Cape Town, South Africa: Black ANC Councillors Trash City Hall, Dance with Mock AK47s

council_meetings_sIn yet another example of South Africa’s pitiful slide into Third World chaos, a recent Cape Town city council meeting meant to discuss that metropolis’s annual budget dissolved into chaos as African National Congress (ANC) councillors trashed the chamber while dancing, singing, and waving mock AK47s.

The ANC “protest” as they called it, was held in the council chamber of the only city of the country not controlled by South Africa’s ruling party.

In expressing their objection to the new budget—which dares to asks “consumers” to start actually paying for services such as electricity and other utilities (instead of making the—largely white—taxpayers of the city continue to pay for everything), the ANC councillors chanted slogans, banged on desks, dumped documents on the floor of the city council chamber, and then began dancing the “toyi-toyi” dance.

At least one ANC councillor, Kuthula Mamba, danced with a mock AK47, a weapon favored by the ANC during its war against the previous white government of the country.

The disruption lasted for hours after the ANC members refused to vote on the 2014/2015 draft budget, which has an operating budget of about R28 billion and a capital budget of just over R6 billion.

The budget proposed a 6 percent increase in rates, 7.6 percent for electricity, 8 percent for water and sanitation, and a 5.9 percent hike for solid waste.

Chanting and singing from the ANC benches continued and members later threw the draft budget documents onto the floor in the middle of the chamber, and then proceeded to dance around them in a circle.

The ANC is becoming increasingly radical as it attempts to fight off a serious challenge from the overtly anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) party set up by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.

The EFF has taken that part of the ANC’s original founding policy—which called for the nationalization of the mining industry and the banking sector—and combined it with a demand for the forced redistribution of land to the black peasantry, using Zimbabwe as the example to follow.

National elections are due in South Africa on May 7 this year.


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    1. The world does not care, the did the quilt trip and forced SA into where it is now and have walked away. I live now in Canada, an NONE of this stuff gets an airing here. But just no white say anything against the blacks, it will be headlines with UN intervention.

      1. Hi Alan.
        There is a site called B.K.A.
        Boere krises Aksie,check it out you will realy see whats going on in our country.

        Yes you are right they can say and do what they want and nothing gets done.
        Bur BEWARE if a white say the K word then it is of to jail.
        Greeting to Canada.

    2. I agree Lionel. The world turned their back on the Apartheid government for “oppressing” the blacks (oppressing here meaning – educated, employed, housed, etc), but the “apartheid blacks” had better lives then than they do now. And what is the world doing about the current situation – NOTHING!

      1. That’s right, they will not loose an election. Well not in the near future (or in our lifetime anyway). The electoral system will be corrupted like Zim’s for example. Thats the way its meant to be! Its written in the history books before time began, that’s Africa. Forget about them and get out.

    1. They wont lose the electrions because they have opened all the borders for the last oouple of years to allow more people to enter SA illegally

    2. Yes Bulela I have always said it does not matter what party might win the election, the ANC won’t allow it. This country will become Zimbabwe

  2. Barbaric uncivilized violent and destructive behaviour.
    It has become a universal ANC trademark. It benchmarks them. And they are ever eager to provide more proof.

    1. Me too Raka. I just wonder why the riot squad wasn’t called in or at least the police, and any damage should be paid for from the chief instigators wages.

      1. It wont be paid by anybody’s wages,as you know anything done by the ANC is paid from tax payers pockets.Including huge millions of rands parties,and you know the story,every body needs at least two mansions worth millions of tax payers money.

    2. I also mourn for our once beautiful country that is now slowly being ruined by the ANC. The ANC is nothing but a cANCer for South Africa.

  3. The ANC is undisciplined and that is where the problems begins. They are VERY afraid of losing voters. If I were President Zuma, I would be highly embarrassed by these members. Whatever happened to DISCUSSION – yes, DISCUSSION? Gone are the days where you jump around and throw tantrums just because you don’t like what you hear. How old are you – 2 years of age? You certainly act like it. Disgusting. Grow up and then you can get a real job!

  4. I left SA in August 2010, with the hope of one day to return, but the longer these bafoons’ are in charge, the less likely it will happen.

    I would like to say to all South Africans, GET OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. and by any means before it becomes like Zimbabwe, where those leaving had to leave even their furniture at the border post, for the locals to help themselves to.

    Time to go people!

    1. I doubt it will become like Zimbabwe. The cape will gain its independence again. Since we were forced to be part of south africa in 1910, im sure they will find away become a republic on its own.

