Calais: The Truth about the “Jungle”

Last weekend, the former French Legion commander General Christian Piquemal was arrested by French police during an anti-invasion rally in Calais, France. Now, an ordinary resident of that town breaks the controlled media blackout of that rally, and what life is really like for people in Calais since the nonwhite invasion started.


Below is a video of Calais resident Simone Héricourt’s account of the situation in Calais, given on Sunday, February 7, 2016 in Rungis in front of a patriotic audience. A full English transcript follows underneath.

Well, here we are. Pierre introduced me. My name is Simone and I live in Calais. I am of Calaisian stock. My parents lived in Calais. Calais is my life. It’s where I grew up and I’ve always lived there.

Calais used to be a very pleasant town. I used to love going on walks. We had tranquility and safety. There were always a lot of visitors, both in the summer and in the winter, even though God knows our summers are never that pleasant; the weather is never great here. But the place was alive.

Some time ago refugees came to Sangatte. Sarkozy decided to shut down their squatting zone there, and the refugees arrived in Calais. At first, even I considered them unfortunate people, deprived of means and ill-informed, whom we could perhaps give some help.

And I couldn’t tell you how it happened, but from one day to the next, we had thousands, thousands of migrants. Currently they number at 18,000 in what is called the Jungle. 18,000. It is horrible. They’ve downright made a city within the city. They’ve got a discotheque, businesses, schools, hairdressers… They even have… [pause] — I wouldn’t allow myself to say this, but I think you understand it concerns the needs of men. Of course.

They’ve made streets. They’ve given names to these streets. They elected a mayor. [Audience expresses shock] Yes! The police cannot at all enter what they call the “Muslim neighborhood.” It’s forbidden.

Up to that point, we perhaps might have been able to endure this. But we can’t endure the unendurable, when we see riots taking place during the night, every day, constantly.

They turn up in the center of the town, numbering 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, all over the place. They smash cars with iron bars. They assault people; they even assault children. They rob and they rape. What we endure is unimaginable.


They enter the homes of people, while people are at the dinner table, because they want to eat. They take what they want; sometimes they beat up the inhabitants. They steal what they want and smash what they can’t get. And when you defend yourself, the police get on your back [Audience expresses dismay].

For a long time now the police refuse to register complaints. My own son got assaulted. He was out on a walk in the town center, listening to music on headphones. Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned around, thinking it would be a friend.

Three “clandos” were facing him — excuse me, clandestines. He got hit on the head with an iron bar. My son is quite tough and managed to defend himself. So they got beat up.

But then he heard noise on his side: thirty migrants were now going after him. Being bold but not suicidal, he fled. When I saw my son return home my thought was that they could have killed him.

He isn’t alone. They assault kids on their way home from school, or on their way to school, to middle-school. They go so far as to get on school buses, with the kids.

On January 23rd, they did a big riot in Calais. It was horrible. It lasted the whole afternoon and the whole evening. They went so far as to tag the statue of General De Gaulle. They wrote “Nik la France” on it [“Fuk France”, sic], with the ISIS flag underneath.


What else can I tell you about what we endure? They demonstrate to protest the standards of the welcome they have received. But the more you give to them, the more they ask for. It’s never enough. Never, never.

When we cross their paths, it’s always “give money”, “give phone.” And if you don’t give, you get beaten up. And don’t count on the police to help you. As I said, they don’t even register complaints anymore.

When we want to demonstrate, the police get on our backs. When we get assaulted, they tell us at the police station: “What do you want us to say; they all look alike. There’s nothing we can do.” I promise that what I’m telling you is the truth.

I used to love going to visit what I call my son’s tomb: the sea. I lost my son and we dispersed his ashes into the sea, in accordance with his wish.

One evening I asked my husband to take me to my son’s tomb, because I needed it. This is something I can’t do anymore. Merely crossing the town center of Calais during the evening means exposing yourself to danger.

As soon as it starts getting dark, it gets dangerous. I can’t go where I used to like to go anymore. It’s not possible anymore. I’m scared. And there are many of us like this in Calais.

What I also don’t understand is the attitude of the Calaisians. Yesterday again there was a demonstration. There were perhaps ten people from Calais participating. Where were all the others? Fear does not steer us clear from danger. The Government has abandoned us. They’ve decided to doom Calais. If we from Calais don’t react to this, all the migrants in France will end up gathered here, and we’ll be done for; we’ll be dead. The Calaisians are like sheep. I don’t understand them.

Yesterday I participated in this demonstration. I was in the middle of it, with my husband, with my son, with friends. General Piquemal was there [Long round of applause].

