Canada Prioritizes Homo “Refugees”

The new Canadian government’s “Syrian refugee policy” has prioritized homosexual male “refugees” over heterosexual male “refugees” allegedly because the homosexuals are less of a “terrorist threat,” it has emerged.


A report in the Jewish Press of November 26 revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had set the new policy after “security concerns” were raised about the 25,000 “Syrian refugees” granted permission to enter Canada.

The Jewish Press says that this policy change “allows single gay men to seek refugee status, but rejects single straight men, because the latter are more likely to be terrorists.”


The overall “Canadian plan,” the paper continues, “focuses mostly on families, single women, and children, but officials have now acknowledged that gay men should also receive a preference in admittance, because they face violence and persecution in their Muslim home countries. At least for this coming group of asylum seekers, straight males are automatically disqualified.”

The government plans to make good on its election commitment to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of December.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian government is leasing aircraft to the Canadian government to transport the “Syrian” refugees who have already started arriving, according to Immigration Minister John McCallum.

McCallum was speaking to the media after visiting Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp, which has a new processing center designed to clear 500 “Syrians” a day for a new life in Canada.


* The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has issued a “Resettlement Assessment Tool for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Refugees (LGBTI)” which is supposed to serve as a guide for officials working with applications from homosexuals, lesbians, cross-dressers, and other sexual deviants.

The UNHCR guideline states that a person need not even be homosexual to get “asylum” on those grounds. All they have to do is demonstrate that they are “perceived” to be so. The relevant section reads:

“The focus of the assessment should be on the risks of human rights abuses and other harm in the country of asylum, including any potential reach of agents of persecution in the country of origin into the country of asylum, for example, family members. An applicant could be targeted because of a perception that he or she is LGBTI, for example, due to appearance, behavior, or dress. The applicant does not have to identify as LGBTI to require protection.”

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