Germany: Car-Bomb Refugee-Terrorist Arrested

Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested in Germany for planning a series of car bombings in at least four European countries involving a plot to repaint at least eight vehicles to make them look like police patrol cars.

“Hasan A.” made contact with an ISIS handler in Raqqa, Syria—the “capital of the Caliphate” via the Telegram cellular instant messaging service to hatch the plan.

Officers from the German anti-terrorist police arrested the 38-year-old nonwhite invader after raiding his government-subsidized apartment in the Burbach district of Saarbrücken in the early morning hours of December 31.

When his cell phone was seized, police were able to secure “comprehensive chat protocols,” which entailed ISIS sending €180,000 to fund the attack, prosecutors in the state of Saarland said.

According to the transcripts, Hassan A. had asked his ISIS contact in Syria to send him the money “so he could purchase vehicles which he could load with explosives and which he wanted to drive into crowds… and blow up in order to kill unknown numbers of people who do not follow the Muslim faith.”

Specific targets mentioned included Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Dortmund, and Essen, while other vehicles would be used to attack targets in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The plans included the repainting of eight cars to look like police vehicles, packing them with 500 kilograms of explosives, all at a cost of €22,500 each, prosecutors said.

Hassan A. invaded Germany in December 2014, and applied for asylum in January 2015. He was given refugee status and a residency permit, and was living off German taxpayer-provided benefits when arrested.

The invader has not denied the plot, but now says that he made it up in order to try and get ISIS to give the money to his family in Syria.

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