Canada Struggles with Rising Black and Amerind Prison Population

Baffled race-blind liberals in the Canadian government are reportedly besides themselves over the news that nonwhites now constitute 40 percent of that country’s prison population, and the costs of keeping them is rising to billions of dollars per year.

Figures which emerged in a recently released report issued by the ombudsman for federal inmates in Canada included the following:

– Amerinds constitute 22 percent of that country’s prison population, although they only make up 4 percent of the total population.

– Blacks make up a further 10 percent of the total prison population, yet according to official statistics make up only 2.9 percent of the country’s population.

– A further 10 percent of prisoners are classed as “non-Caucasian.” Although their racial origin is not specified, it is likely that they are Chinese or other Asian.

– Black inmates are more likely than the general inmate population to do time in maximum security and solitary confinement.

– Black inmates are less likely to hold prison jobs—their prison unemployment rate is 7 percent, while the rate for all prisoners is just 1.5 percent.

– Black inmates are also less likely to be released on parole, mainly because of behavioral problems which disqualify them.

– The incarceration rate of blacks has rocketed by more than 80 percent in the last ten years.

– The incarceration rate of “aboriginal women” also increased by 80 percent in the past decade.

– At the same time, the number of “Caucasian” inmates declined by three percent.

– The federal budget for the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has increased 40 percent to $2.6 billion in the past five years, most of it being spent on building 2,700 new cells.

“Today, four in 10 of the federal inmate population is comprised of non-Caucasian offenders,” the ombudsman report said, adding that black inmates are “over-represented,” particularly in maximum-security institutions.

Of course, in usual fashion, rather than face the reality of race and a worldwide nonwhite tendency to crime no matter what the environment, the Canadian liberals have tried to blame “white racism” for the figures.

According to the ombudsman report, it is all due to “systemic racism” and in one area of Toronto, a class-action lawsuit has been filed over alleged “racial profiling by police.”

Once again, rather than face the realities of racial differences, and the psychology which underpins them, liberals find it easier just to blame whites, like they always do.

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  1. The only answer is repatriation. Blacks need to return to their african homelands where they can build the middle class utopias they allege they can build. The real world definition of ‘diversity’ is white genocide.

    1. Can you imagine? They can’t even keep a developed area running when it’s been handed to them on a silver platter in perfect working order.
      Imagine them actually building!!

      1. Yeah look at the USA. That’s a mess it’s in today. yes, Bush, Clinton and the others were responsible. But it is manifold worse in the last few years.

    2. Repatriation is the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship. Great idea, all the white people should go back to Europe, all the invaders of our lands should go back their place of origin. I love the idea of Repatriation! get off our lands and get back on your boats and sale back to where ever your ancestors came from!!

      1. OK we will do that. But please, can we take all our evil White Colonial things with us?
        Like writing, reading, clothes, technology, education, healthcare, schools, universities, plumbing, roads, cars, airplanes, electricity, the internet, TV, radio, printing, etc. etc. Then you can have your naked “native bliss” back again, and we won’t bother you again….
        Also, can we then kick out all the non-whites from our countries?

  2. Black people have historically been the biggest offenders when it comes to crime. I don’t suppose the fact that they know this themselves helps much. Their tendency to crime, it seems, is almost a reflection of they’re own guilt or shame towards this phenomenon. I know the liberals are really big on the idea of not marginalizing, but in reality we’re being forced to babysit and tolerate these people.

    I think the only racist bigots here are the ones in government who hate white Christians so much, they seek only to destroy us by bringing in the most culturally incompatible people to our nation. That way they can steal all our wealth and redistribute it to these new pseudo patriots they’re letting in. Ching Ching!

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