Can Trump Win? AI and Experts Think So

An Artificial Intelligence system that accurately predicted the winners of the last three U.S. elections, and an electoral expert who has correctly predicted election victories for the past 30 years, have both said that Donald Trump will win the presidential election.

The claims fly in the face of the numerous “polls” conducted by the blatantly biased controlled media, which has waged an unprecedented hate campaign against Trump.


According to a report in the International Business Times (IBT), the artificial intelligence (AI) system that accurately predicted the outcomes of the last three U.S. presidential elections has put Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

The AI system called MogIA was created in 2004 by Sanjiv Rai, founder of Indian IT company

The system works by processing 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the IBT explained.

It then analyzes the information to generate predictions, taking into account data such as engagement with tweets and viewership of Facebook Live videos.

“If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years,” developer Rai was quoted as saying.

Having already correctly predicted the winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries, the system found that people are 25 percent more engaged with Trump than they were with Barack Obama at his peak in 2008—the year he was elected president.

“While most algorithms suffer from programmers/developer’s biases, MogIA aims at learning from her environment, developing her own rules at the policy layer and develop expert systems without discarding any data,” Rai said.

In September this year, Professor Allan Lichtman from Washington D.C.’s American University, told the Washington Post that Trump is most likely to win based on a system of true/false statement that he calls “Keys to the White House.”

Professor Lichtman, who, the newspaper added, had correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984, said he based his predictions on “13 true/false questions, where an answer of ‘true’ always favors the reelection of the party holding the White House.”

“If six or more of the 13 keys are false — that is, they go against the party in power — they lose. If fewer than six are false, the party in power gets four more years,” he said.

These “keys” include questions about who holds the most seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, the lack of a significant third party campaign, the economy, the extent of a real policy change should a challenger win, the level of social unrest, foreign, and military policies.

“The keys have nothing to do with presidential approval polls or horse-race polls,” Professor Lichtman said, going on to make it evident that he personally dislikes Trump a great deal. However, on his system the Democratic party has definitely “lost” five of the “keys,” and is well on course to lose a sixth, which, he said, would give the election to Trump by default.

The New Observer has long predicted that Trump can only win if at least 70 percent of whites turn out to vote, and that he takes at least two-thirds of the white vote. Anything less than that will see a liberal minority white vote team up with the block nonwhite vote to grant Clinton victory—which was exactly how Obama was twice elected.

Trump’s only hope therefore, lies in previous non-voters turning out, a fact to which he alluded in a recent speech, where he mentioned that reports coming in from the early voting figures revealed a massive surge in people who had never voted before.

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  1. The media is well known for trying to inflict their bias on the public and this is happening right across Europe as well. It is staggering that the Democrats are crying ‘foul play’ over Clinton’s emails, yet take delight in digging up historical tapes of that Trump said and did. I asked three ladies if they would have remained silent for 20 years or more if the man next to them on the plane groped them, and the answer was a resounding NO with two saying they would have called the cabin crew after they had slapped the guy in the face. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air and fingers crossed, he gets there.

    1. I wholeheartedly support Trumps views on migration, and he always looks smart, but when he opens his mouth he`s no statesman. He needs a radical motormouth makeover or he`d be a laughing stock on the world stage.

      1. I agree II, he doesn’t speak the lingo but that’s because he’s an ordinary guy not a politician. Personally I find it very refreshing but don’t worry, he will have plenty of advisors. He will make a great President and I have to say he certainly looks more Presidential of late.
        Keeping everything crossed for America.X

    2. You are totally correct Bryn. I laughed last week with the interview on CNN, Katie Hopkins called it the Clinton News Network. Gorani tried to talk over her but KH works on radio and was having none of the anchors tricks.
      Lets hope Trump wins, the world needs to come up for some fresh air as it is politically stale right now.

  2. The trick is, mainstream polls showing that Clinton will win might actually help and create opposite result as this will motivate all Trump’s supporters to vote, and make some lazy Clinton’s supporters to stay at home, cause what’s the point, “she’s gonna win anyway”. Hope this will happen.

    1. After this week, even more will stay home out of sorrow and shame for her and what she’s put them through. I almost feel sad for them. NOT!

  3. TRUMP! will win! but it’s up to the great majority to get up off the couch and head down to the polling booth!make that effort…get outta bed!for History will be made! by YOU! the American people!you will get your borders back! you will get your country back!! you will get your life back! Make America great again! on Nov 8.get all your friends and family out to Vote TRUMP!!! call all your friends!EVERYONE VOTE TRUMP!

    1. I did my part tonight! May Pepe and Kek and the rest of us vote and prove this horrid women wrong. Signs all go up tues am. We were deplorable before it was cool! TRUMP!

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