Bulgaria Sends Troops to Greek Border

The Bulgarian government has dispatched more than four hundred armed soldiers and police to help guard its border with Greece, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has announced.

The soldiers will be supported by armored vehicles and helicopters in patrolling the border, and were being sent to “block any further massive wave of refugees” from moving north from Greece.


As reported by the Hungarian Alfahír newspaper, Borissov said that measures were in place to mobilize “at a few hours’ notice” more than five hundred additional soldiers if it was deemed necessary to protect the border.

He added that it was feared that the invasion along the Balkan route would pick up with the onset of warmer weather, and that the deployment would now become permanent.

Last month Bulgaria’s parliament granted the army greater powers to help guard the country’s frontiers. Previously troops were only able to provide technical and logistic support.

Bulgaria’s 292 mile border with Greece is mountainous, and only about a third is deemed passable for the poorly-equipped invaders. About 30,000 invaders were registered in Bulgaria last year, while thousands more passed through illegally.

Bulgaria already has close to 2,000 police guarding its 161 mile border with Turkey and is currently extending a 50 mile steel razor-wire fence.

The border patrols have helped the country remain, so far, on the sidelines of the invasion route from Turkey and Greece to northern Europe.

However, with the announcement that only those who can “prove” that they are from Syria and Iraq allowed through, the genuine fear has arisen that nonwhites from elsewhere, who have thus far formed the vast majority of the invaders, will now be seeking other routes into western Europe.

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  1. Time the fences had signs on the outside saying that there is a shoot to kill policy for anyone spotted trying to breach the defences.
    This will after all become a war.

  2. It’s time for Greece to do the right thing. Stop the migrant from coming in from Turkey. Stop the flow before Greece has 100,000 on your hands. Before Greece was just funneling them through unchecked ISIS and all. Now that has changed. Enough is enough.

  3. The Visegrad countries should take out the EU and German leadership. They are complicit in attempted genocide and crime against helpless civilian populations.They must be removed.

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