  5. South Africa looks like one huge Detroit. The Negro’s act the same way all over America and the World for that matter. I feel terrible for the White South Africans that have to live in that Negro wasteland…

    1. lol you spoke da truth amen and whenever a black person says that truth openly they get called self haters or inferiority complex slaves

  6. @Max – where can us whites go to? I and my family are from Dutch decent, but I have no desire to go to Holland, or any other country for that matter. THIS is my country, AFRICA is my continent. Having said that, I mourn for the beauty and efficiency that this country once was, and I fear that we whites will eventually not have any other choice BUT to leave. And then South Africa will be just another African country sitting back and expecting the “civilised, WHITE world” to feed them because they are not interested in development or agriculture.

    1. mourning SA I have read your post and I fear that “we whites” will be dead because we did not leave soon enough. what does it take the writing is on the wall. the sooner one leaves the better chance of getting some or all one’s money out. when do you leave? please answer this as I am not being sarcastic I have most of my family still in SA.

  7. Democratic country? That is what the rest of the world might believe. We are almost worst off than Northern Korea. At least they get jobs no matter what their skin colour is…..

  8. What do they mean by ‘slide into Third World chaos’. That ship has sailed, pull the wooly optimism from your eyes.

    1. No one is held in South Africa at gun point to stay in South Africa, if you hate it so much here then do something about it leave.-_-

      1. @African, we were born and bred here, we love the country, why must we be forced to leave? why must we become used to violence and danger? were were not brought up like that? We were taught that nothing is for free, and still live by this motto, Why must we stoop to such low level of toy toy and burning buildings down, just because we do not want to pay? On the other hand, where must we go to? We are getting older and would be on pension in about 10 years time, always thought then we can travel and see all the beautiful places in our country. What is left of all the beautiful places and what will be left in 10 years time?

      2. African how dare you say this..the whites are at gunpoint..what else can you expect from a lawless government? The whites were in SA before the blacks..anyway, apartheid from the whites are long forgotten but not from the blacks..maybe the whites must start stealing, murder and set their houses on fire..bad hey? But that is what the blacks do..when there is no more whites to farm and supply food to the blacks the country will be a Zimbabwe and then they can eat each other !!

      3. the related posts on this page..who is the criminals ?? Blacks!..who is killing innocent people? Blacks..! Who attacked and strangled a white ANC member ? Blacks ! You have everything in SA you clothes, cheap to plant, if you have the inisiative..oh no..the whites has to farm..oh no..but they get killed on the farms..!! Next time think twice before you post a comment !!! I don’t hate the Black SA..I hate what they are doing tho SA and the people !!

      4. When we have kept on believing to the degree that we ARE doing something about it why should we leave? We have invested whole lifetimes, All our resources; even our sons, husbands, fathers, When we have a stubborn belief in our beautiful land.. why should we have no choice but to leave?
        When a sense of personal responsibility( accountability) breaks through the darkness of the “Victim mentality” and when rank, law-of-the-jungle GREED can be quenched, we may begin to see some return on our investment…..( How amazing this hope that burns in the human spirit…..This stubborn Love for South Africa and her people that cannot entirely dismiss hope that “things may change”.). And THAT, Mr African, is why we will not leave OUR land. I believe you miss the point.. No-one has said here that they “hate it so much” We are saying “We hate what we are seeing happen to the investment that we have made into our country… We hate being made to watch the RAPE of our magnificent Land”

  9. They look like a bunch of wild savages dressed in modern clothing. Do they honestly think this helps their image or their cause? I know 2 year-olds who behave better.

    1. They have stuffed the country up and it is a shame that after 20 years of so called democracy they still blaming apartheid. They are so stupid to blame wet coal for the last power cuts but don,t want to admit that they have no funds because they have pulled it through there backsides.
      It is now reverse apartheid and nobody wants to see it

  10. This type of behavi0ur is so carefully orchestrated. The ANC are the laughing stock of Africa. Comments in Ghana about Jacob Zuma are hilarious – the population here think he is a joke.


  12. This has made me feel so sad for my country. My husband, kids and myself are among the lucky ones with the means to have escaped the country and its cruelness. it is all very well telling people they don’t have a gun to their heads to stay if they don’t like it then leave. NOT THAT EASY the whites do have guns to their heads living in fear but the UK and all the other countries are making it harder to immigrate.I feel sorry for the whites that cant leave because they don’t have the rights to live in another country or the funds to move. I grew up in SA have been in the UK for nearly 13 years I don’t regret the move especially when I see this. I wish the rest of my family had the sense and resources to leave. to live in fear is not living it is not normal and is not fair!!!

    1. @White South African, call yourself lucky that you were able to leave. I feel trapped. We keep getting told that if we are so unhappy we must leave – well I cant leave. I am South African generation upon generation – I cannot apply for ancestral visas, nor can my husband, and the other countries are making it so difficult. All I want is to give my children a safe place to live and a bright future, because in this country they will not be allowed to go to university. Honestly what future do they have here? I am sick of having to cope with people that have 10 babies, then demand free water and electricity, while their children turn to crime. I get to live in fear, while paying for their services, and huge numbers of uneducated voters keep this country in the dark. really? I don’t want to leave but I have to, its just a question of how?

