Canada: Invaders “Can’t Be Deported”

Illegal invaders pretending to be refugees from 13 Third World states who cross into Canada from the U.S. cannot be deported, no matter how flimsy their “asylum” claims might be.

According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), invaders claiming to be from Somalia, the Gaza Strip, Syria, Mali, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Burundi, Haiti, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraq, will not be deported from Canada no matter what their personal circumstances might be.

The CBSA has two categories of non-deportation countries. The first, “Administrative deferral of removals” (ADR), is “meant to be a temporary measure when immediate action is needed to temporarily defer removals in situations of humanitarian crisis.”

According to the CBSA, once the “situation in a country stabilizes the ADR is lifted and the CBSA resumes removals for individuals who are inadmissible to Canada and have a removal order in effect. “

However, as most invaders already know, once they have been granted any sort of legal status in Canada, it becomes almost impossible to remove them once again.

An ADR is currently in place for certain regions in Somalia (Middle Shabelle, Afgoye, and Mogadishu), the Gaza Strip, Syria, Mali, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Burundi, and Haiti.

The second category of non-deportation countries are listed under the “Temporary suspension of removals” (TSR) category.

The CBSA says that the “TSR program interrupts removals to a country or place when general conditions pose a risk to the entire civilian population.”

Canada currently has a TSR in place for Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraq.

The exceptions in effect mean that any invader who can claim to be from one of the listed countries will get to stay in Canada if they can make it across the border from the U.S. illegally—as hundreds are currently doing.

According to a recent report in the Winnipeg Free Press, the situation means that “many of the asylum claimants who sought refuge in Canada via the United States this year might get to stay in the country long term even if their asylum claims are rejected.”

The non-deportation status allows them to apply for work permits, receive social assistance and if—or—when Canada eventually lifts the ban on deportations, they will be allowed to apply for permanent resident status before being deported. Canada did this for citizens of Haiti and Zimbabwe in 2014, when the temporary deportation bans on both those countries were lifted.

While the Canada Border Services Agency has not yet issued any official statistics on the origins of the invaders crossing into Manitoba from the U.S., it has confirmed that “most” are from Somalia and Djibouti.

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  1. Canada is so doomed, especially with the Islam-loving PM Justin Trudeau. Our city’s streets are full of nasty, self-invited Third-World criminal types that we rub shoulders with on a daily basis. We the grass roots come into contact with the undesirable riffraff, but of course the assclown enabler Trudeau never sees any of them in his elitist bubble.

    Trudeau is Canada’s White Obama: he can’t pour Muslims into the country fast enough the way the impostor O. did in the States. He wants to turn Canada into an Islamic cesspool, and his chances of succeeding are excellent. There’s nobody or nothing ( except a miracle) to stop the traitor! R.I.P. Canada!

  2. Same here in UK. Whole communities laid waste, even with people still living in them. In my borough- Church with busy thriving community evicted and sold to incomers. Shops and local services gone-over inflated local “taxes” designed to destroy businesses, then no Police, or even doctors. It will soon become an Islamic “Community” all within three years, where until last year all was European. This is genocide writ large. Houses being driven out of prices range of locals and even properties seized to house incomers-colonisers. How do I know? I am the local Old Catholic Bishop.

    On Saturday I was nearly assaulted in broad daylight. No Police, no shops, no chemist, no health centres- all gone and empty for the colonisers. Try to get people to protest and they stare at you as if one is mad. I warned a man about the group that had attempted to “Happy slap” me but he simply thought I was trying to involve him in a conversation. Three minutes later after rudely telling me he was not a police officer- he was attacked himself.

    These people live in their own little worlds. I must admit to a an ironic sense of humour. I stuttered “I was trying to warn you of the danger!” He simply stared at me as though I were responsible. This is happening across UK. Nobody is interested unless it affects them personally. Society does not work like that.

  3. The rules for deferring removal of illegal immigrants mentioned in the article are a typical example of how the establishment attempt to deceive the public into accepting uncontrolled immigration from the Third World. The fact is that the authorities do not want to remove these illegal immigrants under any circumstances and talk of ‘humanitarian crisis’ is just a pretext for not enforcing the law. As The New Observer has pointed out before there is no country in the world where ‘general conditions pose a risk to the entire civilian population’. Insurgencies are always localized so refugees rarely have to cross borders to find safety. They certainly do not have to travel to another continent.

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