Capitalists: Cashing in on the Invasion

Hundreds of German workers have been laid off as ruthless capitalist hotel owners rake in millions of euros by converting their buildings into “asylum centers” and establish regular incomes from the taxpayers, an investigation by the German Einprozent organization has found.


A recent article on the Einprozent website—which is the mouthpiece of an organization seeking to rouse Germans against the invasion—reviewed several hotel chains in Germany that have fired their workers, turned their buildings over to “asylum seekers”—and are earning millions in the process.

The capitalists’ shortsighted rationale is that they can now earn more money from the German state than they can from ordinary hotel guests, because their “residents” are now funded by the state, as are the “workers” in the establishments.

The H-Hotels AG group, under the control of Alexander Fitz, is a particularly prominent offender in this regard. H-Hotels AG is a privately-owned company which has its own brand H4 Hotels, H2 Hotels, and H+ Hotels in its portfolio. In addition to this, H-Hotels AG is also a sales partner of the American Wyndham Hotel Group for the brand RAMADA in Germany and Switzerland.

“A well-known case is the former Maritim hotel in Halle,” the Einprozent report said. “Here, the operator (H-Hotels AG) has signed a contract with the state government for three years and now accommodates some 740 refugees. Eighty employees have lost their jobs.”

In addition, the company’s hotel in Halle-Peissen now holds up to 600 refugees for which the country has an agreed annual rent of up to three million euros. There, the 50 employees now face an uncertain future.

Recently, the Einprozent article continued, a four-star hotel became a refugee camp in Bautzen, Saxony. Peter Killian Rausch, the company director, was quoted as saying that he makes a good living out of the conversion.

The hotel now houses 150 “refugees.” At a daily rate of 13 euros per person, this means Rausch’s annual income is now over €700,000, all courtesy of the German taxpayer.

The Einprozent article points out that since the hotels are now “full” and are incurring no marketing or personnel costs, they are making “lucrative profits at taxpayer expense.”

Other examples provided in the overview included a Best Western hotel in Stuttgart-Winterbach, which now houses some 250 “refugees” and has been rented by the state for a minimum period of five years.

The racket has become so profitable that “investors” are now buying up old and closed hotels and retirement homes, sprucing them up and then renting them to the state.  The state has long realized that these hotels are a quick way of accommodating the hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany, demanding to be fed and accommodated at the taxpayer’s expense.

“While countless jobs are being lost due to the hotel operators’ profiteering, even more of our economic and social security is lost, not to mention the impact on future generations, all because of political irrationality,” the Einprozent review concluded.

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  1. Just when you thought it couldn`t get any worse, invaders are fed and watered in hotels while the owners rake in money hand over fist – all courtesy of the taxpayer.

    1. in the UK the BRITTANNIA chain have done the same!!Boycott them ! britannia/best western and ramada..I,ll not use them.

  2. What these shortsighted owners fail to take into account is the damage these dogs will do to their asset. When the animals are finally forced (or if they are) then judging how they live the property will be a total loss. Unless the government is going to pick up the tab for restoration as well. But my guess is by the time that happens the government will be broke and unable to.

  3. That’s been happening in England for several year’s allready,stuff 4 set’s of bunk bed’s in a room and they are making a fortune.The immigrant’s live out in the street during the day,getting pissed and harrassing everyone who passes,pissing and shitting on the ground like dog’s.Every seaside town in the country is over run with them,filling up all the guest house’s.They are housed and fed for nothing,but our government pay’s them benefit money to buy drink and drug’s as well,unbelievable !

  4. Maybe the Germans need to go on strike. Why should they work and pay taxes to fund alien invaders of their home? As for the filthy owners of the hotels … words fail.

  5. It was pretty obvious this would happen. The “refugee” violence scares off tourists and puts hotels out of business. So what else would you do with an empty hotel? They still need staff though to run it as an asylum centre. Unfortunately the immigrants behaviour is so bad that only truly desperate people will work in one.

    As they take over the streets normal life will become impossible. General economic collapse will soon follow even if they don’t launch full-scale jihad. It’s all part of the grand plan.

    1. There was some Grade 1 BS from Merkel about how they would get 2 years training and lamguage courses then they would be ready to enter the workforce.

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