Brussels: Poland Refuses Invaders

The Polish government has now refused to take any nonwhite invader “refugees” at all following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Prime Minister Beata Szydło has announced.

The move finally revokes the undertaking made by the previous Polish government to take in thousands of nonwhites pretending to be refugees in terms of a proposed European Union “distribution” plan worked out by Angela Merkel’s regime.


“I do not see how Poland could take in immigrants at the moment,” Ms Szydło told the Superstacja broadcaster.

“The previous government vouched to take in refugees. It agreed to accept several thousand people, who could come to Poland on a voluntary basis. A total of 28 EU countries agreed to it: to solve this problem through relocation,” she explained.

“But I say it very clearly: I do not see how Poland could take on any immigrants in the present circumstances.”

She also strongly criticized Merkel as having “led a very open policy toward migrants, even inviting them to Europe.” But, Ms Szydło added, “it was not the Poles who invited migrants to Europe. We recognize the problem of people who have to flee from their countries against the loss of life of their countries, because there is a war.

“We know we need to help them and we want to help them. Our statements from the beginning were clear: we will spend money to help the people. But it is not acceptable to let thousands of migrants flow to Europe in order just to improve their own lives, and there are also terrorists among them.”

Government spokesman Rafał Bochenek added that the current system of checks on refugees coming to Europe from the Middle East was not working efficiently.

“We cannot allow a situation to develop whereby the events that are now happening in western Europe spread to Poland.

“Many such events have taken place in the past few months and we want to protect Polish citizens from that,” Bochenek added.

In an earlier interview with Carnegie Europe magazine, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said: “We can’t settle [the refugees] here. What are we supposed to do? Keep them in camps? They don’t want to live in Poland. They don’t know Poland.

“They know that we can provide about EUR 100 per month per person [in state benefits]. In Belgium, it’s EUR 60 a day. That’s another problem. Open borders, lack of jobs.

“We have two million young emigrants living in Germany, in the UK. And 1.5 million jobless people here in Poland. I can say to the Syrians, ‘Yes, you are welcome, but what are you going to do here? Live on the streets?’” Waszczykowski asked.

Earlier, the Law and Justice (PiS) party, which came to power late last year, in October, had grudgingly agreed to accept 7,000 invaders over the next two years because the previous government had bound Poland to the EU decision.

The attacks in Brussels have now pushed the government over the edge, and Bochenek said that the EU had shown that it was not possible to “eliminate security risks connected to the mass influx of migrants,” and that for the Polish government, the “most important thing is the safety of Poles.”

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      1. Good at last a leader with a brain, common sense and that is good for the country she lives in. I hope many more will become like this Lady. I hope that the EU project is killed off in 2016.

    1. The EU seems to be bound by two tenets neither of which are based on any form of pragamatism: 1) The Euro, how can a single currency work when it is official currency for such different nations as Greece and Germany? It’s been proven that it can’t and won’t work. 2) Schengen, Open borders according to Juncker are the absolute foundation of the EU. They worked to a degree pre Merkel’s welcome one and all speech. What the EU are now proving is that this foundation is way more important than a few insignificant lives in Paris, Brussels or anywhere else. Though the politicians won’t admit that, it’s in their very DNA, politics are more important than people, freedom, or anything else. The death of the EU means the life of Europe!

  1. Would Poland be willing to accept white refugees from Western Europe? It’s impossible to fight a war if you have no secure base of operations; Poland could provide a base for the white nationalist reconquest of Europe.

    Historically, Europe’s various nationalist movements have not gotten along well, but they haven’t faced such a powerful common enemy since 1683.

    1. Only, when refugee is confirmed pro white. Actually this is common theme all over East Europe. We provide base but only for nationalists. No liberals but how we make difference??? And another thing is, that why East Europe want be in the EU. Because no retreat anymore, we take EU over …we don,t step out, THEY will be kicked out…:D

      1. Glad you asked. Upon entry to the refugee camp, we first check that you actually *are* white. Then you sit before a camera, state your real name and place of birth, and receive a big chunk of roast African or Arab. No excuses, no nibbling, you eat that meat like the starving refugee you are, and compliment the chef.

