Calais Invaders and Stupid Englishmen

Hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of nonwhite invaders who are camped out in Calais are being granted free passes to enter the U.K. by pretending to be children—even though they are obviously adults.

Pictures of the first wave of Afghan invaders brought into Britain clearly show their ages—but the U.K. government claims that they have just been “aged by war” in their home country.


Some of the Afghan “children” from the Calais Jungle, arriving in Britain after being bused in free by the government. The one on the right claims to be 14 years old.

A major exposé of the racket, published by the Daily Mail, revealed that face recognition software showed that one of the nonwhites claiming to be 14 years old was in fact 38—but he had been granted “refuge” in Britain based on “family ties.”

The mass invasion has been sparked by the French government’s decision to “close” the Calais Jungle (again) and accusations by French ministers that Britain was being “immoral” by refusing to let minors in the camp join their parents or family who were already in the U.K.

The Daily Mail—in a remarkable burst of honesty for that newspaper—said that there was an “intensification of “concerns over the age of child refugees from Calais” as a second group arrived in London, bused in by the U.K. Border Force.

According to that paper, one of the “children,” wearing a blue hoodie with stubble on his chin, “was rated by a facial recognition program as having the features of a 38-year-old.”

The paper also reported that the U.K. Home Office has “no way of verifying the migrants’ ages before they come to Britain,” and that official statistics showed that “two-thirds of ‘child’ refugees who were quizzed by the Home Office about their age were found to be adults.”

fake-refugees-02 fake-refugees-01 fake-refugees-03 fake-refugees-04

Above: More “children” from the Calais Jungle arriving in Britain.

The Daily Mail also revealed the reasons why the British government is not bothering to check the ages of the invaders: Home Office officials “say they are unable to use dental checks to verify the age of child refugees because such tests require parental consent.

“It means that because the ‘children’ are unaccompanied, it is in effect impossible to obtain such permission.”

A Home Office spokesman admitted that routine medical tests, such as checking dental records, have not been carried out because it could be “intrusive” and that “children may appear older because war has toughened them up.”

However, parliamentary questions have revealed that two-thirds of “child refugees” quizzed about their real age last year were found to be adults, according to the Home Office. In the 12 months to September last year, 65 percent were found to be aged over 18.

To make the situation even more ridiculous, numerous recent reports have revealed that it is not even necessary for Afghans to “flee” their country, with millions being deported from Pakistan back to their home nation—with the aid and consent of the United Nations.

Furthermore, even Germany has admitted that the Afghans coming into that country are fake refugees and has announced their intentions to send them all back home.

For Britain to now start accepting Calais Jungle invaders from Afghanistan—who, in addition to the bogus nature of their “asylum” claims, are also blatantly lying about their age in order to get into the country—is only a reflection on the stupidity of the British government, and nothing else.

British voters, on the other hand, will, it seems, get the government for which they vote.

* At the same time, the British government has announced a plan to restrict the entry of white European EU nationals “unless they have a job.”

What this means is that the “Conservative” British government would rather have unemployed, and unemployable, nonwhites from Afghanistan coming into the country, many of whom are obviously lying about their age, rather than white Europeans.

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  1. The politicians have accepted ”donations” from several oil rich countries. Europe is dying and eurabia is coming. At least, they will supply them unlimited oil and gas for their heating since they are of the same faith.

    1. You mean the” jew” puppet government & media? Working destroy everything about us!!! True Englishmen or women in government…..Working for our interests…. must be joking

      They work for Globalist bankers,city of London. We will never ever have a true brexit not with these snakes and vipers in power? It’s called white genocide, by any means possible!!!

      Unless we rise up we are doomed it will never stop, until we are truly drowning in a sea of black and brown people they will not stop letting them in? White people ,yes!!

      May is just another Traitor put their by the power elite’s and we had no say!!!

    2. This reminds me another very stupid border ‘security’ fiasco about a decade ago. A Nigerian man turned up at an airport in the UK with ca passport claiming he was 15. He looked at least 40! Anyway, to my surprise, and eagle eyed immigration officer spotted this, and the gentleman was escorted to an office for further investigation.

      After some interrogating it appeared that the man was going to be put on the next plane back to Nigeria. I could hardly believe my ears as the immigration officer (a girl who actually did look and sound to be about 15 years old) informed him that he had been denied entry to the UK and was to be deported.

      Then, at the very last moment, the man claimed he was going to be murdered by his grandfather if he returned to Nigeria. That was it. He was whisked away in a limousine to a house in London while his claims were further investigated. He disappeared from the house the next day.

      So, it was close call for our tough border control authorities. They almost, by accident, had what would have been their first deportation in a generation! Even the girl officer who was reading the man the notice of deportation could hardly believe what she was doing.

      Border Control in the UK is a sick joke.

  2. Must be the Afghan way if you are under 50 you are classed as a teenager, we are making the same mistakes the Swedish did when accepting Afghan refugees. Surely all Afghans should be sent back to Afghanistan, its safe according to the UN.

