“Calexit” Moves One Step Closer to Actual Vote

The pipe-dream of a “Calexit”—the breaking away of the state of California from the rest of the United States—has come at least one step closer to reality with the news that the Yes California Independence movement  has the approval of the California Secretary of State to begin gathering signatures to put the matter before voters in November 2018.

According to an announcement on the California Secretary of State’s official website, the proposed “California Nationhood. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute” has been cleared to “begin collecting petition signatures.”

If the campaign collects 585,407 valid signatures, then a vote on whether to hold a secession referendum will be put on the ballot. Californians would be able to declare independence from the United States “if 50 percent of registered voters participate and 55 percent of those voting approve.”

The “California Nationhood. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute” seeks to repeal the provision in the State of California Constitution which states that “California is an inseparable part of the United States and that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land,” the statement continues.

The move “places [the] question of whether California should become a separate country on a future ballot,” and “treats result of such future vote as declaration of independence from the United States if 50 percent of registered voters participate and 55 percent of those voting approve.”

It also requires the Governor to request that California seek admission to the United Nations if voters approve the independence move.

The statement goes on to say that the “fiscal impact of this measure is dependent on various factors, including a vote by the people on this measure,” because it might face “legal challenges, and implementation issues.”

The proponent of the measure, Marcus Evans, must collect the signatures of 585,407 registered voters (8 percent of the total votes cast for Governor in the November 2014 general election) in order to qualify it for the ballot.

He has exactly 180 days to circulate petitions for the measure, meaning the signatures must be submitted to county elections officials by July 25, 2017. If they are successful in gathering the required number of signatures, then the initiative has to be placed on the 2018 California state ballot.

If that vote passes, then an independence plebiscite will be held in March 2019 on the question of California’s independence.

According to their “Blue Book” guide to the case for Californian independence, the major reasons why they seek to break away from the United States are all essentially major political differences with the rest of the country.

They claim that as the sixth largest economy in the world, “California is more economically powerful than France and has a population larger than Poland. Point by point, California compares and competes with countries, not just the 49 other states.”

Furthermore, they say, “In our view, the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment, and to the detriment of our children.”

In this regard, the campaign says that “California’s electoral votes haven’t affected a presidential election since 1876.

“On top of that, presidential election results are often known before our votes are even counted. So, why should we keep subjecting ourselves to presidents we play no role in electing, to 382 representatives and 98 senators we can’t vote for, and all the government officials and federal judges appointed by those very same people we don’t elect.”

This fact played out heavily in the most recent U.S. Presidential election, when California gave Hillary Clinton 61.5 percent of the vote (8,753,788 votes) to Donald Trump’s 33.2 percent (4,483,810 votes). This means that the state of California alone provided all the votes which allowed Clinton to win the popular vote count.

Another reason listed for independence in the Yes! California’s Blue Book is immigration. They state:

“California is the most diverse state in the United States and that is something we are proud of. This diversity is a central part of our culture and an indispensable part of our economy.

“As a U.S. state, our immigration system was largely designed by the 49 other states thirty years ago. This immigration system has since neglected the needs of the California economy and has hurt too many California families. Independence means California will be able to decide what immigration policies make sense for our diverse and unique population, culture, and economy, and that we’ll be able to build an immigration system that is consistent with our values.”

While the campaign is still relatively small—as of January 30, it claimed to only have just over 19,000 signatures, over 31,000 likes on Facebook, and 20,000 followers n Twitter, the outcome of the Presidential election indicates that their potential is far higher.

The fact that the state is majority nonwhite will also play a factor in determining the eventual outcome of the initiative, particularly as opposition to President Trump’s immigration control policies start to kick in.

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  1. Please! Please! Please secede from the union. Take all your welfare fraudsters with you. And don’t come asking the rest of us for a bailout when the your utopia fails. You’re on your own!

  2. If they achieve this, like Scotland’s wishes to leave the UK, will the people of California realise that they may have to lose the $ currency, they will be treated as a foreign country which could mean visas to travel into the other 49 states, there will be customs requirements that are not in place now, and movement of people through the other 49 states before arriving in California will also require new laws. They may well be a big state but behind closed doors, there’s a lot of problems they don’t even know about yet.

    1. And one other point. We will need to extend Trumps wall to encompass this new country as well so the deadbeats stay in their own country!

  3. Don’t forget to tell the Californians that they’ll pay for the wall around the new border to keep the illegals in California…….

  4. Trump will have to add additional extensions to his wall, and no doubt bill the soon to be formed Hispanic-dominated Democratic and Independent Californian Senate (or DICS) for the cost.

  5. Is there anything We the People can do to rush this along????? Then we can ship all the terrorists there and continue the Wall up from Mexico to cut off California. I don’t know what they ‘contribute’ except for sub-par snowflake movies and pornography. We the People can sure do without that crap.

