Belgium: The Myth of “Economic Growth” through Integration

Third World immigration does not contribute to building European economies, but is actually a burden on the economy, a new report from Belgium’s Vlaams Belang party has revealed. Read more »

How Far Will Obama Cater to Israeli Demands?

The only real issue at stake during Barack Obama’s visit to Israel is how far the American president will go to cater to the Israeli state’s demands. With a massively powerful Jewish... Read more »

“Australian Muslim” Segregation Exposed in New Report

An Australian “federal multicultural inquiry” has been told that Muslims living in that nation have segregated themselves socially from the rest of society, maintaining their own schools, prayer rooms, segregated swimming pools,... Read more »

South Africa “Ditching Euro Investment” says Farmers’ Union

The South African government is deliberately engaging in a series of policies designed to drive away European investment and European-led companies out of the country, one of South Africa’s oldest farmers’ unions... Read more »

German Government Backs Down from Attempt to Ban Nationalist Party

The central Federal government of Germany has formally abandoned its attempt to legally ban the National Democratic Party (NDP), apparently after new assessments showed that the chances of success were slim and... Read more »

Too Little Too Late? Australian PM to Attempt Immigration Slowdown

In what might be a case of too little, too late, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced that she will try to reform a controversial immigration law which has allowed tens of... Read more »

Rand Paul Turns His Back on Immigration Control

Senator Rand Paul—who many American conservatives hoped would continue his father’s anti-illegal immigration platform—has definitively turned his back on real immigration control and has instead endorsed a path to legal status for... Read more »

“Mission Accomplished”—Illegal Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary Marked by Deadly Car Bomb Attacks

The tenth anniversary of the illegal and criminally immoral war against Iraq waged by the George W. Bush regime and his criminal Zionist extremist neocon backers has been marked with a deadly... Read more »

Egyptian Chaos Spreads as Vigilantes Take Over

The “Arab Spring”—which has turned out into little more than a chance for Islamist extremists to make a serious grab for power—is slowly unravelling as chaos starts to spread out from its... Read more »

Third World Mexican Drug War Hell Coming Closer to US

A new report which has revealed that in excess of 26,000 people have been murdered in Mexico’s ongoing and increasing drug cartel gang wars is an indication of what lies in store... Read more »

Canada’s “Multicultural” Policies Fail as “Muslim Canadians” Join International Jihad

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) have confirmed that “Canadians” (actually Arabs living in that country) were involved in the January 2013  terrorist attack on an Algerian gas plant in which over... Read more »

Mexican Activists Seek Repeal of Arizona Voter ID Law

In an astonishing display of Mexican racial activism, Latino pressure groups are pushing for the repeal of an Arizona law which merely requires that potential voters prove that they are US citizens... Read more »

Cyprus Fallout: EU Bank Run after Communist-Style Asset Seizure?

A bank run on financial institutions in European Union nations such as Italy and Spain—and possibly spreading to other affected countries—is the most likely fallout of the Communist-style asset seizure announced by... Read more »

Warmonger Obama Promises Attack on Iran “Within One Year”

Warmonger US President Barack Obama has promised a military attack on Iran within a year should there be no “diplomatic solution” which will halt Iran from obtaining an atom bomb—despite all intelligence... Read more »

Judge: American Government Spying on Its Citizens Is Illegal

A US judge has declared unconstitutional an Obama government initiative to spy upon American citizens. On Friday US District Judge Susan Illston ruled that the so-called “National Security Letters” (NSL) program was... Read more »

Western Tourists on Alert after Gang Rape Attack in India

Western tourists vacationing in India—or planning to take vacations there—are on alert after the latest mass gang rape attack in that country involved a Swiss tourist, Indian media has reported. The latest... Read more »

South African Farmer Killed, Wife Raped for Cellphones

Another white South African farmer has been killed and his wife raped in the northwestern part of the country, police have announced. The murder, which took place on Sunday morning outside the... Read more »

Chinese State TV Slams Western Companies but Ignores Massive Product Recalls in America

The state-run China Central Television (CCTV) has blasted a series of Western companies—including Apple and Volkswagen—doing business in China as part of what it calls an ongoing “corporate malpractice exposé”—but has ignored... Read more »

Murdoch’s News International in Trouble in Britain

Australian news tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s News International empire is in trouble once again over its former paper News of the World in Britain, whose staff have been found repeatedly guilty of the... Read more »

The Real Genesis: Ice Age Lion Man Art Re-dated to 40,000 BC

The antiquity of European civilization has been underlined once again with the re-dating and discovery of more pieces of the famous Lion ManIce Age sculpture from Swabia, Germany, to an incredible 40,000 B.C. Read more »

Has Political Correctness Sunk the Baffin Island Viking ResearchProject?

The Canadian archaeologist who has successfully drawn together evidence showing that Vikings settled and traded in Canada for nearly 400 years before Columbus, has been fired from her job as curator of... Read more »

New Viking Site Found in North America

Archaeologists in Canada have discovered the second major pre-Columbian Viking settlement in North America, according to a new report by National Geographic. Read more »

French History Rewritten to Suit Invaders

The ethnic cleansing of the French people from France has reached such proportions that history books in that nation’s schools have now been rewritten to downplay white European culture and boost that... Read more »

Black Identity: Good. White Identity: Bad.

The institutional anti-white nature of the controlled media has been spectacularly exposed with reports that the leader of America’s “Black Congressional Caucus” has glibly announced that Obama Barack’s race is the only... Read more »

A Racial Analysis of the French Elections and What it Means for WhiteSurvival Strategies

The size of the non-white vote has become a game-changer in France (and other western nations) but the results of the French presidential elections provide hope and potential opportunity for long term... Read more »

As the Space Shuttle Retires, Many Ask: Was the Moon Landing the Apogee of Western Civilization?

The “last flight” of the Space Shuttle Discovery, bolted to the top of its Boeing 747 carrier, around the skies of Washington D.C. before being sent off to the Smithsonian National Air... Read more »