    1. Send back? For all they have done?
      Time non-whites and all involved to “smell the ground”.
      And pour pigs blood over it.

  3. There is nothing conservative about the Tory party . The same can be applied to Labour Party which has abandoned the White Working class long ago on the altar of globalism. This article infuriates me a great deal. Those claiming to be children cannot be administered dental checks because to do so would require parental consent???? I can even literally!!!!

    1. Allegedly they are unaccompanied orphans so the responsibility of social services. Its bloody nonsense. Even Sweden does dental checks now.

  4. Again based on some years in the Middle east, being able to calculate the age of the locals was almost impossible. However, no country is addressing the real issue, namely, they have allowed thousands upon thousands of lying, cheating human beings who have thrown away all forms of identity and seem to accept anything these people tell them. Is there a politician prepared to say “IF YOU CAN’T PROVE YOUR NAME, AGE AND WHERE YOU COME FROM, YOU ARE GOING BACK TO LIBYA, TURKEY, SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND ALL AFRICAN PEOPLE, THE SAHARA.” Democracy across Europe is dead and buried, it no longer exists so no more voting for me.

    1. They could simply only accept ‘children’ under a certain height, say 4ft 6 ins or whatever is the current average height of a 10 year old.

  5. In Sweden these “youngsters” are put in school with young girls. This going to happen here?
    In Austria they hang around, and hunt women in packs, laughing like hyenas.Gonna happen here?
    Swimming pool ficki??
    Ficki carrying on won’t be tolerated here. What the fk happened to our Brexit? This is triggering a lot of folk.

    1. We do not even know where they will end up, I have a sixteen year old (girl) it makes you nervous about them going out. I’m disgusted with the white aid workers spouting all there dribble about these people I would gladly help a real CHILD these people are definitely not children. I live in Kent the county council is choc a bloc with so called child asylum seekers been going on a long time, we are just not told about it. Our own children were being sent out of the county as there was not enough room for them . I hope UKIP gets it act together very quickly, there is no other party that will put its people first.

    2. Brexit!!! Never going to happen? As long as the shyster’s are in Westminister!! We need to cull the lot of them!!!
      For the lying traitor scum, that they are . Politicians throughout the west are whores to the Globalists with unlimited funds, same goes for the media spouting the same rubbish day after day!!!
      If anyone is in any doubt about what is going on ,they must be blind or a liberal!!!
      We don’t have much time left, especially our children they’re in great danger and they don’t even know it!! Thanks to the moronic teachers!!
      Parents should drum it into the kids head stay well away from the invaders!! Show them all the evidence that is around about the mass rapes white girls are going through!!

  6. “the “Conservative” British government would rather have unemployed, and unemployable, nonwhites”

    Yes, that is exactly what it means. They would sooner have 1000 hostile, illiterate paupers than one self-sufficient white family with a work ethic. LibLabCon are all the same, all equal traitors.

      1. Yes.
        It has puzzled me in the past why ordinary people throughout history have actually wanted war…
        I think I am beginning to understandin light of this awful form of oppression.
        Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  7. Hardly surprising these so-called ” refugee children” are smirking. No doubt they`re wetting themselves at the sheer stupidity of the braindead Brit-tits.

    1. Why no girls amongst this lot? Is it because at a similar age they would already be mothers? David Cameron lied again to us. He said we, UK, were committed to bring into the UK a number of unaccompanied children from the Calais camp. Aaaaah! How compassionate, surely no one could refuse. So now they arrive, all young men, all already shaving, won’t they look sweet all tucked up with teddy in their new mickey mouse pjs! Are they going to be enrolled in school? God what bloody idiots we are.

    2. Unfortunately the liberal leftards in our government keep up their hysterical cries until other pollutucians have had enough browbeating and, weak as they are, give in. They seem to think that Britain (with its abysmal record on child care) is better equipped to care for “unaccompanied (adult) children” than France. I mean, France is so war-torn and horrid it obviously isn’t a safe place for children!! People have to flee the place. Fact is, France has all but had it. As Marine Le Pen addressed her nation – Sharia is taking over French law, There’ll come a time soon whites will have to flee France. Of course, they’re the wrong colour to be granted asylum in Britain.

    3. Of course we can see these are adult men and the people who arranged for them to come here, should be sacked , as the only way they could think they are 17 year old if they had a white stick, we have made it known to our politicians and the only way for us, is for thousands of us, to march to parliament and demand these adults to be sent back. The Referendum showed the politicians we have had enough and we are not going to take any more cr-p from then. We want action and we want it now.

  8. I don’t think the British government is financially compromised by petrodollars as much as the whole civil service and machinery of the state has been corrupted by left wing globalists and their cohorts of the politically correct minority intent on reprogramming and if necessary replacing the indigenous population.
    If there is an ongoing war, it is the Western elites against the native, non compliant, population.

  9. My heart is bleeding for those poor little darlings. If you want to unite these guys with their parents, you will have to bury them!


