Canada: Somali Truck Ram Terrorist Crossed 11 Safe Countries and Jumped US Border

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, the Somali “asylum seeker” who carried out the September 2017 truck-ram terrorist attack in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, crossed 11 safe countries—and was one of the US-Canada border jumpers—before entering Canada, it has now emerged.

As revealed in a new report published by the Edmonton Journal, the actual path taken by Sharif reveals precisely how the nonwhite invasion of white countries is being carried out—and of how stupid the white nations are to believe all the made-up nonsense about “refugees.”

The report reveals exactly how Sharif was able to journey to the Mexico-California border and then, once across and legally present on an asylum petition that ended with a deportation order, still managed to head north and cross the U.S.-Canada border.

Sharif left Somalia in about 2008, first to Kenya where his mother still lives. From Kenya, Sharif made his way to Tanzania, then Zambia, Namibia, and, finally Angola. There he found a smuggler and with an unspecified amount of family money, joined “a group that was traveling to Brazil.”

The report points out that Brazil is a common starting point for Africans seeking to invader America because “it’s easier to get visas there.” Sharif stayed on in Brazil for a while, finding work with a company that processes chickens before moving on.

Sharif’s travel route then moved from Brazil to Mexico using well-established routes to Colombia and then Panama, and on through Central America to Mexico.

On July 12, 2011, Sharif arrived at the San Ysidro port of entry across from Tijuana, Mexico. He had no documents and no legal status to enter the United States, so he was detained for three days.

The report notes that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported at the time that Shariff had “no criminal history”—an indication in itself of how deliberately race-blind the establishment, because Somalia is another fake Third World “country” which has no real police force and no functioning government that could have recorded criminal history, even an arrest had been made.

Once in the US, Sharif applied for “asylum,” but his claim was so patently bogus that it was rejected and he was ordered deported. Of course, this deportation never happened.

ICE San Diego released him into the United States on an order of supervision in late 2011, and ordered him to report back on January 24, 2012, in order to be deported.

Of course, Shariff never showed up, and with the freedom granted to him, he traveled to Buffalo, N.Y., “to try his luck in Canada” with a “refugee” claim, crossing the border on January 9, 2012.

The “Safe Third Country Agreement” between the United States and Canada should have meant hat Shariff would be ineligible for “refugee status” on grounds that he had already been rejected in the US and was under a deportation order and supervised release.

However, that agreement has an “exemption” for those with family members. It is claimed that Sharif had a brother in Toronto, and that his was how he stayed in Canada, and was granted refugee status in Canada in 2012 by that country’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

Usually, refugee status in Canada is granted on the grounds that applicants are unable to return to home countries because of a “well-founded fear of persecution.” The fact that Sharif had travelled through 11 safe countries first did not appear to feature in the Canadian reasoning.

* Sharif is currently in custody awaiting a criminal trial in Edmonton on five charges of attempted murder.

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  1. That map is brilliant, showing the whole length of his journey toward the West, in order to kill a kafir to gain his entry ticket to the “Paradise Brothel in the Sky”, as every Muslim man, woman & child is REQUIRED to do. Westerners, especially Deluded Christians, still cannot believe this most basic tenet of Islam. They need to wake up.

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