Calais Invaders “Armed and Dangerous”

French police have officially warned that the nonwhite invaders destroying Calais are “armed and dangerous” and at least twelve have been admitted to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds.

According to an article in the French Nord Littoral newspaper, witnesses reported hearing several gun shots during recent clashes between Sudanese and Afghan invaders in the “Jungle” camp at Calais.

calais jungle violence

“We heard gunshots,” the witnesses told Nord Littoral. Another confirmed seeing at least one gun.

Several other sources confirmed to the newspaper that at least twelve nonwhites had been admitted to various hospitals in the region for assorted gunshot wounds.

The type of bullets used appeared to be small caliber weapons, the police said, and not “weapons of war” such as AK-47s. Police speculated that the firearms were improvised weapons, .22 caliber hand guns, or shotguns.

“The shots were fired with compressed air long guns, or handguns,” local police spokesman Gilles Debove was quoted as saying.

“The type of weapons used in the brawl was not specified by our source. But it is still disturbing [because it means] that there are weapons in the Jungle,” he added.

He said that the French security forces were taking many risks by going into the nonwhite camp, and that the situation was getting worse every day.

The paper also spoke to Stéphane Duval, director of the Jules Ferry camp, where the last major brawl started. She confirmed that some of her employees had seen nonwhites suffering from firearm wounds.

She also said that she had seen firearms twice in the Jungle camp. “Sure there are guns in the Jungle,” she said, adding that “one regularly sees bladed weapons” in the hands of the invaders.

At least two of her employees—workers at the camp who give out food and support to the invaders—were attacked last week by the nonwhites.

The brawl is now believed to have been over money.

“The most seriously injured employee is out of the hospital,” she explained, saying that another employee suffered broken ribs in the attack.

Christian Salomé, director of pro-invader charity L’Auberge des Migrants, told the paper that the presence of guns in the Jungle is a reality.

“They [the nonwhites] come from countries at war, where guns are in free circulation,” he said, adding that when “money is involved, there are fights.”

Reports say that there are now at least 20,000 nonwhites massing in northern France around Calais, all aiming to get to Britain where the generous benefits and welfare payments serve as a major drawcard for the world’s Third World parasites.

As security around the Channel Tunnel has been tightened, the invaders have become increasingly violent, with nearly daily attacks upon truckers and vehicles who refuse to stop for them.

In addition, the UK’s Express newspaper has reported that increasing numbers of the invaders are using Albanian people smuggling gangs operating from France to cross the English Channel by sea.

According to that paper, the going rate for a Channel crossing is now £100 ($145)—which is even cheaper than the fee charged by genuine users of the train service or many ferries.

A Dunkirk official told the Express that the situation was “rapidly spiraling out of control,” and that the smuggling gangs are “made up of mainly Albanian criminals, with plenty of accomplices who have British passports.”

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    1. ‘Human Rights’, my friend. Even the UK Home Secretary wants the UK to withdraw from the ECHR and has stated as such. What was good law at the outset – yes, it was, – has been hijacked by the Liberal Multiculturalists and converted into law which is now impractical and works against the honest people that have to comply with it. Pretty well all criminals now rely on “their” Human Rights – what does this tell you?!

  1. It seems that nobody can get rid of these people for fear of upsetting their human rights etc. Meanwhile our human rights amount to nothing.

  2. Okay Volks, this is a very serious matter and needs our immediate attention. Everyone must do their part in the effort to smuggle as many weapons as we can into the Calais jungle. Despite all our best efforts they just are not killing each other fast enough. Please do your part by donating your gently used meat clevers, butcher knives, paring knives and fileting knives to a drop off point near you. (Sorry we are unable to accept rolling pins at this time.)

  3. I hate to say this but maybe a couple of policeman getting shot might wake them from the comatose state they seem to be in.

  4. Could always use the old preferred method, “fight fire with fire”. If an invader is seen with a firearm or bladed weapon, then open fire on them……it’s called protecting lives and property.

  5. It will not stop until the politicians are hanging from lamp posts and then the police can do what should be done. Shoot every last one. Camp closed!

  6. How simple it would be for the French to send in the Army and special forces to round up all these criminals and deport them. They are breaking the law and endangering life. No other reasons needed. Instead, the French are directing their forces to beat up their own people. The French lack of will to deal with the migrant criminals and smugglers – and they are not the only ones – will inevitably result in terrible bloodshed. J’accuse.

  7. The Berlin Wall went up very quick in 1961, so it is possible that a ring of steel could be erected just as fast around all these camps or whatever. Then get all the pig farmers arrive with all their muck and deposit it all over the barrier, there should be enough of that especially if you ask the German ones for theirs, to create the biggest attempt to get out. With one entrance which would allow them to be herded into 40 foot containers, straight to the docks and shipped out. A few boards around them places with notices of a ‘shoot to kill’ policy’ would also help. These people are not human beings, they do not qualify for human rights because they do not recognise that phrase even where they came from.

  8. But these are all the “desperate” people whom our luvvie actors and pop stars say the government we should allow into the country…surely they wouldn’t harm anyone..!

  9. France, you think it’s time to send in the army after them and start massive expelling them back to the third world hellholes they came from?

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