After what I witnessed yesterday, I could not sleep, because I kept reviewing those scenes in my mind. The television, radio, and newspapers haven’t said what happened there. We saw him get arrested and mistreated like a racaille [street thug].

The man is a French icon; he deserves the respect owed to his rank, and he got treated like a racaille. They manhandled him to the ground and a policeman placed his boot on his neck.

We saw it happen; I promise as I stand before you. Then they picked him up and dragged him; his feet weren’t even touching the ground. And then they charged us of course.

I was lucky, because my husband, in a clever move, took us behind the vans and the water guns of the CRS [riot police]. Otherwise they would have detained us and I’d still be in jail today.

And what offense did I commit? I had come there. I had come to protest the massive and invasive immigration we are subjected to.

Do you realize that local shops have lost between 40 percent and 60 percent of their business? Before this, Calais used to be thriving, lively, gay. Foreigners would always come during the summer vacation time, and during the end of the year festivities. Today, nothing is left of that. Nothing.

The shops in the town center have shut down, one after the other. Calais is a dead city, because of the clandestines we have there. When they descend upon the town armed with iron bars and even Molotov cocktails… Yes, they were caught fabricating those… I don’t understand why they don’t get punished for that.

Why do the police let them go so quickly, when they catch them? [Round of applause.] If we, the French, the Calaisians, step out of line, we immediately get detained and subjected to interrogation. We have no rights left.

Let’s also talk about Natacha Bouchard. [The audience boos.] I call her the snail, because she has gotten fatter and fatter since she became mayor. She has done nothing for the inhabitants of Calais.

She received millions of Euros of help destined to support the local economy. The first thing she did with that money was to build containers to house the migrants. And those containers did not even come from Calais, they came from Brittany.

The only jobs she created in Calais, and I know this through a friend who was offered such a job, were fifty long-term positions to clean up the migrants’ refuse in the Jungle. Those are the jobs offered by Madame Bouchard. She has banned me from her Facebook page, so I can’t leave comments there anymore. She doesn’t like me. The feeling is mutual. [Audience laughing.]

As Pierre said, I’m not an intellectual. I didn’t get a higher education. I lost my father at a young age and had to stop school early in order to help with the business.

But that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I see what’s going on and I know what I’m talking about. We live under it every day.

There’s been a new development recently: the No Border activists. They are the worst racaille on the face of the Earth. They are the ones inciting the clandestines to riot in Calais.

It’s even worse than that. They post themselves across the town and coordinate riots using walkie-talkies.

I’ve seen the CRS [riot police] give ground to the migrants. That made me weep. I felt this wasn’t normal. We’re at home. This is our country, our town. The migrants should have been the ones retreating, not the CRS.

Why are they demonstrating? They want 2000 Euros pocket money per month. [Hilarity among the audience.] I don’t have that, personally. They want a car, and also a house, naturally.

So let’s talk about housing. Madame Bouchard has expelled people in Calais from their homes because those were situated in the Dunes area, close to the Jungle.

Indeed this proximity meant that they were being robbed and beaten on a regular basis. So she expelled them, even though they were paying their rent.

I myself am being thrown out of my house next month. My house is being confiscated, even though we’ve always been honest people.

It would be too long to explain. A court decided to sell the house, even though we’ve done nothing wrong. My husband is suffering from cancer, but that doesn’t change anything.

The French must be crushed and thrown out, their property seized to make room for the racaille intent on colonizing us. [Round of applause.]

The racaille, we are being told, will be a source of cultural enrichment for us. But I wonder where their cultural wealth is. If what we need is to wreck, destroy, steal, and rape, and this is the short version, well then the French are quite able to do this on their own. You just needed to ask us. [Round of applause.]

I speak with my heart and my words. [Long round of applause.]

Hat tip to Deltakyklos for providing the video and transcript.

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  1. White South Africans warned our European brothers and sisters of the problems that occur when you force different races together. Do you think that we had apartheid (segregation) for the fun of it? These other races are different to us Europeans, they don’t think like we do, there culture is one of destruction,of breaking down everything that has been built, they steal,they kill,it is all second nature to them, and they want everything for free, the more you give, the more they want. Once you give in, its game over. They are literally Beasts of the Fields. Please you guys in Europe must start standing up. You still have the numbers to stop what is happening. We are preparing for what is fast approaching us down here. Don’t let it get that far in Europe. Stand up for Europeans in Europe.

    1. Let them enter the trucks, as they apparently do, to go to the UK. But when the back is full, lock the bloody door and drive them back to where they came from.
      I mean, their Viciousness to try and obtain asylum, only gives truth to the fact, that they will not become “Good Citizens” when they arrive.
      To Simone Héricourt, our hearts are with you, if necessary we shall come again to help rid your country of those who wish you ill.
      Where is your securite, the one who sank ‘Le Rainbow Warrior” and killed a man. Where are they now….? When you need them.!
      Mark Needham
      PS. My REAL name. Real Bastards do not scare me.

