California’s Mexican Attorney-General Appeals Border Wall Ruling

The Mexican-origin California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced that he will be immediately appealing a ruling by a San Diego federal judge allowing construction of US President Donald Trump’s border wall.

According to a statement issued by Becerra’s office, a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is “medieval” and “does not belong in the 21st century.”

Becerra’s statement said that there are “environmental and public health laws in place, and we continue to believe that the Trump Administration is violating those laws. We will not stand idly by. We are committed to protecting our people, our values, and our economy from federal overreach.”

Becerra will be joined in his suit by the California “Center for Biological Diversity.”

Both parties have filed formal notices of appeal seeking to reverse a decision in February by U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel—another Mexican-origin individual, who is a life-time member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, and a member of the National Hispanic Prosecutors Association, as well as the Latino Judges Association.

Despite all that, Curiel ruled that the Trump administration did not abuse its discretion in waiving environmental laws in its rush to begin border wall projects along the Southwest border.

The lawsuits challenged a law that allowed the federal government not to comply with environmental and other laws and regulations when building border security projects.

They argued the law was outdated and Congress never intended for it to be an open-ended waiver for all border projects, and contended it violated constitutional provisions of separation of powers and states’ rights.

In his decision Curiel said both that the law was constitutional and it gave the Department of Homeland Security wide latitude over border security.

The full extent of the Latino invasion of America becomes apparent when it is considered that all the major actors in this ongoing farce all originally come from Mexico in the first place—as if Mexico, or any other Latin American nation would tolerate “gringos” from the North coming in, taking over their state institutions and dictating public policy.

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  1. Actually, I’m not for a wall. All that needs to be done is to enforce the immigration laws that are already in place and let ICE do their job. In any case, let this example with the Mexican attorney general of California be yet another lesson that when it comes down to rights, freedoms and protecting the U.S., brown people will NOT be on our side. They simply do not understand these higher concepts, and the blood of the great men that devised and employed them does not run through their veins. It is part of their agenda to destroy Whites and the world we created. Every time something like this happens or there is a press conference to strip Americans of more of their Constitutional rights, the supporting crowd (and very often the spokesperson) is full of non-Whites.

  2. who the hell does this asshole think he is ..californians have wanted an end to massive illegal undocumented non naturalization immigration for 40 years …its past passed rediculous stage with spanish mexican indian decendants trying o change our shit to what they want and freeloader brown is behind the lefty commie state grabbers 100% ..
    people want positive change and politician neo fascist leftist communist tyrants want to run thier own show….

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