        You can guess what happens when a white woman arrives with a non-white child.

        1. I see a lot of enthusiasm there but… But before we start building barracks for you, I need to remind you that nationalists do not grow on trees and immigrants per se do not become nationalist just like that 🙂

          In these times, it is a virtue to be pragmatic Dave, so…

          I would say – Give Poland a try on your holidays, meet and speak to us, feel a bit of our everyday hardship and joy. Later you can learn our laws and ways, become a productive member of our society and I am sure you will be welcome and feel welcome in Poland.

          We might not be as wealthy as the West, but… Of what we have, we are willing to share if th cause is worth it.


        2. However, future generations of white refugees into the East might get lazy, complacent and forget WHY their parents or grandparents fled Western Europe. Just like in America, the liberals from California and the East Coast moved into conservative states and brought their toxic liberal mindset with them. Whites need to stay where they are at and fight, as far as I’m concerned. We’ve been running away from our problems for too long. Our ancestors couldn’t flee. They stuck where they were at and fought.

    2. I’m sure they will accept you if you can prove who you are beyond the shadow of a doubt. They may not like Germans either. Bad memories.

  2. The EU led by Merkel lacks one very basic quality, it’s called “Common Sense”! If thousands of residents across the whole of Europe understood that there would be bloodshed by letting in a couple of million people without any form of verifiable checks made was a certaintity, then Merkel and all her idiotic supporters should have listened. As they didn’t, the inevitable has happened. Terrorists dress the same as the rest of us, so unless the security services are aware of them, no one will ever know until the bomb goes off or the bullets fly!

    1. Common Sense to the average politician (and ALL Marxists) is like sunlight to a vampire. When the light shines on them, they shrivel and die.

    2. It’s all part of the plan, it’s not stupidity. Whoever got PC adopted as the ligua franca of the world was a genius, an evil one, but a genius!

    3. German security and intelligence services are understaffed
      because they spend their working hours persecuting people
      who criticize Merkel’s welcome policy.

    4. Nothing to do with common sense. Merkel, for one, is in league with the Coudenhove-Kalergi lot – they even gave her a prize for what she is doing to Europe. Camoron, the Traitor, is towing the company line dreaming about his prize.

  3. She’s actually wrong to say “A total of 28 EU countries agreed to it: to solve this problem through relocation,” because the UK did not agree, telling Merkel we would only take 20,000 Syrians over 5 years, and only from the refugee camps directly, not from those who have invaded Europe.

  4. A rather incoherent position when you consider how many Polish people have migrated to richer countries in the EU for a ‘better life.’ However, Poles share the same basic values and beliefs as those in other EU countries so they can and will assimilate in time but those marching into and across the EU will bring with them the sectarianism they are rushing from, and as we well know they have been infiltrated by countless terrorists and dangerous people. Would the Middle East accept EU citizens if the tables were turned? I very much doubt it.

    1. I find it strange that Poland’s PM did not mention that Poland now has about one million people from Ukraine. And at least 50 thousand Chechen refugees, most of them Muslims.

    2. Jess8o – yes it is … but … Poles and other Europeans (mostly eastern and some southern) use legal EU approved ways to migrate, majority coming to work, settle down, not beign disrespectful to the culture and a way of life in a country they come to. First generation may have some difficulties with total integration but second generation would be pretty much in 100% integrated from the very begining up to the point where you couldnt spot a difference. There’s no extremism coming along, terrorism, lack of respect to a basic human rights, no risk of future collapse of culture, civilasation as it comes with “poor refugees”.

      1. Sadly, there has been a problem at a school in a Northern Town in the UK where Slovakian children do not get on with the other children being mostly English. Police were called and it doesn’t say much about integrating into UK culture. When governments want to drastically change their countries from what was the norm to accommodate other countries, they had a duty to be honest with their reasons and ask the people for their support and NOT to do it behind closed doors being economic with the truth.

  5. At least she has drawn a line against this madness. If only our useless traitorous leader would do the same. Of course, he doesn’t because he cares nothing for the people of Great Britain and everything for his Globalist Corporatist chums.

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