  6. I’d be interested to know how far they’ve gone as to the nuts and bolts here.
    [1] Do they have a real or potential wall?
    [2] Is the economy really that large, or is there some element of double-counting, federal subsidy, etc? Can they manage customs, taxes etc?
    [3] If they do secede, will they keep out / welcome more and more invaders?
    [4] Are they self-sufficient in oil, water, food?
    [5] Do they have long-term loans (accumulated from borrowings)?
    It may be a salutary exercise to look at all these issues, whether or not they come to anything in practice.

    1. I know! We were just discussing the same thing here. It’s like playing Civilization, or some other world building video game. We’ll watch them start afresh and farm in the desert, build resources, a social infrastructure. It’s brilliant. All funded by Hollywood? I spent some time in LA – which in itself has as many people as all of Australia, just about, and the poverty and disorganisation in that place was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it in a first world country. It will be truly amazing to see a state full of leftist crybabies try and organise an actual system to build a country around. They will eat themselves.

    2. Their economy is A, Hollyjew, B, Agribusiness, and C, Silicon Valley Technology. Throw in tourism for good measure. Maybe they’ll make THEIR capitol Jewrewsalem too.

  7. The “California Nationhood Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute” seeks to repeal the provision in the State of California Constitution which states that…the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land,” the statement continues.”

    It’s obvious from their communist politics they did that a LONG time ago.

    “…the major reasons why they seek to break away from the United States are all essentially major political differences with the rest of the country.”

    So they finally admit their extremism, and that they DON’T represent the values of “the rest of the country” and that 95% of us are diametrically opposed to their vision for the U.S.

    “…our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment”

    Subsidizing WHAT?! It’s the rest of the nation that’s funding and subsidizing the MASSIVE population of welfare recipients and illegal aliens in California.

    As a non-Californian, where can I sign up to support the secession movement? Good riddance.

    1. They will. Like most liberal lefty idiots, they have not planned this out at all. They think Calexit is no different to Brexit.

      California has been part of the US for a very long time and as such, has become woven into the very fabric of the US politically, financially and even socially. Brexit was a split from the EU after a very short time where the UK was already self governing to a large degree and had not been fully entangled into the EU’s social, political and financial structure of complete central government. As such the UK could exit without too much trouble, California would have very severe problems if they tried to do the same.

      I would give California a year tops before their new found country started to look like Mexico or Argentina with extreme poverty and equally extreme crime rates.

  8. The media and California whiners have been repeating the “Hillary won the popular vote” meme to constantly stir up resentment among people, but that’s not really true.

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton weren’t the only two people running for president. When you add back in ALL the votes cast for both Trump and Clinton, as well as the votes submitted for Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Independent), you will quickly see that on a state-by-state basis, Hillary only won 7 of her 18 states with more than 50% of the vote. In the other 11, she won with less than 50% of the vote. That means that in 33 out of 50 states–when Americans were given the choice to vote for Hillary Clinton or anybody else, they chose anyone BUT her. I hardly call that winning the popular vote or any kind of mandate from the people.

    Whether you look at it from the perspective of percentage of total votes cast per state or Trump’s 306 electoral votes to Hillary’s measly 232, this was a decisive victory not just against her, but more importantly, an outright rejection everything she and California stand for, basically a centralized, communist, progressive, open-borders, platform.

    It’s also eye-opening to look at the national election map breakdown by counties within states. Even in states we think of as traditionally blue, like New York, only about 5 counties voted for Hillary; the entire rest of the state is red. Democrats always take the New York’s electoral votes only because of New York City. In California, over 50% of the counties are red, not blue. So even in the three or four states where Hillary won by a huge margin, the reality is quite different when you examine it county-by-county.

    This is why we need the electoral college, so that the rest of the states can be weighted fairly against those with massive metropolitan centers. Without the electoral college, only five states, California, New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois would choose the president in every election.

    1. The Democratic People’s Republic of California can also:

      Host the United Nations & take over the contributions of $8 billion / year.
      Pay all contributions to past Democrat Presidents.
      Take care of their own defense, health, education, energy.
      Don’t forget to pay for the wall to keep all your illegals migrants from straying across the border.
      Have A nice life.

  9. We already voted here only plenty of websites and it will never happen. 68% do not want this to happen. Only the illegals, criminals and the brainwashed liberals want this. California is a beautiful state. I live in Orange County and can go to the most beautiful beaches and go skiing all in one day. They are that close. Two hours away from each other. National parks and wineries that go for miles along beautiful coast for 1,000’s of miles. Since Mexico is gone and all these other countries that we used to go to on vacation are very dangerous to even think about enjoying a vacation ever again. I think we need to keep California for all our vacation sites. We do not want the Liberals to take over. They already took over San Francisco with high prices for homes and any land that is left. They should all go home to Hawaii or Israel if they want to. Do not take California away from all the people that voted for Trump. Hillary only won because she invited all these illegals in to vote for her. California for all. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP

  10. This is a great idea! Then since the Federal government burned my state capital to the ground and killed hundreds of thousands of our people when we tried to peacefully leave the “Quote” union we can do the same to california. But then they can stay separate. Keep that trash away from the rest of us.

