California Reaches Nonwhite Tipping Point: Whites to Dwindle to Tiny Minority

California has officially reached its nonwhite tipping point, as from today, it has lost its white majority population status and by 2060, whites will form less than a third of the population, a report from the state’s Department of Finance has said.

The report, titled “New Population Projections: California to Surpass 50 Million In 2049,” said that the Hispanic population will be even with the number of non-Hispanic whites by mid-2013.


“Early in 2014, the Hispanic population will become the plurality in California for the first time since California became a state.

“By 2060, both the black and the white populations will have increased in size, but decreased in proportion to the total population. Hispanics will comprise nearly half (48 percent) of all Californians.

“Asians will also grow significantly in population, but only marginally relative to the total population (just over 13 percent). Asians are currently just under 13 percent.

“The non-Hispanic White population will decline to 30 percent from the current 39 percent and the Black population from 6 percent to 4 percent.

“For the population as a whole, the median age will increase from 35.2 to 41.9 years old.

Whites have the highest median age in 2010 (44.5) while Asians have the highest in 2060 (47.0). Hispanics’ median age (27.2 in 2010 and 39.0 in 2060) is consistently lower than all other race groups other than multiracial.

“In 2030, there will be 9.6 million Hispanics in the prime working ages of 25 to 64; whites will have 7.2 million and Asians 3.1 million. By 2060, Hispanics will be the largest group in the working ages by a considerable margin: 12.1 million Hispanics to 7.4 million whites and 3.2 million Asians.

“An important conclusion shown from this projection series is how the age of each of the race groups will change over time. There were nearly 10 million baby-boomers in 1990, the majority being white.

“The white baby-boomer population is now aging into retirement and all will likely retire in the next two decades. As this happens, a lower percentage of the working-age population will be white and a larger percentage will be Hispanic and Asian.

“This projection series shows that by 2030, more of the white population will be 65 and older (4.1 million) than will be less than 25 years of age (3.8 million). In comparison, the Asian population will have somewhat fewer 65 years or older (1.4 million) than there will be under 25 years of age (1.6 million).

“The major contrast is with the Hispanic population: there will be 7.2 million Hispanics under 25 years of age compared to 2.2 million who will be 65 and older.

“By the end of the projection period in 2060, there will be more Hispanics over age 65 (5.1 million) than whites over 65 years (4.1 million). Asians in this age group will number 2.1 million.”

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