Cameroon “Athletes” Vanish at Commonwealth Games in Australia

In yet another example of how nonwhites use any opportunity they can to illegally invade white countries, at least a quarter of the “athletes” from Cameroon taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Australia have “vanished” and will likely seek “asylum” in that country.

According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), eight Cameroon “athletes,” including three weightlifters and five boxers, have “gone missing from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Village, with some failing to turn up to their competition events this week.”

Team Cameroon chef de mission Victor Agbor Nso released a statement on Wednesday afternoon, confirming six men and two women from the 40-strong team were missing.

“The Cameroon Commonwealth team is sad to announce that eight … athletes they took to the 21st Commonwealth Games in [the] Gold Coast … are missing from their respective rooms in the Games village,” he said.

“These athletes left in three waves — first in the night of April 8 three athletes departed from the village.

“Then on [April 9] two others were declared missing and last night three others left their rooms.

Queensland Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones said the Australian Federal Police (AFP) were involved.

“They are keeping a watching brief on these athletes,” she said.

“When an athlete comes to Australia to compete in a competition we expect them to front-up on the field and compete, so we are disappointed about that.”

Nso said Cameroon team officials had notified the Australian police of the situation, as well as state officials back in Cameroon.

“In the meantime, the other two weightlifters of the delegation, along with the basketball players and officials, have already left Australia and are presently airborne for Cameroon,” he said, indicating that they too were somehow prevented from “vanishing.”

Federation chief executive David Grevemberg said it was “obviously disappointing that I think some of the athletes that have come didn’t compete as they were scheduled to compete.”

Nonwhites have a long history of absconding while supposedly taking part in athletic competitions in white countries, and even before the Commonwealth Games began, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had specifically warned athletes not to overstay their visas.

In 2012, at least seven Cameroonians left the athletes village during the London Olympic Games, and at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, 26 “athletes” and “officials” sought “asylum” in Australia.

Fourteen were “athletes” from Sierra Leone, who disappeared from the Games village during competition but later handed themselves over to immigration officials.

Observers have noted that, despite the incessant cries of “white racism” and how evil white people in general apparently are, the nonwhites still appear to want nothing better than move to white-ruled nations away from their own countries.

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  1. Why is this even a surprise? I wish I’d placed a bet on it.

    The Olympics & other athletic competitions are just excuses to grant visas in the spirit of competition, to third-worlders to overstay their “tourist” & “sports” visas, to which they will never be deported anyway.

  2. “Observers have noted that, despite the incessant cries of “white racism” and how evil white people in general apparently are, the nonwhites still appear to want nothing better than move to white-ruled nations away from their own countries.”

    Of course they do, its a no brainer, a five year old could work this out !
    Why is it so difficult for authorities in first world countries to understand that these third world immigrants will make every attempt to remain in a wealthier country, where they will either claim ayslum or live permanently under the radar ?

    We see this also in the UK, and its not confined to the world of Sport either. This same behaviour is witnessed amongst the foreign Students from these poorer third world countries too. They often over stay visas and either disappear or claim asylum once their studies are complete, some NEVER even begin their studies, disappearing soon after arriving in wealthier nations. Its my opinion that these freeloaders had no intention of ever studying to begin with, and purely used their Student visa as a back door means to a new life in a first world nation that they are NOT ENTITLED TO.

    A couple of years back in the UK I remember reading a report of Middle Eastern Soldiers, (I believe they were from Iraq) who had come to the UK to receive training from the British Army. They were of course then expected to return back to their country upon completion of their training. This was an official arrangement between the UK and Iraq.
    Whilst they stayed on a British Forces Base they should NEVER have been granted permission to leave the Base, however they did go off Base, and un escorted too as I remember. They went out at night time, consumed alcohol, and of course as you would expect believed they were entitled to do whatever they wanted with the white British females they met. After sexually assaulting the females they met, and also physically attacking our own Soldiers from the same base they were staying on they were arrested, and received a short custodial sentence. Upon release they then declared that they could no longer return home as they would be severely punished for bringing shame on their family, due to their imprisonment.
    They claimed Asylum, and were disgustingly granted this too by the British Government.

    They will of course have since exercised their human right to also bring to the UK their extended family members too. Its shameful, they were in the UK to train and not claim asylum, no wonder the UK is a laughing stock around the world.

    As you can also imagine, whats the betting that these parasites have now also returned back to their home country many times since they received the papers to remain in the UK. That same country that they claimed was now unsafe for them to return to because their lives would be in danger.

    Until first world leaders get a grip and understand that we are being taken for a ride by these third world invaders this back door means of entering our countries will continue and escalate……There are billions of them, all waiting for the opportunity to parasite off the hard working, tax paying people of western, first world nations.