      1. Just come to America!! All you have to do is get into Mexico and walk across the border, if you get caught just say NO HABLA and Obama will give you a free ride

  13. I left South Africa….my South Africa some years ago…for i became hateful to others and the soil i walked on from the day i was born.. Traveled Europe see the world through different eyes,,learning….

    The time is here…NOW….now is the time for all white South African people to stand together and form a new political party…A party for all of us no matter the color of your skin. Lets find our historic leaders again…lets find our Louis Tregardt, Hendrik Potgieter, Sarel Cilliers, Pieter Uys, Gerrit Maritz, Piet Retief and Andries Pretorius…….
    We need a leader with strength, to stand tall and fight…fight with the pen as well as the mighty sword. Please people lets not wait for the next peoson to do so…..WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER…

  14. South Africa is fast becoming a third world country. White South Africans, especially the Afrikaners are being murdered at a genocidal rate. The genocide watch has place the Afrikaners on level 6 of their 8-level scale for risk of genocide.
    The Afrikaners need international support for self-determination to survive.

    1. International bodies in today’s world don’t give a damn about white people. I’m surprised that don’t realise that.

      All I can say is that if you really want to leave there you’ll need to set your mind to it and find a way.

      I left 27 years ago simply because I used the history of Africa & Africans as a motivating factor. Who in their right mind would want to bring children into a 3rd world country, or grow old & retire in a 3rd world country.

      In 1989 we ( RSA) was heading for majority rule. Any one with half a brain could see that and would realise that it meant slide back into 3rd world status. Best to leave rather than gamble with the futures of my wife & daughters. Emigrating to Australia was the best decision my wife & I have ever made. The first 2/3 years were not easy.But now at age 71 retired and living the life many can only dream of. Australia is economically & politically stable & the system from the local to national government is a well oiled, well managed machine. I dare say it is unequalled in the world.
      We should really have moved earlier than we did. We would have been even more financially better off.


  16. The are the yokels who ‘demand’ to be ‘respected’. The only culture they have is agriculture! That mentality will never rise from that found on a primary school playground. I hereby ensure them of my continued contempt, as well as for that singing, dancing bigamist and liar masquerading as a president . .

  17. (Their counterparts also enjoy flinging dung around in public places; it suits their style and probably makes them feel at home too!)

  18. I left SA in 2005 (I should have done it years before) Just look at the rest of africa.Prime tourist country. No more. Listen ….If you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’re looking in the wrong direction……..

  19. Now I am sure that we are descended from monkeys – they are still amongst those seeking to evolve.

    We have a troupe of baboons on our farm that are better behaved . . .

  20. Are you sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s hoax? Incredible! Actually, I’m not surprised… I left SA 10 years ago, am still homesick as hell but I couldn’t come back to THIS! It’s shameful!

  21. My father saw the future in 1960, and brought us to Canada. I was five, but am still interested in what happens in SA.
    I would like to assemble all the white liberals in the world who forced the end of apartheid in SA, and show them the evidence of black on black subjugation, murder, slavery, and inhuman atrocity that doesn’t even make the last page in a newspaper. What is happening in this country since the end of apartheid is just as bad as any injustice that has happened anywhere in the world, ever.
    I don’t know for sure, but I think that white South Africans would have to leave as soon as possible, if they want to live any kind of a life. In 20 years this country will have reverted to jungle law, and go the way of all other black African countries.

  22. The conduct of these ANC idiots again underline the difference between genius and stupidity – genius has limits. The ANC should adopt it as their new slogan.

  23. No wonder white south Africans are going overseas, it’s pathetic how we have to pay for the majority to have services. Our tax money should be used to help alleviate poverty, not upscale the presidents PRIVATE home. If it wasn’t for the white tax money this country would be in a far worse position it’s in now, yet the black majority STILL refuses to believe we are the only thing keeping this country afloat…

  24. lets not forget that black africa gets 30billion a year in foreign aid and south africa gets about 10million a year and rising.

  25. they were not part of create any of this governmental structure so they do not feel or know how to respect it.

  26. Call it what you want… but i’ll say this… America has more murders on its streets than all the developed nations combined…so …

  27. Nobody has pointed out that Jews control paper money issue. Think Bank of England; and Federal Reserve. The billions being talked of here are NOT just tax money. There is money printed ad lib by Jews, and handed out to their favourites. Who are of course thugs, fake politicos, all the media, the ‘education’ system, and all the rest. Please wake up to this issue!

      1. Zionists own the world Esrastac, and they`re now calling in many of the debts.
        Never forget….he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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