Canada to Get 1 Million More Low IQ Third Worlders

Canada will take in at least another one million Third World immigrants over the next three years, that country’s Somali-born immigration minister Ahmed Hussen has announced, not mentioning that they will be drawn from the world’s poorest, most backward, and intellectually-stunted regions on earth.

Quite falsely claiming that the mass importation of people with IQ levels below 80 will “guarantee” Canada’s  “future prosperity” (when all the indications are the Thrid World imigrants cost the state a fortune), Hussen said that the number of immigrants will be increased to at least 310,000 next year, and continue growing to 330,000 in 2019 and 340,000 in 2020.

“This plan will result in the most ambitious immigration levels in history,” Hussen told a press conference.

The arrivals—in economic and family categories, as well as refugees—would push up the population of Canada up by about 0.9 percent each year, an increase from 0.8 percent in recent years.

According to the last census, the proportion of the Canadian population born abroad had risen to a near historical high of 21.9 percent in 2016, for a total of 7,540,830.

For the first time, Africa ranked second ahead of Europe as the source of immigrants from 2011 to 2016, Statistics Canada said. Asia, including the Middle East, remained the leading source.

The top source countries in these two regions were Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Cameroon; and the Philippines, India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and South Korea, respectively.

A 2011 investigation into the cost of immigrants to Canada found that they cost the state $23 billion per year and “impose a huge fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers.”

The  Fraser Institute report, titled “Immigration and the Canadian Welfare State,”  reviewed Census data to estimate the average incomes and taxes paid by immigrants who arrived in Canada over the period from 1987 to 2004.

It found that immigrants paid an average of $10,340 in income tax and other taxes, compared with the $16,501 paid by all Canadians.

While newcomers each received $110 less than the rest of Canadians, the “net fiscal transfer per immigrant” still amounted to $6,051 annually.

In addition to this, the source countries of Hussen’s “prosperous” immigrants belie the claim that they will “boost the economy.

Almost without exception, the states making up the immigrant sources are self-inflicted Third World disaster zones, inhabited by low-IQ populations whose economies represent their inability to generate any sort of wealth.

According to a study on the richest and poorest nations on earth, issued by Global Finance Magazine in March 2017, only four countries out of the worst-off, poorest, and most wrecked nations on earth are not African.

It is of course no coincidence that all of these states have dismally low IQs, with many hovering around the 60 point level.

The full report found that the richest countries in the world—excluding the artificially rich oil-producing nations whose GDP is completely unrelated to the people living in those states—are all European and South East Asian, precisely the states with the highest average IQ populations.

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  1. It is hard to understand how Canadians can vote for this madness, but we have to accept that much of the electorate shares the values of the elites that they vote for, and that for such people economics comes before all else. Thus if the electorate can be convinced that their standard of living depends on mass immigration then they will vote accordingly. In Britain we call this ‘voting with your wallet’. For this philistine mass of people society does not exit, and culture does not exist – all that matters is ‘the economy’ and everything has to be subordinated to economic growth. The elites themselves have developed dubious theories about the relationship between demographics and economics which are the main impetus for their insane immigration policies. According to liberal economists the shrinking proportion of the working age population to the total is a brake on economic growth and the increasing proportion of elderly dependents imposes a greater burden on state finances. The way out of this impasse, as they see it, is to permit continuous high levels of net immigration because immigrants are on average ten years younger than the native population and they will increase the proportion of the working age population. Demographers have pointed out the fallacies in these theories as well as the lack of empirical evidence to support them many times, but throughout the first world elites stubbornly persist with the immigration madness and the electorate cannot use their vote to thwart it because the entire liberal establishment have formed a united front on this issue. Perhaps websites like The New Observer can chip away at the elite consensus on immigration and educate a new rising elite who reject globalism, but by the time they reach positions of power and influence it will be too late and our countries will have been radically and irreversibly transformed by immigration.

    1. I am in Canada. It’s madness. The psychological control over the population is complete. There is endless and relentless propaganda. Diversity and multiculturalism have been elevated to the level of ancient world religious fanatical zeal. If your average Canadian hears any criticism of multiculturalism they behave as a devout Muslim would if you were to criticize Mohammed.

  2. The problem is that these turd worlders do NOT WORK.
    They live on welfare and the kindness of us cucks .
    They do not provide any usefulness but to be a drain on our resources and refuse to assimilate into society.
    They seek to change our society into the sh!t holes they come from and impose their will upon us.
    They will not follow our rule of law and seek to out breed us.
    Why do we allow our ruling masters to do this to us ? Money, economic wealth, BS.
    Our elites seek to enrich only themselves and care not a whit about us serfs.
    We need to vote the bums out at the very least, at the extreme we need a revolution.

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