Canada: “All Parties too White”

The president of Canada’s third largest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), has announced that all parties in that country are “too white” and that this urgently needs to be changed.

The comments, which would have landed her in court on “race hate” charges if she had said that all parties were “too nonwhite,” were made by NDP president Rebecca Blaikie live on air on CBC Radio.

NDP too white

Discussing her party’s newly-released “Campaign 2015 Review,” which had been commissioned to establish why the NDP had lost 59 seats and slipped from first to third place in the polls during the 2015 federal election, Blaikie said that the NDP “needs to aggressively diversify its ranks in order to better reflect Canadian society.”

“I think the party’s too white; I think all parties are too white. But so are we, and so let’s start doing some better outreach and acknowledging that, so we can change the look of the folks around the table,” Blaikie said in an interview on CBC Radio’s “The House.”

The party’s review said that it needs to reach out to a “broader and more diverse audience,” which could be achieved by “diversifying our staff by reaching out into under-represented communities.”

Blaikie added that her party’s effort to recruit “diverse candidates” has fared well because “it crafted policies and set targets to recruit candidates of color, indigenous candidates, and candidates living with disabilities,” and noted that the NDP had run the “most diverse slate of any party in Canadian history in the last election.”

NDP leader Tom Mulcair is widely believed to have sunk the party’s electoral chances when he announced that he would support the right of “new citizens” to wear the Muslim veil, the niqab, at all citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

“[The niqab] hurt us terribly,” Muclair Blaikie admitted in an earlier interview. “It was measured. I can share with you that the polling we did showed we dropped over 20 points in 48 hours here in Quebec because of the strong stand I took on the niqab.”

Despite this, Blaikie insisted that it “wasn’t only” Mulcair’s support for the niqab that sank the party, but also the party’s “failure to craft a distinctly Quebec-focused campaign.”

Mulcair, who will be the subject of a leadership review vote at the party’s convention during the second week of April, faces criticism for his performance from party members. A leadership election could be triggered if 50 percent plus one delegate at the convention supports such a move.

The party’s election review said that the party also had to “identify missing voices and diversifying our staff by reaching out into underrepresented communities,” and strengthen its “internal call to action in the fight against racism and discrimination by developing outreach, engagement, and communications strategies that reach out explicitly to a broader and more diverse audience.”

The party also wants to “further efforts to diversify our caucus and staff, as well as explore the potential for strategic communications in a wider variety of languages,” and develop a “network of support for indigenous candidates, candidates of color, and people living with a disability.”

Any party adopting a program which substituted the word “white” with any of the groups so named would instantly be accused of being “racist” and could even be prosecuted for “race hate.”

However, because these measures are designed to discriminate against whites, there will be no media uproar, and no condemnation from other parties—yet more evidence that there is one set of rules for white people, and a completely different set of rules for everyone else.

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    1. tell me about it,i live in this shithole,my once proud country,now has become the terrorist haven of the world!

  1. what is wrong with these people, are they ashamed of being white, I am proud to be white they should stop obsessing with the ethnic races we do not need them, they need us.

    1. She’s fat and ugly and can’t cut it, so she wants her revenge on white aesthetics and probably a chance of a bit of hot kebab-roll.

  2. “I think the party’s too white; I think all parties are too white…”
    No worries, sweety, you can move to Africa anytime and all your problems will be suddenly gone. And one of the Canadian’s, too.

    1. I’m sure non-Whites are the only ones who want to have sex with the ugly whore. Self-respecting Whites would avoid her like the Trash that she is!

  3. A porcine call for more curry chefs in government. Much needed ethnic camouflage for the lousy sort of mediocre’s that the civil service attracts. Anyone who has gone to school with these political flowers knows what sort of defective characters; and issues based losers, these degenerate bureaucrats really are. Given the authority, the entire governments of any white nation could judiciously be fully re-populated with totally competent ethnic-nationals in a matter of weeks. Rebecca Blaikie and the entire Canadian Government can go pound sand.

  4. She is chasing the non white vote like Labour and Tories in UK this is a trend that is gathering pace as more non white migrants become settled in society. Blair when UK Prime Minister encouraged UK immigration from Asia and Africa to build his vote for future elections.

  5. Just received this from Canada :

    Canada does it again . . . coming here soon to a school near you . . .
    A non denominational school is forced to allow two muslim kids to pray.
    Receives 26000` of taxpayers money for “discrimination.” …. I kid you not !

  6. We need to call these people out. People who say something is “too white” need to be asked “what is wrong with that” and then pressed when the give some canned answer like ” we need diversity.” Ask them “why do we need diversity?” Press them to show any real benifit by adding more blacks and mexicans etc. The truth is there is no benifit. Call these people out.

  7. Well you have 2 choices as a minimum. First kill yourself that would reduce the whites in your party. The second is to paint your face black or pretend to be a native like Liz Warren does.

  8. Rebecca Blaikie an anti-white racist. She wants things to change not because they are broke but because she hates white people. Especially in large numbers.

  9. I can’t understand where all this anti-white sentiment is coming from, people are sick. Poles, Hungarians etc are proud of their race, good for them. I also don’t understand why Muslims pray so much and yet are hell bent on killing people, they seem to be filled with so much hate. Society seems to be becoming increasingly sick, I am so glad I have not bought children into such a toxic world

    1. A major part of our problem today is the refusal of so many white people to have children. You have made a serious error not having any.

      1. If our politicians hadn`t imported Moslime fast breeding layabouts we wouldn`t be in the mess we`re in now.
        Successive governments cite a low birthrate as the reason for bringing in immigrants. Cobblers!!
        Whites still have low birthrates yet have to work their bollocks off to support a booming birthrate and benefits system. Go figure !

    2. It is the object of the jews to destroy Europe and the US with non white immigration. There is also the Couldenhove-Kalergi plan.

  10. just what we need- more vote-whores like the liberals Whites are still the majority and if they did vote like the immigrant block voters, maybe we could have culturally similar majority legislators instead of a bunch of clowns who can barely speak english. and just what is ‘Diversity is our strength” supposed to mean!!! Nonsensical, fatuous drivel!!!

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