Can Donald Trump Win? Redux

Donald Trump can win the US Presidential election in November—if he takes the states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, far leftist activist and film propagandist Michael Moore has warned.

Moore pointed out that all Trump has to do is carry the states that Mitt Romney won in 2012 and those four extra states—where polls shows Trump already leads—to win.


Writing on his personal website, Moore—possibly most famous for his Fahrenheit 9/11 movie which exposed the George Bush presidency’s lies and distortions leading up to the Iraq War—addressed himself to his far left fans, saying that he was the  “bearer of bad news.”

This bad news, he said, was like “last summer when I told you that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president.”

“And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: Donald J. Trump is going to win in November. President Trump. Go ahead and say the words, ‘cause you’ll be saying them for the next four years,” Moore said.

His first point is that although there are large numbers of people in America who support Clinton, there are some inherent problems in getting them out to vote—especially the nonwhite voters.

Moore—of course—blames whites for the fact of low nonwhite voter turnout, claiming, quite falsely, that whites somehow do all they can to stop nonwhites from voting.

This obvious lie aside, Moore’s point about low nonwhite voter turnout has nonetheless an element of truth to it. He writes:

“If people could vote from their couch at home on their X-box or PlayStation, Hillary [Clinton] would win in a landslide.

“But that is not how it works in America. People have to leave the house and get in line to vote.

“And if they live in poor, Black or Hispanic neighborhoods, they not only have a longer line to wait in, everything is being done to literally stop them from casting a ballot. So in most elections it’s hard to get even 50 percent to turn out to vote.”

Moore goes on to point out that “therein lies the problem for November—who is going to have the most motivated, most inspired voters show up to vote?

“You know the answer to this question. Who’s the candidate with the most rabid supporters?

“Whose crazed fans are going to be up at 5 a.m. on Election Day, kicking ass all day long, all the way until the last polling place has closed, making sure every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Bob and Joe and Billy Bob and Billy Joe and Billy Bob Joe) has cast his ballot? That’s right. That’s the high level of danger we’re in,” Moore claims.

He then moves on to what he calls “Midwest Math,” saying that he believes that Trump “is going to focus much of his attention on the four blue states in the rustbelt of the upper Great Lakes—Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Traditionally, these four states have voted Democratic, but, he points out, each of them have elected a Republican governor since 2010, and Pennsylvania only recently switched back to a Democrat.

Furthermore, he says, in the Michigan primary in March, more Michiganders came out to vote for the Republicans (1.32 million) than the Democrats (1.19 million), and Trump is ahead of Hillary in the latest polls in Pennsylvania and tied with her in Ohio.

This is because the “Clintons’ support of NAFTA helped to destroy the industrial states of the Upper Midwest. Trump is going to hammer Clinton on this and her support of TPP [the Trans-Pacific Partnership] and other trade policies that have royally screwed the people of these four states,” Moore asserts.

“When Trump stood in the shadow of a Ford Motor factory during the Michigan primary, he threatened the corporation that if they did indeed go ahead with their planned closure of that factory and move it to Mexico, he would slap a 35 percent tariff on any Mexican-built cars shipped back to the United States.

“It was sweet, sweet music to the ears of the working class of Michigan, and when he tossed in his threat to Apple that he would force them to stop making their iPhones in China and build them here in America, well, hearts swooned and Trump walked away with a big victory that should have gone to the governor next-door, John Kasich.

“From Green Bay to Pittsburgh, this, my friends, is the middle of England—broken, depressed, struggling, the smokestacks strewn across the countryside with the carcass of what we use to call the Middle Class.

“Angry, embittered working (and nonworking) people who were lied to by the trickle-down of Reagan and abandoned by Democrats who still try to talk a good line but are really just looking forward to rub one out with a lobbyist from Goldman Sachs who’ll write them nice big check before leaving the room.”

And this, he says, is where the math comes in.

“In 2012, Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. Add up the electoral votes cast by Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It’s 64.

“All Trump needs to do to win is to carry, as he’s expected to do, the swath of traditional red states from Idaho to Georgia (states that’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton), and then he just needs these four rustbelt states.

“He doesn’t need Florida. He doesn’t need Colorado or Virginia. Just Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And that will put him over the top. This is how it will happen in November.”

Moore then goes on—typically—to make a number of snide barely concealed anti-white remarks, before admitting that another real factor is what he calls the “Hillary Problem.”

He addresses it this way: “Can we speak honestly, just among ourselves?

“Let’s face it: Our biggest problem here isn’t Trump—it’s Hillary. She is hugely unpopular—nearly 70 percent of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest.

“She represents the old way of politics, not really believing in anything other than what can get you elected. That’s why she fights against gays getting married one moment, and the next she’s officiating a gay marriage.

“Young women are among her biggest detractors … the kids don’t like her, and not a day goes by that a millennial doesn’t tell me they aren’t voting for her.

“No Democrat, and certainly no independent, is waking up on November 8th excited to run out and vote for Hillary the way they did the day Obama became president or when Bernie was on the primary ballot. The enthusiasm just isn’t there.

“And because this election is going to come down to just one thing—who drags the most people out of the house and gets them to the polls—Trump right now is in the catbird seat.”

Moore’s assessment has failed to take into account the growth of the nonwhite electorate numbers, but otherwise his predictions are not completely out of question.

As pointed out earlier, Trump’s chances of winning are not going to be determined by the combined nonwhite-liberal vote, but rather exclusively by a remarkable—and to date, unprecedented—white voter turnout.


* Almost as if on cue, a number of new polls for July 26 have shown a sharp increase in Trump’s numbers, with an LA Times/USC poll putting Trump at 47 and Clinton at 40—on a national level.

This figure was up substantially from previous national polls which showed Trump holding a much narrower lead over Clinton.

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  1. I remember an old saying, “getting to the top is the easy bit, staying there is another matter.” The USA with its massive population still has only two political parties – why? As with other countries, both have lived well beyond their income and it’s the future generations that will pick up the bill. Donald Trump is a one-off, and if he makes it, even money says ‘he’ll change the face of politics’, whether he actually does is to be seen.

  2. Unfortunately Trump will not win because of racial demographics. The US white populstion is about 60% white and 40% nonwhite. I believe the 60% may actually be on the high side really about 57% white. 99% nonwhites will vote for HELLary. About 30% white liberal leftists will vote dummocratic.
    Trump will not win.
    Moore is a hog of a scumbag slong with his hymiewood scuzzies. I don’t believe anything he says.

  3. Actually Trump always addressed his concern, support for Hispanics, blacks, Jews and Israel. And never the white population. So don’t get excited.

  4. Considering their nauseating, obsequious loyalty to Isarel, the choice between Clinton and Trump seems like between the plague and cholera. Real America appears as kaput as the “old” EU and Britain. One feels like crying but also laughing. By entrusting your finances, media and educational system into the paws of you-know-who, you gave evidence of simply suicidal stupidity. Gifted but stupid.

    1. Putin was loyal to jews and they put him up as their puppet. Viktor Orban was schooled and promoted by Soros. And lot of other guys. We don,t know how loyal Donald is before he secured his positions. Maybe Donald jews end up like Putin wannabe puppetmasters, Khodorkovsky in jail and Berezovski hanged himself in the bathroom.

  5. I cant understand why the Dems stand behind Clinton, worst liar Ive ever seen and totally selfserving, if they elect her they get what they deserve

  6. Even if Trump gets more honest votes, he will not win. The democrats have been perfecting their election rigging system for the last 8 years. Between voting multiple times, dead voters and rigged voting machines the Republicans haven”t a chance..

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