Calais Jungle ‘Will stay in France’

Despite demands by the conservative mayor of Calais that the “Jungle” of nonwhite invaders outside her town be moved to Britain following the Brexit vote, the French government has confirmed that there is “no chance” of this happening.

Several UK-based newspapers have also started scare-stories that the Jungle will be “moved” to Britain, or that it will now be “easier” for them to cross the Channel—but none of these rumors are true.


According to an article in Le Parisien, French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault dismissed the call by Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart, a member of Nicholas Sarkozy’s Le Republicain (LR), made on French broadcaster BFM TV, that the “British must take on the consequences of their choice [Brexit]. We are in a strong position to push, to press this request for a review and we are asking the president to bring his weight (to the issue).”

Xavier Bertrand, the LR leader of the Hauts-de-France region, which includes Calais, tweeted: “The English wanted to take back their freedom; they must take back their border.”

However, the arrangement on cross-Channel border checks was made between France and Britain independently of the European Union, and Brexit has no effect on this arrangement whatsoever, Ayrault said.

The agreement—signed in 2003 and known as the Le Touquet accord—allowed British border control officials to check passports in France, and French border officials to do the same in Britain, on both sides of the tunnel which runs under the channel.

This agreement had the practical effect of keeping the hordes of nonwhite invaders (which the French government has ill-advisedly allowed to overrun their country) congregated on the French side of the channel, and has led to the creation of the “Jungle.”

Mayor Bouchart’s call for the invaders to be sent to Britain en masse is thus doubly ironic—because the only reason they are there in the first place is because of policies which her party (in the form of its predecessors and previous French president Sarkozy, actively pursued—and still support.

Ayrault dismissed the calls for the abrogation of the Le Touquet accord on TV, saying that this was not practical. “Would that also mean putting in place boats for people who otherwise risk drowning? I think we should be serious,” he said.

In addition, another government spokesman and agriculture minister, Stéphane Le Foll, told the media that “on the question of immigration, to be clear, British exit from the European Union will not lead to changes in terms of immigration treaties with United Kingdom … These are bilateral treaties.”

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  1. Whilst this is a kick in the teeth for the Calais Mayor, it’s another case of a difference of opinion within her own party. However, this is still the source of a lot of aggravation for everyone who travels through Calais and the lack of common sense by not checking every single person for documents etc., which meant that those without could be shipped back to where they came from – forcibly – this will be festering for months and months.

  2. The mayor of Calais doesn’t get to decide anything, so it doesn’t matter what she says. The problem in Calais is part of the larger immigration crisis in Europe, America and Australia. The Jews are responsible for that. So, it shouldn’t be presented as a problem of incompetence, or as a quarrel between the French and the English, or as the result of third word demographics putting pressure on Europe.

    The French government keeps welcoming the Third-World invaders. Those who would rather not wait in Calais are relocated all over the French territory.

    The British government says it doesn’t want them but still gives them money and a free apartment if they manage to get across.

    Meanwhile, the Jewish media are entertaining their readers with reports about the phony Anglo-French quarrel over Calais. But there is no real quarrel. The French and English governments are both under Jewish control and work together against European interests.

    Here’s what I read the other day in the Occidental Observer: [David Cameron] “had come to power on a promise to reduce annual net immigration to under 100,000 and instead it had soared to an official 310,000 (unofficially it much higher than 500,000).”

    So, the problem is really not Calais. While some of the invaders are blocked in Calais, the “English” government is importing hundreds of thousands of others by plane directly from the Third-World to London.

  3. Seen a comment on one of the papers that the Mayor of Calais has been told that they can’t get rid of the problem to Dover. Still I wouldn’t trust the words of a nation that has failed to protect its own people first.

  4. “Calais Jungle Will Stay In France” …how about the Europeans having the balls to send it back where it belongs…Africa.!

  5. It’s a kick in the teeth for Cameron too. Another of his lies he told so he’d win the referendum.

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