  2. New Observer, why are my comments not being shown?

    A technical glitch with Twitter cause this entire post to be reset. Yours was not the only comment lost. Please resubmit.-Thanks, moderators.

  3. The lady deserves a medal for standing up and being counted. France,like every other country in the EU is no longer democratic in any sense of the word. The press, the police forces and probably every civil servant throughout the whole of Europe has been told, “To keep your job, you do not say anything about the arrival of migrants and our policy at all at any time!”

    If ever there was a need for a military coup or similar, what is currently happening throughout Europe would justify it.

    1. Hopefully the treatment of the General may prompt French army to officers to start thinking about what needs to be done to save their country, along the with Austrian and German officers who must realise that the only way to stop the genocide of their people and their families is to remove the people who are causing it, I am not without hope, after all, even the Filipino army rose up with the people to remove Marcos and he was doing far less damage to his country than the European dictators are doing to Europe.

    2. Easy to say, no doubt, but if everyone took them at their word, for even a week, and took to the streets, so as to overawe the invaders, what would break down? Law and Order, if you’re white, it doesn’t exist. Removal of garbage? (Tongue in cheek, see law and order) Education? It’s obviously not safe to send your children to school without accompaniment from a military vehicle. The article from this lady should be published all over what used to be the free world, which ironically is now Russian, Hungary, Poland and a few other EX-USSR states, the West have either forgotten what freedom is, or in the case of politicians, learning how to replace it with non-white sub-humans or, as I call them blacks! Shock horror, I’ll also call them snad dancers and any damned name I fancy, they are unwanted invaders, and it’s time they were repulsed!!!

    3. The very stuff nightmares are made of, the difference with a nightmare is that you wake up. Interesting to note that Simone said that Sarkosy started this, no doubt he’ll be supposedly standing for the right again at the next election blaming it all on Hollande. Frankly they are all as bad as each other but any State that allows one of it’s heroes to be treated the way that General Piquemal was treated really needs to take a good look at itself! Not that Britain is any better, we let the police hound a WW2 icon, and the top cop is going to apologise, under protest. Come on Europe, rise up and put these politicians where they belong, under the scaffold or La Guillotine!

  4. Sadly this is the EU’s plan – The islamification of Europe. They are importing Sunni Muslims in to Europe to cause chaos and anarchy, then the EU will bring in the Federal Police to make order out of chaos and hey presto, we will all be living in a police state. Mission accomplished. Get out of the evil EU now.

    1. And just in case the local forces refuse “fire on” their own countrymen, Merkel has invited the Turks to join the party and they will have no such compunction in sorting out white, christian protesters.

    2. Sam, lets assume the worst scenario and you are right that the EU is progressing its plan.

      Where in the world can we now escape from the muslim menace?

  5. I think this account, which is a more valid representation of the situation in Calais than we see on mainstream media, reveals the real problem. ‘Reacting’ to what the majority of migrants do is interpreted as an unprovoked ‘action’ against them. The left-wing people who turn up to throw bottles and shout down those who care about their country, aligned with the Police, effectively tie the hands of those who want to preserve their way of life. It is truly shocking the way they treated one of their generals – now an elderly man – but why oh why do the French permit this to happen? They look totally inept and weak, and are allowing illegal immigrants to remain on their soil while committing crimes daily.

  6. this was horrendous reading “the true story of Calais” All of the EU leaders should be removed from their duties they must have some sort of mental illness, there is no other logical explanation for their actions. As for people like the left stirring up trouble they are the biggest threat they are traitors should be locked up. We have to stick together as Europeans against this madness. I want out of the EU but still am European not Arican not Asian and certainly not Arab .

    1. The French MUST Patriot the migrants in France and stop letting them live in border camps. European law states that migrants must be processed in the country they present in…and that is France. France must not be allowed to smoke screen the migrant issue. The migrants are their responsibility since they signed up for it by being part of the schengen zone and part of the European Union thus allowing people to cross into their country. The fact that Britain no longer sign up for this failed experiment is nothing to do with France’s problem.

    1. If the nationalist lost then nothing will be done.PC Hollande will just ignore. I remember the beach in Acapulco in mid 1980’s. There were always several pairs of soldiers walking the beach with their machine guns. I always felt safe.

  7. Happy in your cocoon of self indulgence and narcissism you happily voted for the Idiots are now ruining your countries .You didnt bother to give it a thought and you have got what you voted for.Dont complain the who voted FN,Ukip knew because they had bothered to think.

