California: 1 Million Illegal Invaders have Received Driver’s Licenses

More than one million illegal invaders in California have been given driver’s licenses in that state, its Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has admitted.

Hundreds of people without legal status line up inside the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Stanton, Calif., for an opportunity to get their driver’s licenses following the passing of Assembly Bill 60.

According to a local news report, Assembly Bill 60, authored by then-Assemblyman Mexican-origin Luis Alejo in 2013, required California DMV offices to issue driver’s licenses to illegal invaders “as long as they can prove their identity and residence within the state.”

The law has led to 1,001,000 invaders receiving licenses as of March 31, 2018.

Obtaining a driver’s license is the first step for many invaders in worming their way into the system, as it is one of the forms of accepted photo ID for voting, for example.

This figure is of relevance to the large number of invaders who regularly vote in US elections, exactly as claimed by US President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Trump, who was supposed to give a speech at a tax roundtable in West Virginia, publicly threw away what he said were “boring” prepared remarks, and instead repeated his claim that “millions” of people were voting illegally inside the US, and that he was right about the  and boasted that he was right about the threat of illegal immigrant rapists.

 “Remember my opening remarks at Trump Tower when I opened? Everybody said, ‘Oh, he was so tough.’ I used the word rape,” Trump said.

“And yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before.”

“In many places like California, the same person votes many times. You’ve probably heard of that,” Trump said.

“They always like to say, ‘Oh, that’s like a conspiracy theory.’ Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people. And it’s very hard, because the state guards their records. They don’t want to see it.”

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