  11. During Gov Jerry Browns first term in office, in 1975, “Moonbeam”, along with several of his Democratic cronies in office , tried to ban refugees from the Vietnam war, including orphans. Two of the reasons he stated for California’s refusal to take refugees was that too many Californians were unemployed, and they already had too many Mexicans.

    Oh, how time flies, Jerry. Ca is $400B in debt, and depends on federal funding for “Covered Ca”, their Obamacare coverage. They have no money in their state retirement accounts. I feel for all the people in Ca that don’t support their leftist agenda, and yes, there are many. Many of them will leave, as will businesses (already fleeing) if Ca votes to secede. Having less people (that contribute) and less businesses to make up their shortfall, while supporting an out of control welfare state without federal dollars may be tougher than they think. Of course, they have the weed industry, but the competition is growing for that in the surrounding states and others.

    All I can say is, if you live in Ca, you might want to leave now, or be prepared to turn in your American flag for a Mexican one. With the clowns they have in office…….well, good luck. Your governor took to much acid the first time in office, and you were stupid enough to re-elect him.

  12. during my visit to Hoover Dam a guide told us something like this “before this dam was built in 1936 California could not produce much food because of frequent draughts, but thanks to the tamed waters from Colorado river, California now can have thriving agriculture”. Since California wants to go independent, may the US can find better use for it in Arizona and Nevada? and because California is so prosperous and progressive I’m sure they can find 15-20 billions dollars a year to buy some water from the US. If that will happened good people of the US could buy couple of those Hollywood’s low grade propaganda “films” for a gallon of water.

  13. This is Mexico trying to cede California to Mexico. Put the boarder wall up, remove illegals, stop the Liberals who’s aim is to destroy the United States. I guarantee you that Soros and the Obama/Clinton’s are behind this.

  14. Cal-Exit is a bad idea. Who wants an entire independent state full of Marxists sharing a critical portion of the same landmass as the US? I thought minimizing chances of a foreign invasion was one of the main reasons for the push to the west coast during settler times, and the eventual war with Mexico. Think of the potential long term security and military implications. If they do go full commie and make alliances with nations hostile to us (which can’t be ruled out with their affection for the U.N. and “muh-diversity”), they’ll have a great physical foothold from which an attack could be staged. Better the ideological cancer get dealt with now instead of it turning into a problem later.

  15. well I want to thank you for the effort to get rid of you liberal slime, don’t think it will fly, didn’t we fight a civil war over this a while back. Just would be nice keep trying we don’t want you, we don’t need you, and it would do all the decent peoples hearts good, adios amigos

    1. It would be a cake-walk. The snowflakes there would never pick up a gun and fight for their state. Their only chance would be to blind our troops with their LBGT multicolored clothing.

  16. O.K. first secession by any state is against Federal law. Which means that if California tried this President Trump could invade with Federal forces and put this rebellion down. Then he could impose a “reconstruction” government and disenfranchise all these liberals thereby completely changing the politics of the state. So I certainly hope that California secedes. That would create a YUUUUGE opening for he President!

  17. Not gonna happen. This is grandstanding by the theatrical class. I know some folks outside California would love to see this but don’t get your hopes up.

    Fact is the eastern half of the state is red. The northern third or so of the state had been trying to secede from California and form its own state of “Jefferson” for decades. There are large contingents of retired vets living in places like 29 palms and Palm Springs whose first loyalty is the US. Plenty of rednecks and gun owners in places like Bakersfield, Redding and around Sacramento. They aren’t going to cede their rights to democrats. If the liberal idiots in SF and LA pull this off, they will rip California to pieces.

  18. Just like the mass invasion of illegals across Europe, not one of them would ever fight for their country, there again, all those men between the ages of 18 and 40 have all left their families behind to face whatever without one minute’s thought. It’s hard to say it, but they are all cowards and being called a man is an insult to all the men who have fought for their country. (Yes women also fight-but we are talking about the masses of young men across Europe).

  19. Oh please, California loves to pretend like they are so different and better than the other U.S. states. The reality is, they are just as bad if not worse (for example, they pretend to be all “green” but in reality have the worst traffic in the country because everyone drives a car; hmm). If CA citizens are bummed that Hillary didn’t win as this article states, and they keep their crooked, Democratic ass-kissing politicians (Barbara Boxer, for example) in place, they are just like the rest of the U.S. I left the country for good about a year ago; many people were like “but you can go to California!” which is silly considering they have the exact same issues the rest of the country faces: corrupt politicians, gross income inequality, high cost of living, crappy educational system, poor public transit connections, no social benefits (healthcare, for example), and more. California, you think you are so unique and special but you’re really a dyed-in-the-wool state of the U.S.

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