    1. “We will always fight for Queen and Country”
      And that sums up the stupidity of the Brits who won’t fight for their race but will die for their Jewish Royals.

      1. Correct!!! They are all controlled by the rothschild syndicate! City of London, where do you think they get to live so slavishly at our expense. Traitors one and all !!! Now we can see behind the curtain to who rules over us the JEW!!

        I will fight for Country and my people!!! [email protected] the queen she ain’t no human being!!
        And all who sail in her!!
        Politician’s, Police, Social services, councillor’s,Professor’s, Academia The law, Soro’s funded pro-immigration movements all working towards the Coudonhove- Kalergi plan!!

        NWO, coffee coloured Europe!! Not long now? Any dissenter’s will be vilified by the media you will lose your family ,home everything!!!
        They will browbeat you into the ground!! Understand this we have no future? Unless we fight!

    2. Stop shouting. Life is too short to have to take the effort to read an all caps post. Respect the rules od written English.

      1. We are running out of time ,before we sink into the abyss .
        All you can say is stop shouting.Wow! .
        We are ruled by despots and serpents,lied to at every turn.Invaders get better treated than our own.
        Can you not see Europe is in a perilous state, all planned.

  11. LOL stupid Englishmen are right although in this case the lying corrupt aholes are far from stupid, this is deliberate. Govt can make and repeal laws as it chooses. So much for Brexit. Poor Brits have got scum in their Govt hell bent on screwing them. Whole think stinks like Blair.

    1. Unfortunately, Brexit was all about getting rid of those pesky white, Christian, Eastern Europeans, like the Poles. But bring in more black Africans and Muslims to “enrich” even further gloriously multicultural Britain? Get the welcome mat out.

  12. That rough voyage they gave $5,000 to smugglers must have made them magically taller as well as older. All wearing hoodies to hide the grey hair, the mature brow bones and crow’s fee of 35 year old men. What has happened to the England who defeated the Nazis? Who wouldn’t take shit from any other country or nation, the English with their outspoken sense of sarcasm and irony. This is the biggest shakedown I’ve ever seen. These guys are closer to enlarged prostates than they are to puberty. Free to rape your daughter, molest your children at the pool and blow people up in the subways.

  13. What else can one expect from the English? Let them leave the EU so that they stop moaning that they are being forced to be stupid by the EU.

    1. The EU was a dangerous distraction. It had very little to do with Britain’s immigration nightmare. It’s no coincidence that Britain has the largest Pakistani, Nigerian and Somali populations in Europe, and the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital city. None of it anything to do with the EU.

  14. I’m beginning to think there is a secret deal between the French and British governments for Britain to allow thousands of illegals from the jungle to enter Britain, this could be the defining moment in May’s career as PM. These people so far don’t look like teenagers, it seems they only have to say they are a teenager and have relatives in Britain and they get let in, it is truly disgusting. Pakistan is deporting thousands of Afghans back to their own country with the help of the UN, so why can’t we do it.

    1. Theresa May and Amber Rudd are obviously frightened of Hollande.

      He has obviously threatened them with releasing all the migrants into UK unless they take all under 30’s.

      What other reason would they have for taking all these economic migrants. Spineless the lot of them.

  15. One needs to add that even when their true ages are ascertained, once they are in, they are in for good. Then they are able to return home on holiday to arrange for their wives, children and extended families to join them. Official figures admit that there are 1.5m illegals in the UK, mostly in tiny England. Looking at the crumbling infrastructure, it appears to be a gross under-estimate.

  16. It’s not the British citizens we can see they are men, it’s the .Government doing this, they are absolute traitors to the people. What can we do, labour and other parties are just as traitorous

  17. Our government is bloody daft. It had months to prepare for this unfortunate abuse of us taxpayers – but hasn’t the resources now it’s upon us. It’s written to several charities begging for volunteers to help with the deluge. The fools wouldn’t listen. There are NO spare foster homes in the south east and no facilities, even private ones….

    So now we’re likely faced with a bunch of untrained people trying to cope with these aging child freeloaders not to mention the trouble brought on us Brits. These freeloading miscreants know how to play the system.

  18. The system is being played because they’ve been trained by so-called charity workers from the minute they have stepped ashore in Greece or Italy. It has been said so often on this site, the traitors are the politicians of all parties who in the main will never live near these invaders but expect everyone else to welcome them. The fact that those elected are in the job till 2020 bugs me, they should be sacked and create political chaos which may result in hardship for a while but get true patriots elected and not some twit that follows the party line to climb the greasy pole. Better still, we need ‘Guy Fawkes II’

  19. Change the laws so that having a dentist check dental records is perfectly legal. The hell with parental consent. These young and middle aged migrants are making a mockery of Britain. Fix the damn problem. Don’t suck your thumbs and give up.

  20. Here we have middle-class and wealthy “children”, supposedly orphans, who have paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers to get them across dozens of “safe” countries to the politically correct, ethnic-loving welfare honeypot of Britain. The vast majority of these economic migrants have never even seen a war zone.

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