  3. I live in SA and trust me, you don’t want these people in your country. The switched on whites here are preparing for the coming slaughter of our people. We have lost all of our rights here and our children’s future has been stolen

    1. British people are fighting for our human right just to survive in our OWN COUNTRY, that is being handed over by our own traitorous bastard of a government to third world Islamic scroungers, and any other freeloaders from all corners of the planet. They all believe it is their devine right to start a new life in the UK, irrespective of wether they have anything to offer this country in return, or are even willing to speak our language and abide by British Law, many refuse to meet these basic requirements.
      A Sri Lankan female has now sued our NHS, and it has been reported that it could cost them a pay out running into millions of pounds, because apparently the NHS staff failed to explain to her in her own language that she was required to feed her new born infant around the clock. She speaks very little English of coarse, so in my opinion she should never have been permitted to enter the UK in the first place. The boy is now 8 and brain damaged after she left him unfed for long periods of up to 15 hours at a time. She is blaming the UK NHS system, but the Hospital said it supported her 100%. Frankly if she did not have the intelligence to grasp that a new born baby needs feeding around the clock she should have been sterilised to prevent her from ever becoming pregnant. Even animals know how to care for their young instinctively.
      The UK taxpayer pays out millions for interpreters to assist these inbred, uneducated immigrants, many of whom are illiterate of their own language. If they cannot speak our language they should be refused entry to the UK, or at the very least pay for their own interpreters to enable them to function at a basic level in the UK. We have to provide interoperation in Schools where often English is now not the first spoken language. We also provide interpreters in Hospitals, the welfare benefits offices to enable the immigrants to claim handouts that they have never contributed to, etc…. the list is endless. Its bankrupting the UK, and many of these foreign immigrants have lived here for decades and still cannot speak any English, nor do they ever intend to make an effort to learn to do so.
      What really angers me is they are given the right to vote in elections even though they cannot speak the native language of the country they have chisen to force entry to.

      The governments latest thing is to allow returning Islamic Jihadi’s (many are foreign born) to return to the UK where they are being welcomed with open arms and given Council Houses over and above British people, some of whom have been waiting over ten years for one of these low cost homes. They also provide them with a generous welfare package, free healthcare, free schooling, and are of course willing to support up to five partners and the hordes of equally parasitic kids they have fathered too. The government believes they can offer them counselling, and other assistence to encourage them to give up their chosen barbaric life style. Its insane, these vile creatures are here to kill us and take over the country, but the establishment believes it can somehow turn them into first world, civilised human beings that will give a dam…… They are all totally incompatible with our way of life, human rights and democracy. They most definately do not belong in first world countries, and never will do either, this is not going to end well.

      It should be a privilidge to enter a foreign nation, not a human right, and privileges should be earned. I have always believed and will continue to believe that charity should begin and end at home.

      The UK government aided and abetted by the liberal loony left immigrant apologists hate their own white people with a passion and are doing their level best to make us feel ashamed just for being white. You are called a rascist, nazi, zenophobe, bigot, etc….even if you dare to suggest that we should control immigration from foreign countries. Its dusgusting, the UK cannot keep on taking in between 300,000 and 650,000 people every year.

      We now have a population density of 713 people for every square mile of our tiny 93,400 square mile land mass. The population is officially said to be 66 million, unofficially it is far higher around 80 milion and rising. We as an Island nation are now close to total collapse, our infrastrcture cannot cope, NHS Hospitals and GP Surgeries, Schools, housing, electricity grid and many other services are all at breaking point, and our roads are almost gridlocked, there is currently around 35 – 37 million vehicles on British roads, which is far too many.

      I feel for you deeply Pierre, and I wish I could say come to the UK, but believe me its not good over here, especially in our Capitol City where knife crime, acid throwing etc….are now common place thanks to Sadiq Khan the Islamic Mayor. Many of these invaders use Machetes to attack their victims with, which I appreciate you will be only too familiar with.

      Grooming, abuse, rape and gang rape of western white females and children, and also Sikh females to a degree is now spreading throughout the country. Wherever you have large numbers of males from Islamic countries, and in particular Pakistan there is always rape on a massive scale. This behaviour is deeply engrained in these third world Islamic males, in their mind it is their right to rape white western women who they call whores, slags, easy meat. They are taught from a very young age that this is acceptable practice, but NOT IN THE UK.
      The authorities turn a blind eye to this and have been doing so for decades, as they live in fear of being accused of racism, and the Moslems know this too. Millions of young western girls and women have fallen victim to these sub humans.

      The British non Moslem population are now also forced to eat Halal food served in fast food restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc.. and it is also creeping into supermarkets, who we know are threatened with violence for non compliance.

      In truth Moslems are now using force all across the UK to ensure that their demands are met. In our Royal Parks they openly pray and get in everyone’s way and the Police refuse to enforce the rules as laid down by these Parks which clearly state that NO religious prayer is permitted by any faith. Moslems also pray in the middle of our roads running through many of our Towns and Cities which have now been infested with them, its shameful and its disgusting. The Government has brought in Hate Speech Laws specifically to protect Moslems from anything said or done that may offend them. Yet they are free to speak their mind and offend us and will not be even approached, let alone arrested.

      I will finish now, but could write an entire book on the downfall of the United Kingdom, which is now being Islamised bit by bit.

      Experts say we will be an Islamic nation by 2030.

    2. Please continue to send out delegations to Western Nations for safe haven. Aussies are writing to their govt to ensure S A farmers etc can immigrate to Oz. Make formal application to Trump for safe haven. And to Dr Ben Carson, Sen for Housing USA to make sure you are placed in housing as a priority . w
      ell, why should all the third worlds get priority housing ALL the time. ?? ps Don’t cling to your right to land compensation, Your life is worth much more.

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