Dozens of members of the infamous Sudanese Apex gang rampaged through a crowd at a Melbourne, Australia, community festival, stealing cell phones, throwing rocks, and assaulting people watching a fireworks display—the latest incident in a long series of African crime and violence to strike the city.

U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to take in the approximately 2,000 Third World invaders pretending to be refugees, currently held in detention camps on the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced.

Another 3,000 fakers pretending to be refugees from Syria and Iraq will be resettled in just one Sydney council—Fairfield—this year, a figure which will mean that half of Australia’s entire “intake” will be landed in that one area.

Australia’s famous One Nation party leader was not, as falsely claimed by the controlled media, issued a formal invitation to attend Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, but was offered tickets by a party advisor who also worked on the Trump campaign.

The ongoing Third World mass invasion of Australia has caused yet another sharp spike in African gang violence in Melbourne, with car vandalism, stabbings, robberies, and assaults reaching a new high in December.

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have arrested five Muslims—four Australian-born Lebanese, and one Egyptian-born, all legal immigrants—for planning a series of massive attacks in the city on Christmas Day.

At least 10,000 bogus refugees—from countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan who have no right of “asylum” at all under all international conventions—might be given the chance to acquire Australian citizenship after a landmark court case in that country’s Federal Court.

Donald Trump’s election victory has killed any chance of the would-be invaders of Australia being moved to America, as planned by the Obama regime and the Australian government. News of the “deal” was broken last week, and now Australian and American government officials have confirmed that the deal is off, despite claims to the contrary by the Australian Prime Minister.

The Australian government’s plans to ship 1,600 nonwhite invaders currently holed up in its remote Pacific island “illegal immigration” centers to the U.S. might be sabotaged by the change of government in America, it has emerged. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent most of Monday this week seeking to allay fears that the deal he had struck with the Obama regime to take the illegal immigrants would now founder.

The refugee-fakers being held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), after unsuccessfully trying to invade Australia by boat, will all be deported back to their home countries within the next few weeks. According to a PNG government spokesman, the only exception will be for those whose claims as “refugees” might be recognized—but they will only be offered refuge in PNG, not Australia.

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has warned that Europe is being “invaded,” that white nations are “losing their character” through mass Third World immigration, and that the invasion needs to be turned back at the borders. In addition, he said, Turkey’s leaders have urged Muslims to take back parts of Europe and among the invaders are “soldiers of the caliphate bent on mayhem.”

Yesterday’s “Allahu Akbar” stabbing attack in Australia has highlighted the ongoing establishment/media lies over Islamist terrorism and legal Third World immigration. Chinese-origin Mia Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death by North African-origin Smail Ayad—but the media insists they are “British” and “French” and that the stabber was “insane,” and not an Islamist.

The “conservative” premier of Western Australia has offered to take in the 1,350 nonwhite invaders currently detained at the Manus detention center in Papua New Guinea, after it was announced that the offshore center would be closed. The offer flies in the face of government policy hat all illegal immigrants will never be allowed into Australia.

Two Muslims have been charged with fraud and another two have been questioned in a $27 million Australian Federal Police (AFP) counterterrorism and fraud investigation. At least one of those arrested has been previously publicly accused of being linked to ISIS funding operations.

Melbourne, Australia—the spike in street crime to more than one million incidents in the last year is due to the activities of “Apex” gang whose members are all from a “Sudanese refugee background,” police say. The African crime wave has led local media to claim that “young thieves are running riot” in the suburbs, while the police chief said they “would rather steal than work.”

Muslim Muhammad Ibrahim’s appearance this week in a Sydney courthouse, charged with smashing 70 Christian gravestones, is notable for the total absence of any “hate crime” charges.
Observers have pointed out that if a white person had smashed Muslim gravestones, “hate crime” charges would automatically have followed—along with worldwide controlled media coverage.

The invader center set up by the Australian government at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is to be closed after that country’s Supreme Court ruled it to be illegal.
The center’s closure will now cause a political standoff between Australia and PNG, because it was set up as part of a successful strategy to halt a seaborne nonwhite invasion.

Some 28,290 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who entered Australia prior to 2010 have still not been “processed,” it has emerged.
According to a report by Radio Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that of the 30,000 “asylum seeker” legacy cases that arrived in Australia under Labor, more than 28,000 remain in the country.