Canada: Arson Attack on Hotel Housing US Border Jumpers

Police in Toronto have issued CCTV images of a woman they say is responsible for an attempted arson attack on a Radisson hotel in northern Toronto, Canada, housing 570 nonwhite “asylum seeker” border jumpers from the US.

According to a statement issued by the police, on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 10:34 p.m., police and Toronto Fire Services responded to a fire at a hotel at 55 Hallcrown Place, the address of a Radisson hotel in the city’s north east.

“The hotel was evacuated and Toronto Fire Services extinguished the fire and contained the smoke, there were no injuries,” the police statement said.

“It was later determined that the fire had originated on the third floor of the building, and had been started intentionally.”

The police then released security camera images of the woman “who is believed to be responsible for starting the fire,” saying that she is “described as 5’6″ to 5’8″, with a medium build. She was wearing a black hooded jacket, dark pants, and blue running shoes.”

The Toronto Star, covered the story in article written by Chinese journalist Nicholas Keung (whose official biography states that “his work has been recognized by Urban Alliance on Race Relations and the Canadian Association of Refuge Lawyers”) by instantly blaming the “far right”—even though there is no indication as of yet who carried out the attack.

The images released by the police are not clear enough to determine the alleged arsonist’s race, never mind what motivation there might have been, but rather than wait until a suspect is actually apprehended, the anti-white Keung and his newspaper have already blamed whites for the incident.

According to Keung’s article, “The fire follows an online anti-refugee campaign involving postings on right-wing websites and included a video taken by trespassers showing what they claimed was vandalism by refugees staying at the hotel.”

The article then goes on to quote an array of far-left “anti-racists,” including, of course, Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network—who is the former chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress—and of course who supports Israel which is the only country in the world with racially-based marriage, citizenship, and immigration policies.

Keung does go on to reveal that there are “currently 2,600 irregular migrants staying in Toronto’s shelter system and four hotels in the GTA are contracted to accommodate the overflow. The hotels will still be needed in the new year if the arrival of migrants continues at the same rate. The city is also planning to add 1,000 new shelter beds by the end of 2019.

“Between January and August, 14,125 asylum seekers arrived in Canada through unguarded border crossings. After a brief dip in arrivals in May and June, the number rose again in July and August. Although almost all irregular migrants come in through Quebec, many are destined for English-speaking Ontario.”

All these “border jumpers” are nonwhites whose “asylum applications” are so patently bogus that they were rejected by the US authorities, and have instead decided to parasite off the liberal Canadian establishment instead.

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