Canada Prepares for Mexican Surge

Canada will next week lift visa requirements for visitors from Mexico—imposed in 2009 to halt a surge in illegal invaders—as part of that far left government’s response to the Donald Trump election victory.

When the visa was imposed, the number of Mexicans entering Canada fell by two-thirds and 9,000 Mexican “refugee” applications per year halted completely.


The lifting of the visa requirement was announced during Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s visit to Ottawa in June, and the implementation date is Thursday, December 8.

According to reports, Mexico “will help weed out illegitimate claimants from flying to Canada with increased screening and information sharing,” while the Canadian government “has reserved the right to re-impose restrictions if it sees too many refugees.”

What “too many refugees” might be is an open question, and how anyone could seriously claim “refugee status” from Mexico is a complete mystery, making a mockery of the Canadian government’s claims.

Between 2005 and 2008, Canadian officials said refugee claims from Mexico nearly tripled, making Mexico the number one source country for claims. Of the more than 9,400 claims filed by Mexicans in 2008, just 11 percent were accepted.

Mexican Ambassador Agustin Garcia-Lopez Loaeza claimed that the number of Mexican visitors to Canada will rise to 300,000 in 2017 from about 200,000 this year.

After the visa was introduced, the number of Mexican asylum seekers plunged—dropping to 120 in 2015—but the Canadian government came under tremendous political pressure from Mexico to end the policy.

Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship has downplayed any concerns, arguing that the visa lift will yield deeper ties between Canada and Mexico and boost tourism.

“We are very happy to welcome more Mexican tourists to this country and to accept the jobs that go along with that,” John McCallum recently told the House of Commons. “Of course we knew there were risks. There are risks when you do anything.”

The government will continue to closely monitor migration from Mexico, he said, and could move to reinstate the visa if it sees a spike in the number of Mexican asylum seekers.

 “There would come a point where a visa could be reimposed,” he said. “Canada retains its sovereignty on this issue. There comes a point where it would become unsustainable, but we are hoping that point will not arrive.”

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  1. So you can fly to Mexico and then walk across the Canadian border into the USA. Those globalists have it all figured out, don’t they? Anything, to keep that immigrant stream going – no matter what. Do we need to build a wall on the Canadian border now too?

    1. Did you mean fly from mexico…
      Anyways, outside of the colder winters, the benefits for these bogus refugees up here is better, unfortunately!

  2. This article makes the excellent point that all claims of “refugee status” from Mexico are utterly ridiculous—brazen parasites every one of them! All part of the planned NWO Globalist merger of World Region 6 or whatever, comprising Canada, US & Mexico as one “country” called “Canamexico”, last I heard. Stealth Genocide Against Europeans worldwide, using the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

  3. They may actually have an asylum claim. Mexico is as bad, if not worse than Chicago with the gangland murders. It’s probably a bigger war zone than Syria.

  4. DON’T COME HERE! The Syrians have been 1 year and are now an unemployed 50,000 mob at our provincial welfare offices! NOP MORE REFUGEES FOR CANADA!PLEASE!

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