Calais: Third World Invaders Attack

European tourists in ordinary vehicles are now being targeted in viscious violent attacks by the hordes of Third World invaders who have congregated at the Calais port and tunnel crossings to Britain.

The latest tactic being used by the nonwhite invaders is to deliberately smash up passing tourist vehicles so as to cause accidents on the main roads—and the use the traffic jams as an opportunity to board the trucks bound for Britain.


A report in the Daily Mail—careful of course to only refer to “migrants,” as if the invaders are not illegal immigrants determined to parasite off the UK taxpayers—revealed the full extent of the violence being used by the Third Worlders.

According to that paper, “ruthless gangs are deliberately causing crashes on the roads to the French port by hurling large objects at cars—then sneaking on to lorries caught up in the resulting tailbacks.”

A two-mile-long, £2.5 million fence, paid for by British taxpayers, was erected in Calais last year to stop the invaders jumping into trucks queuing up to board ferries and trains bound for the UK, the Daily Mail continued.

In response, the invaders, “mainly young men from Sudan, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan,” are targeting vehicles on the motorway two miles away, at the point where the fence ends.

The Daily Mail sent three journalists to investigate the attacks—and they ended up being attacked by the invaders as well. Upon arrival, the journalists saw police clearing metal crowd-control barriers which had been strewn across the A16 road which leads to the Channel Tunnel entrance.

The three journalists were seriously injured when invaders threw a log at the windshield of their car, forcing it into the path of a 38-ton truck. Their car was crushed in the incident, and all three journalists ended up in the hospital.

A Calais police source told the newspaper there had been a number of incidents “of projectiles being thrown directly at cars, so as to force them to stop.”

He said the menacing new tactic “was of huge concern, and was likely to result in very serious accidents.”

The paper said that French officials and hospital staff confirmed that the invaders were deliberately causing accidents to create traffic tailbacks on the N216 motorway into the ferry port, and the A16 to the Channel Tunnel. They are also putting up barricades.

Truck drivers are experiencing soaring violence, threats, and intimidation as they pass through the French port, the paper continued.

Every night, squads of French riot police are involved in running battles with gangs. The police fire tear gas as they chase them from the edge of the main roads.

Police say they are dealing with around 30 blockades each night.

A team of highway workers toils through the night constantly clearing debris from the motorways around the port and tunnel.

Jean-Marc Puissesseau, president of the port of Calais, said: “Migrants are throwing tree trunks, branches, and shopping carts at cars on the motorway. It is very dangerous.”

David Sagnard, president of the local branch of France’s national federation of lorry drivers, said: “The violence of the migrants has not gone up by a notch, but by ten.

“Why do we have to risk our lives on the motorway just doing our job, or simply because we’re tourists? It is not acceptable.”

Regional highways boss Xavier Delebarre was quoted as saying that the nonwhites have “tools including chainsaws. There is a strategy to their concerted, simultaneous assaults.”

French truck drivers are due to start a strike in the port this coming week in order to protest the increasing nonwhite violence and the failure of the government to halt the invasion.

* An emergency doctor at Calais Hospital also told the Daily Mail that the nonwhites come into the hospital daily after being “wounded in vicious knife fights” in the Jungle.

He said: “They come in every day with stab wounds. There is particularly a rivalry between the Afghans and the Sudanese. They are given priority because their wounds are so serious.”

A paramedic told the Daily Mail’s reporters that this is “happening all the time now. It’s a war out there.”

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  1. Surely, there comes a time when those that are taking cars across the Channel must realise they are putting themselves in danger with these mindless thugs who will not stop at anything to break into the UK by hook or crook. Even if I had the opportunity to travel, the last place I’d use is Calais. Not sure which is worse, these thugs, the people traffickers or the do-gooders who support their existence. Collectively they are ruining the whole of Europe and the UK.

  2. Unfortunately my comments wouldn’t be printed but we all know what should happen to traitors. I see that Vaz is still very fond of immigrants!

  3. The solution to this problem lies off the coast of Africa….and on Southern European countries being vigorous in their rejection of the (boat) rubber-ringed invaders.
    Talk about defending the indefensible…

  4. And of course none of this is being reported on television or radio in the UK. They’ve learnt their lesson from last year. The entire invader camp could probably be transported into the UK overnight and shipped to some remote northern county without any reaction from whites or news reports.

  5. Our taxes are paying for what exactly? Protection of civilians? Nope. Security against invasion? Nope. Border control? Nope. The house is on the market (Europe) , any potential buyers may have to purchase quickly, as there is a state of disrepair, rotten timber, and it will eventually be too costly to renovate.

    1. ..and part of the problem is the French say it is a British problem, the British say it is a French problem, and toss all gets done. Time to take ’em down, or hang ’em high.

  6. They should NOT be allowed to integrate into our white Christian society. Most of these have a 7th century mentality and are hell bent on destroying our culture and society. Merkel should rot in hell.

  7. Just put them all on a ship and ship them back to africa or west asia. Solution is simple but those white leaders are more keen to destroy each other rather than solving the problem. They want to destroy europe to help soros and company makes plenty of profit.

  8. People, wake up!!! No amount of policing or patrolling seas will resolve the problem. These hordes smashing they way into the UK and into Europe for rich cash benefits, free houses and the opportunity to rape without much consequences (maximum one year in prison is nothing compare to your balls being chop off if you do it in one of their countries)! Vote for leaders who promise to stop free housing, cash and health benefits and to introduce immediate deportation for any immigrant if he commits any crime, especially sexual offences!

    1. Why should a social security of a nation be abandoned. Simply stop the undesired immigrants. No need to exterminate the native vulnerable in the process.

  9. The Calais camp serves as a destabilization camp. If they wanted they could dissolve it anytime. But as Europeans shall go down, it will stay. Unless some organized Europeans are going to do something about it. Probably in few years time.
    Now it would get the any European only jail time for having made a stand.
    I also doubt if there were enough public support.

    1. There’s a lot of middle class white left wing “activists” working out of this camp who are fueling this as well. The usually dreadlocked college kids. The camp is growing every month by the thousands.

  10. I see the people of Calais are finally up in arms about the camp and protesting. Maybe it`s dawned on them that Brexit means France could be stuck with hordes of foreign filth forever more.
    Woohoo …. no more EU laws and edicts telling the Brits what we can and can`t do.

  11. Otto von Bismarck: It is not by speeches and majority resolutions that the great questions of the time are decided –– but by iron and blood.

  12. Too late now, France and the EU nations have been conquered. Police look other way and people won’t resist (lazy, decadent, apathetic). Euro males are gelded cowards refusing to defend their homeland. EU leaders are ruling by proxy controlled by globalists and Muslim top dogs. Soon-any day- mass killing, female slavery and total chaos unabated. Hell on earth is starting now, and Euro folks will be conquered without a whimper. Sorry losers indeed.

    1. They fought the Nazis, but they can’t fight off third world illegals from Africa who are using pieces of wood and branches? People who don’t know what a toilet is for? It’s totally ridiculous. This is a war with an easily subdued enemy.

  13. They could stop this in a couple of days. Bring in the army, arrest all invaders, burn the camp, and repatriate all invaders to their own countries. Follow the money, someone is making a lot of money from these illegals. Some of the truckers are accepting large sums to smuggle people into the UK. If there was no financial benefits, it would cease.

  14. Yes I read that Sharia Mays hubby is one of the top nobs in a company that are paid to find invader accommodation and house them all with tax payers pounds. So I can’t see her wanting to stop the invaders. It seems that so many politicians and their families have their snouts in the trough.

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