Truth and Lies about South African History: Blacks Are Not “Indigenous” and Arrived at Same Time as Whites

The recent uproar in South Africa over the claims by ANC president Jacob Zuma that the 1913 Land Act dispossessed blacks is a blatant lie, and forms part of four core lies... Read more »

Jewish Lobby Calls for “Human Rights” in EU, but Denies Palestinians Houses in West Bank

In an act of shocking hypocrisy, the Israeli government has declared it “illegal” for the European Union to fund Palestinian housing projects in the West Bank—while at the same time the international... Read more »

Islamic State Horror: Merely Following the Quran

The brutal burning to death of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State (IS) murderers in Syria has underlined the fact that Islamic fundamentalism is a product of the inner being and... Read more »

South African Electricity Supply Infrastructure Crumbles as Only 16% of Blacks in Soweto Pay for Electricity

Only sixteen percent of blacks in the sprawling South African township of Soweto, Johannesburg, pay for their electricity, while South Africa’s electricity supply infrastructure is rapidly crumbling due to incompetent Third World... Read more »

Pollution Armageddon in China

The inevitable end-result of the Reagan-Thatcher profit-driven obsession of deindustrializing the West and exporting all manufacturing to the Far East has come into full focus with the pollution Armageddon which is now... Read more »

South African President Blames Whites for Electricity Blackouts

In the most openly anti-white moves to date by the South African government, that nation’s president Jacob Zuma has announced that 2015 will see the first Zimbabwe-style land seizures—and went on to... Read more »

Third World Economic Decline Stares US in Face as Nonwhite Immigration Invasion Floods Country

More than half of the US’s school-age children are now officially living in poverty—destroying the leftist argument that immigration will “boost the economy” and plunging America to the very precipice of Third... Read more »

White Americans have Remained “Shockingly European” Despite Decades of Pro-Racial Mixing Propaganda, New DNA Study Reveals

One of the largest ever US population genetic study has revealed that European Americans have remained “shockingly European to an incredibly high degree” despite decades of pro-racial mixing propaganda. Furthermore, the study... Read more »

Wedding Name Link-up Disasters

Real newspaper announcements of weddings where the bride and groom should have thought harder before publication: Read more »

Mass Nonwhite Invasion of America Adds One New Person Every 16 Seconds, says US Census Bureau

The ongoing Third World invasion of America has reached tsunami proportions, and added at least 11.3 million individuals to the total US population in the space of four years, according to new... Read more »

Inability to Maintain First World Standards Eats Away at South Africa’s Infrastructure

The South African government’s inability to maintain the First World infrastructure they inherited from the country’s former white rulers has continued to take its toll, this time with the nation’s most famous... Read more »

Thousands of Egyptian Mummies Update: Antiquities Ministry Revokes American Team’s Digging Permission

The Egyptian government has with immediate effect revoked the digging rights of an  American university team’s archaeological expedition in that country following the publicity given to an announcement by that team’s leader... Read more »

Australia: Pauline Hanson Relaunches One Nation Party and Announces Candidature for Parliament

Australia’s most famous populist politician Pauline Hanson has relaunched her One Nation party and has announced her candidature for the Queensland seat of Lockyer in the 2015 State elections, according to an... Read more »

“Thousands” of Blond and Red-Haired Mummies Found in Egypt

The discovery of what archaeologists claim to be “thousands” of blond and red-haired mummies in an Egyptian graveyard only provides an insight into the racial makeup of Egypt during Roman and Macedonian... Read more »

Israel’s Nazi Nuremberg Law-based Citizenship Definition not Strict Enough, says its Chief Rabbi

Israel’s Nazi Nuremberg Laws-based citizenship rules are not strict enough to preserve Jewish racial purity and more needs to be done to prevent non-Jews from marrying Jews, that country’s chief rabbi has... Read more »

Genetics and Heritability Determine Academic Achievement, NewScientific Paper Proves

Scientists researching the impact of genetics upon intelligence have concluded—once again—that academic achievement is directly linked to inherited traits and not to environment. Read more »

New FBI Crime Figures Confirm: Black Towns Most Dangerous, White Areas Safest

Even though the latest official Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Report classifies Hispanics and white people as one racial group when it comes to offenders—but separately as victims(!)—the statistics have... Read more »

Anti-White Media Bias: No Uproar over American Indian Racial Politics

The controlled media’s ongoing bias against white people—in evidence so clearly in the Ferguson, Mo, incident—can also be seen in their almost complete lack of coverage of racially-motivated politics perpetuated by American... Read more »

Obama “Amnesty” Brings in 5 Million More—While US Unemployment Rate Reaches 18 Million Plus

The “executive order” issued by US President Barack Obama to “legalize” five million or more Third World illegal invaders of America is not only legally dubious, but is a guaranteed economic, social,... Read more »

Chutzpah: $3.1 Billion US “Aid” to Israel as it “Buys” $2.75 billion Worth of F35 Jets

In yet another remarkable display of Jewish Supremacist chutzpah, Israel has just concluded the purchase of $2.75 billion worth of F35 jet fighters from America—the second such purchase in recent times—funded from... Read more »