  8. Getting arrested for still serving and defending his country, because those in charge don’t willing to do it for some reason. Authorities in Calais are a disgrace to their people. I hope there won’t need to be a necessery bloodshed to come to their senses.

  9. So Calais has been invaded, and occupied by a foreign army who brutally beat and rob the citizens. What has the cowardly Hollande done to help these people ? He evicts the victims.
    Mr Hollande you are making the citizens long for the days when there were Nazis patrolling the beach. No doubt tourism is dead in Calais.Shameful Marxist cowards.

  10. What a lady! Upsetting to see Patriots beaten down like this.
    The “left” are a disease and need eradicating.
    The UK is finished,I moved as far North as I could because the South is now a toilet.

  11. 18000 eh? The MSM tell us 7000 (which is too much but clearly only a fraction). They also don’t report on the extent of the predations of the invaders.

  12. Chere Simone, I doubt if you will get to read this, but you are a legend! Everyone is sending your video where ever they can, so that your story reaches ordinary people everywhere. Your bravery in speaking out might be the catalyst that others in Calais need to fight back, and not just in Calais.
    I am deeply ashamed that the Open Borders scum are mainly British and supported by some of those in our Parliament. Words cannot express my contempt for them.
    A snowball of defiance has begun to roll, and you have helped it on its way. Hopefully it will gather strength, until it becomes an avelanche of resolve.
    I hope that someone will offer you and your husband a place to live, and your husband can overcome his cancer. You are admired and respected everywhere.

  13. A brave , articulate and above all , honest woman . She has shown up her menfolk who should be leading the resistance against the parasites . Sitting here in England and seeing the hell that Calaissans have to live through , I struggle to understand why the government of France do not give an ultimatum to the migrants , of claim asylum or be deported . If they are spurious claims they will be deported if not they gain asylum or are returned to a previous country .
    This immediate action would send a message to the other chancers who may be considering trying to get to Britain and return Calais to normality very soon . But then again that would require common sense from politicians, so there lies my answer .

    1. Don’t count on Calais politicians . They are controlled in the same fashion as German politicians.
      From top down ‘We can do it’

  14. Congratulations France !
    you have the first Shanty Town in Europe ; Calais Jungle is now officially recognized with municipal grants. Container loads of money squandered.
    Let us hope Simone and compatriots quickly become the tipping point for action to clean the hives of the invaders.

  15. We’ve know what happened to King Louis & Marie Antoinette. They would not heed the cries of the people hence the guillotine.

    I suggest to the smug leaders of Europe that they sit up and take heed before it’s too late. There is far more at stake today.

    The next revolutionary move just might be a police or military man deciding that ” enough is enough” to hell with the consequences.
    That attitude may even penetrate the NOTO forces which those smug leaders are probably relying on.

    Don’t say you have not been warned!

  16. where is the support for these poor people, from outside France … the UN etc? This is criminal gross negligence by a government (same here in the UK) being openly allowed. All those part of the allowing should rot in hell; letting other human beings suffer like this is akin to being nazi, and we know what happened to them … hoping the UK (and French) people finally snap, as, when the UK snaps, things get done, and these animals and the corrupt governments need something very serious done to them.

    1. Hate to prick your bubble Luminosus but it’s the UN who are behind this invasion Peter Sutherland, lovely Irish creature, former Goldman Sachs non-executive chairmen, current migration minister for the UN is on record (you tube) as wanting to replace European culture with mass moslem migration, apparently he thinks it’s good for the future economy! The rape etc IS part of the plan, these sub-humans are to impregnate indigenous European women, with or without permission. That’s the NWO plan, and the UN are right behind them (we pay their wages) and Merkel and most western leaders such as Merkel are also part of the gang, and that’s the enormity of the problem, mind you if one little domino topples, the whole edifice will come crashing down, hence the harsh treatment to dissenters, and you ain’t seen nothing yet!

      1. The Kalergi plan seems to be more widespread than I realised. it’s a horror movie; revolting to use the most degrading act … these people warrant the deepest karma there is. And to make everyone pay for all this is just obscene. Seems like only outright revolution, across Europe, will fix this. Really is the most powerful time for dissenters to blast through no matter what, and topple the dominoes. The whole thing collapsing would truly be for the greatest good.

  17. Ever thought why this is not the case in Italy? Many migrants come the first, so apply for asylum.. but there we have the good old italian mafia (who although has committed lot’s of crimes, has a sense of honor and a code). A sicilian friend of mine told me that if one single “asylum seeker” commits a crime of rape and theft, he is most likely found dead the next day by the police. Sure, the real reason is that the mafia protects her own territory againts other robbers, but it works! Better the mobsters than the arab scum, at least mobsters have style 🙂

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