“Capital of Europe” to be Overrun — This is What the Multi-Culturalists Want

Brussels, the unofficial “capital of Europe” is already more than 25 percent Muslim, and when other non-Muslim Third World immigrants are added in, at least 57 percent of the city’s population is non-European in origin.

Given that the “foreign-born” proportion of Brussels in 1961 was only 7.3 percent — and most of that was Europeans of other nationalities — it can be seen that white European people are set to be ethnically cleansed from the headquarters of the EU well within the next two decades.


This then, is the future which the evil multi-culturalists and deranged liberals want for all of Europe: a continent cleansed of white people.

According to calculations Belgian sociologist Jan Hertogen, the transformation of Brussels is “an impressive and unique evolution in a European of even world perspective.”

His figures show that in 1991, 28.5 percent of the Brussels population was of “foreign nationality,” in addition to 4.5 percent naturalised or “new Belgians.”

In 2005 the total number of foreigners was around 26.3 percent, but the total number of “new Belgians” grew to 30.2 percent.

Now, a new study, issued by the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium has revealed that “more than 250,000 residents out of a total population of one million in Brussels have Muslim roots.”

The study was carried out by Felice Dasetto, a sociologist and a professor at the university who is considered to be an expert in issues relating to Muslims in Belgium.

Brussels now accounts for half of the total number of Muslims in Belgium. The study said that the “Islamic presence is becoming more and more visible in Brussels with more mosques and minarets, more women wearing a veil and more Muslim organisations.”

Furthermore, the study says, the “Islamic faith has the power to mobilise people to a very big extent, more than, for example, the Catholic Church or political parties.”

Typically, the liberals have responded to the dispossession of Europe by white people with short-sighted laws designed to only incite the colonisers even further.

In July this year, a law which banned the burqa in Belgium came into effect. Failure to comply with the law is punishable by up to seven days of imprisonment and a fine of €137.

The problem is of course, not the burqa per se, but the fact that there is such a large Third World population present in Belgium in the first place.

What the liberals cannot grasp is that as the Third World population grows, so their petty laws “banning burqas” and the like will simply become irrelevant.

The real issue is — and always was — will white European people survive or not. It is not racist to demand the right of European countries to remain European, any more than it is “racist” to demand that China remain Chinese, that Japan remain Japanese or that Nigeria remain Nigerian.

The Brussels test case shows once again how close to destruction Europe is teetering under the insane liberal delusion of multi-culturalism, and serves also to inspire all those who seek to preserve the beauty of western civilisation to redouble their efforts.

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  1. Words fail me. 10yrs ago, I saw this happening and anyone to whom I mentioned it, said that I was a conspiracy nut and a racist! The lefties will pay severely for committing genocide of the white people. I won’t even mention 9/11 and my theory on it!

  2. No wonder Brussels is desperate to keep the UK in and paying out to the EU.
    Supporting this multi-culti lot will be an ever increasing mammoth task dragging Europe down..
    With moslime males up-ending ar*es umpteen times a day and the females bearing babies on an industrial scale who`ll be left working to bring the bacon home….figuratively speaking …..lol !!!!
    Answer…the numbskull whites.
    Hopefully should the UK leave it could have a domino effect on other countries.
    And who could blame them.

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