Air China’s inflight magazine has advised its passengers to avoid the Indian, Pakistani, and black areas of London, and said that women should never go out alone for fear of being attacked. The article, written in Wings of China in English and Chinese, added: “We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling.”

Illegal immigration from Bangladesh into northeast India is so big that it will plunge the indigenous Naga people into minority status within 30 years. The parallels with what is happening in Europe and North America are obvious: massive illegal immigration will plunge Europeans into minority status within 30 years as well—but it is only the Third World indigenous peoples who are “protected” by the establishment.

The latest terrorist attacks in Thailand—which saw eleven bombs detonated in an 18-hour period—deliberately targeted areas where white western tourists made up large numbers of passersby. The attacks are but the latest in an ongoing worldwide terrorist war directed against white people, and driven primarily by Islamist fundamentalists.

America’s continual aggression towards North Korea is not based on any alleged human rights abuses but rather because that nation is an openly declared enemy of the state of Israel, and has long been identified by the Jewish Lobby as a target for destruction along with Iraq, Iran, and Syria, an investigation by the New Observer has shown.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has announced that Turkey will soon offer Turkish citizenship to the 2.7 million displaced Syrians living in that country.
Should Turkey join the EU, these “new Turkish citizens” will be able to move to Europe without even pretending to be refugees.

White Europeans were once again singled out for murder by radical Muslim terrorists during the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh, according to survivors of the incident.
The attack, which took place in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic zone, saw nine Italians, seven Japanese, three Bangladeshis, and one Indian killed.

The handful of Africans who are living in India—mostly students on study visas—have complained that they are subjected to “racism” by Indians and are “seen as demons.”
According to one student, Nigerian Zaharaddeen Muhammed, they all know at least one Hindi word: “bander,” which means “monkey.”

A Chinese detergent TV advertisement which “washes” a black man into a Chinese man has provoked controlled media hysteria and cries of “racism”—even though the same media were silent when an Italian commercial showed a white woman being turned into a black man with the tagline “Coloured is better.”

The lies used by nonwhite invaders to claim “refugee status” in Europe have been inadvertently—but definitively—exposed by a “human drama” story following a “returnee” to Afghanistan—who even got his job as a policeman in Kabul back after going home, where he had “lived “with pride” and was “respected” by society.

A Chinese immigrant, naturalized as an American national in 2008, and serving in a sensitive post in the US Navy has been arrested for spying for China, the United States Naval Institute has revealed. Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin, who served on some of the Navy’s most sensitive intelligence gathering aircraft, faces several counts of espionage and other charges.

Chinese would-be students are taking advantage of the fact that white people struggle to tell them apart to scam college-entry tests to gain admittance to the US, it has emerged.
It has become big business for Chinese people, clamoring to get into a US institution, to hire scammers, known as “gunmen,” to take SAT, GRE, and English proficiency exams on their behalf.

The Japanese government—well aware of the dangers to their continued existence as a culture, civilization, and racial entity—have come down firmly against the liberal notion of “asylum seekers” and mass…

Pakistan has announced that it will refuse to take back any of its nationals who are being deported from Europe for illegal immigration or terrorism offenses. The announcement, made by…

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Illegal Chinese and Vietnamese invaders have engaged in the setting up of massive cannabis plantation factories in Ireland, new figures from the European Union have revealed. According to the 2013…

The newswires were recently abuzz with a story that the winner of the South Pacific Island Miss Fiji competition, schoolgirl Torika Watters, has been subjected to a torrent of abuse by Fijians—because…