Bulgaria: Radical Islamists in Invader Riot

Radical Islamist sleeper cells were involved in this week’s violent riots in the Harmanli invader camp, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has revealed.

At least 400 “refugees” were arrested after Bulgarian riot police stormed the camp, using water cannon and rubber bullets to suppress the invader violence. At least 24 policemen were injured during the operation.


Speaking to Bulgarian media after visiting the scene, Borisov revealed that police investigations had shown that there were radical sleeper cells involved in the violence.

“Usually where violent clashes arise, there is always a terrorist act, and in this case a sleeper cell was activated,” Borisov said.

At least one of the invaders involved in the violence had already been identified as belonging to a radical cell, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova had earlier informed lawmakers at the country’s National Assembly.

Bachvarova told the parliament that the country’s National Security Agency was busy investigating and that more details would follow later.

According to Bulgarian media, that country’s government has ordered the deportation of all the violent invaders who rioted last week at the Harmanli camp.

The main organizer of the riot—an Afghan—has been arrested and “immediately deported.”

Borisov told journalists that the Afghan in question had previously been arrested in Germany for running a drug cartel, had served 18 months in prison, and had been deported four months ago.

The invader had however come back to Europe along with hundreds of thousands of fakers, pretending to be a refugee, and had managed to get as far as Bulgaria until the “Balkans route” had been closed.

“He will be immediately removed from the country,” Borisov told journalists. In addition, he said, those who have violated public order will also be deported from Bulgaria.

Witnesses said the scene “looked like a war zone” after rampaging invaders smashed windows, overturned trash containers, and set fires.

“I am very worried. You see there is no window left unbroken. The people who committed these acts of vandalism will be brought to justice,” Borisov continued.

He announced that his government had already put in place measures to ready an aircraft to start deporting the Afghans back home.

The first batch will be sent back early in December. “As for the rest, all who have acted brutally and violated public order will be moved to closed camps,” he added.

The deportation order also once again reveals the fake nature of the “refugee” invasion of Europe.

The instant deportation—to be made in terms of an agreement between the EU and Afghanistan—shows that they have no reason to “fear” their homelands, and are faking those claims in order to parasite off European welfare.

Meanwhile, Bulgarian politician and spokesman of the leader of the Patriotic Front (PF) alliance in the Bulgarian parliament, Krasimir Karachakanov, told media that the riots in Harmanli confirmed that “these people are not any miserable refugees, but aggressive and violent people.”

Karachakanov said that the PF had been accused of being “xenophobic, intolerant and extreme” just because they had “repeatedly stated that the absolutely mistaken policy on illegal migration followed by Bulgarian institutions would lead to the problems seen in Harmanli.”

“For years, we have said that this has nothing to do with so-called miserable refugees fleeing conflict. The riots in Harmanli may have surprised the Bulgarian state, but do not surprise us or the citizens of Harmanli,” he said.

Over the last two months, the citizens of Harmanli have organized no less than four protests against the camp, saying that the invaders have brought infectious diseases and criminality to the area.

Karakachanov called on the government to urgently take steps to prevent a renewed mass invasion from Turkey following recent developments between the EU and that country.

“It is high time to stop dividing [Bulgarian] society into left and right,” he said. “We all have to rally around the cause to protect the Fatherland.”

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  1. hope they actually follow through with deportation. these criminal elements are known to the police, but all that ever happens is a slap on the wrist.

  2. As an addition to this article the Bulgarian government have announced that they currently have places for 6000 refugees in camps around Bulgaria. There are currently 5200 in these camps. They will NOT be opening or facilitating any more spaces but will fill up the 800 if required to do so.

  3. Wow, they’re kicking out one final time across Europe and the US, before, as they fully know, the swamp will be well and truly drained! Tick tock….

  4. Immediately deported no nonsense with human rights in Bulgaria if he got caught in Britain he would die of old age before he got before the courts, well done Bulgaria keep deporting them.

  5. Give them all 1st class tickets to ride to Berlin. They’re more than welcome up there. As a second choice they could go to Stockholm where they’ll also be welcome

  6. Way to stand up to your citizens rights. These imigrants people carry an idological mold that destroys freedom and liberty & totally opposite to both left and right of the political spectrum. Only morons believe these people will become Bulgarians citizens.

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