the city’s Schaerbeek district, suspected of carrying explosives in a rucksack.

At the same time, Italian police arrested yet another nonwhite terrorist, an Algerian identified as Djamal Eddine Ouali, in the southern Italian region of Salerno. He was on the wanted list for producing the fake identification documents used by the Paris and Brussels terrorists.

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  1. do not co operate with the police in any eu country except the former balkan states and east european countries……… no co operation is the way..totally..

  2. This sends out totally the wrong message. When the forces of law and order are seen as constantly siding with moslimes and libtards it`s tantamount to giving them carte blanche. They`re not that stupid.
    Moslime or not a criminal is a criminal and murderers are the lowest of the low especially the repulsive scumbag terrorists.
    Toadying up by government forces to those who openly wish us harm is completely unforgivable. Moslimes must wet themselves laughing every time this happens. They know exactly how to work things in their favour.
    If blasting people to pieces is increasingly seen as being tolerated in order not to upset Moslimes then the rest of us are headed for the rocks in a very flimsy boat.

    1. if our governments, be they in Europe or America or South Africa or Latin America or wherever, aren’t going to defend our people against enemies, then it becomes our duty to do so. Defend your family and folk at all costs!

    2. The police and the military are siding with the invaders. They are not interested in defending the country, only their paycheck.

      1. as whiteisrightblackiswhack said, then WE are going to have to do it. Since when have military or police ever been on the side of the people? We hear this in America that if a civil war broke out that the cops/soldiers would side with us. That’s BS. They follow orders (yes, I know that’s cliche to say). Whites need to BOTH physically stand up to our invaders/nonwhites AND also to the traitor politicians bringing them in here.

  3. The news reports describe the patriots as “right wing thugs”. If the brits are joining forces with other euro groups, then solidarity and kameraderie can only be a good thing. This would surely raise our numbers against the enemy. Keep the faith!

    1. someone said the majority of nationalists in Western Europe are mostly the Polish or other Slavic immigrants living in, say, the UK or Sweden or Germany or what have you. Is that true? It’s nice to see the Eastern Europeans are helping Europe fight back, but it would be nice if the majority of Western Europeans would do so as well.

      1. Many British and western Europeans are patriotic, many don’t speak as the consequences can be harsh. Losing your job when full time secure employment is becoming harder to find, as I have done for opening my mouth, or if you have kids, social services all over you can silence people, but they are still getting angrier, and angrier… Many of us in UK and EU despise the liberal haven of sodomy feminist and multikulti wonderland the jew press says we are. We are being pushed and pushed and everything has limits…
        ‘The Democratic statesmen ought not to be so vain as to believe this state of affairs can continue forever!’
        -Adolf Hitler 1939

  4. The excitable report on british government media tonight (BBC) was of two hundred “far-right neo-nazis” all masked and dressed in black disrupting peaceful remembrances; but then the commentator gleefully stated they had been driven back and “stamped out” by riot police and that later “arrests” were made…. Since apparently UK nationalists attended, this explains the media reaction.

    1. Whether you live in Britain or Belgium or France or Sweden or America or Australia, if you’re white and not a braindead liberal and want to preserve your nation and people, even IF you’re not overtly racial, you will be called ‘far right.’ It’s time we just ignored their labels and took our nations back. Their words mean nothing to us!

  5. Once again a police action confirms that the Marxist Govts of Europe are at war with their own native citizens. We have seen it in France, Germany, Holland, UK and the Scandinavian countries.

    1. The same here in America. The government came down hard on the Minute Men anti-immigration movement ten years ago, they won’t close the borders, they won’t arrest/go after nonwhites who are calling for race war against whites, BUT if we whites fight back, well the govt will come down on us.

      It’s a matter of whites needing to fight their invaders AND the traitors in power who are bringing them in.

  6. The politicians can and WILL attack the patriots to defend the immigrants.
    Mark my words. One day the politicians will order live ammunition to be fired at patriots.
    Then the politicians will masturbate to orgasm over film footage of white patriots being killed.

    1. so we’re supposed to just sit back and do nothing then? I’m tired of all these excuses for whites to not fight back. “Oh, they’d shot us” or “Oh, no, they’d throw us in prison” or “Oh, no, I’d lose my job.” We’re already being invaded and marked for genocide. Whether we fight back or comply, they’re going to kill us. What have you got to lose at this point?

    2. The politicians will not allow anything to derail the implementation of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan and the Islamification of Europe. The question being is what do they expect to gain from this?

      1. They can not allow us to become killed off, but we must not allow them to genocide us. Our ancestors didn’t comply or sit back as their people were being attacked. They fought back at all costs.

  7. What is wrong with these so-called police??? Do they really want their country to be a crime-ridden cesspit ??? Don’t they have daughters and granddaughters??? Or are they so blind and stupid ???

  8. I watched events unfold live on both BBC & CNN, and it was difficult to say whose coverage was the most biased. They were equally bad.

    I lost count of the number of times the ‘nazi’ and ‘fascist’ epithets were bandied about. I saw no evidence for this; nor for the alleged ‘nazi salutes’ – plenty of arm-waving and clenched fists yes, but little else.

    It was boisterous and noisy demo but there seemed to be little threat of any violence – so the police use of water canon was excessively heavy-handed and disproportionate.

    As well as biased, the media coverage was sloppy and unprofessional.

    There was no attempt – as far as I could tell – of interviewing any individuals at the protest to ascertain who they were, what organisations (if any) they represented and what they were protesting about. That would normally be standard journalistic practice (and certainly would have been the case had the disrupters been left wing).

    Do those cretins who lit candles and laid flowers really believe that their futile and puerile gestures will deter future acts of terrorism? What signal are they sending out? It serves only to reinforce the contempt in which would be terrorists already hold us – and therefore makes future attacks more likely. Bloody idiots!

    In a liberal democracy there is democracy for liberals only.

  9. The police is working against terrorism AND the people! Who do they serve now?
    In Germany they were once known as “Dein Freund und Hilfer” (Your Friend and Helper)…

    Pro Patria!

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